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@smallherosix‘s animation challenge - Hard Mode

  1. Favorite Film - Princess Arete
  2. A Film made in your home country - The Iron Giant
  3. A Film made outside your home country - Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart
  4. Favorite Film released before you were born - The Adventures of Prince Achmed
  5. Favorite Overlooked Oscar Nominee - Song of the Sea
  6. Favorite 2D Animation - Tokyo Godfathers
  7. Favorite 3D Animation - The Book of Life
  8. Favorite TV Series - Harvey Beaks
  9. Favorite Short Film - The Dam Keeper
  10. Favorite Student Film - The Reward
  11. Bonus: Your favorite person working in the animation industry - Hiroyuki Imaishi

“I…wasn’t gone…for that long.”

  • Princess Arete | Studio 4°C, dir. Sunao Katabuchi

Princess Arete lives a solitary life in a castle tower, occasionally sneaking out for glimpses at the outside world. Suitors from across her father’s kingdom bring treasures to win her favor, and Arete grows up without ever being truly free. Her isolation only grows worse when she is enchanted and whisked away by the wizard Boax…

kissokomos replied to your post “It took a year, but I think I’m finally regular with my worship.”

it’s good to know other people take time to get there too. i’m so bad at regular worship, but i’m trying

I think for everyone it takes time. This religion is very much a do-things-at-your-own-pace sort of thing and that’s honestly the beauty of it. It’s just about finding your path and taking it slowly.

Invisible Kingdom

A Fire Emblem Fates Vallite Royalty Zine

I’m currently planning a mini zine focusing on the royalty of Valla–this means Azura & Corrins’ family–and I’m looking for a few artists! There’s been a lot of love for Nohr and Hoshido, so this zine is strictly focused on our love for the Valla royalty. This includes male & female Corrins and Kanas, Azura, Shigure, Mikoto, Arete, Lilith, and Anankos. 

More Info
Sign-up here ♔

If you’re interested please read the info and sign-up before August 28th! Sign-ups do not guarantee a spot on the zine. Artwork can range from general or romantic as long as it’s about the characters of Valla. Thank you for your interest!