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I love your work, if not too much trouble, can you make Hanzo / McCreed / Genji / Reaper / Soldier 76 (separately) see their S / O escape every night, making the think they have been seeing another person (yet not been declared his love) but it was only going to ice skate, and it turns out that S / O is very good at it, ask them making an appointment with her. Sorry for my horrible English hope you understand

I’ve finally written it! I hope you like it!


- It doesn’t take him very long to notice that your sneaking out

- He’s curious as to where you’re going but resists asking you, since he hasn’t told you how he feels about you he doesn’t feel as though he has a right to know where you go at night

- But he keeps an eye on when you leave and come back. He tells himself that it’s just because you’re a team member and he should watch your back

- One night it’s over an hour after you usually get back and you’re still out. He goes out to check the perimeter  (just to make sure the base isn’t compromised he tells himself)

- There’s a small pond near the base, and that’s where he finds you. The pond is frozen over and you’re skating on it, twirling and jumping all over

- He watches for a few minutes before you notice him. You stop skating and your face turns red from embarrassment at being found.

- It’s a few seconds of awkward silence before Hanzo says, “My apologies, I did not mean to disturb you, but I noticed that you had not returned to thee base and I wanted to ensure you were alright. You skate very well, by the way”

- “You don’t have to go! Not if you don’t want to that is.”

- He turned around “Would you mind an audience? “

- “Not at all,” you smiled at him


- It takes him a couple weeks to notice that you’re sneaking out

- Once he does notice he doesn’t hesitate to follow to see where you’re going

- He watches you as you skate. You absolutely take his breath away with your skill

- He sneaks out whenever you do so he can watch you

- A few months later, instead of watching you from his usually perch he walks down and sits by the ponds edge

- You see him but neither of you say anything until you’re done practicing

- Jesse applauds you and tells you’re wonderful

- Of course you try to tell him that you’re not that good, but he doesn’t let you, saying that you look beautiful and that you’re far better than he would be

- Curious, you ask him if he’s ever skated before. When you learn that he hasn’t you offer to teach him

- “I’d love that, darlin.”


- He also notices immediately that you’re sneaking out. He tries to restrain himself from following you since he knows that it’s impolite. He lasts about 3 days before caving and following you

- When he finds you skating on the frozen pond his jaw drops. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting but it wasn’t this

- He continues to watch, somehow hiding in a nearby tree even though it’s winter and there’s no leaves on the tree (hey, he is a ninja)

- While watching you he gets an idea

- A couple months later you arrive at the pond to find that’s he’s already there and waiting by the pond

- “I hope I’m not intruding but would you like some company?”

- You can tell he’s flirting, his mask is off and you can see the smirk on his face

- You tell him that you’d love some company. Maybe he could help you practice some moves that require two people you say with a wink

- Genji’s face flushes red. He wasn’t expecting you to flirt back

- He’s incredibly graceful on the ice, so you ask how long he’s been skating

- “It’s a secret” he tells you, still smirking

- Several months later once the two of you having been dating awhile he tells you that he’d only learned to skate after he saw you so that he might have an excuse to spend more time with you


- He catches you the first time you try sneaking out. You’re not quite sure what to make of him, the man who led Overwatch, then hunted down its remnants, only to join it again when it reformed. But Dr. Ziegler, Torbjorn, and even former Strike Commander Morrison seemed to believe him, so you guessed he must actually be on Overwatch’s side again

- That didn’t help calm the fear as he stared down at you (no wonder he won the Omnic War, he probably made them surrender just by glaring at them)

- You tell him that you’re going to skate, it helps keep you shape and you practice your more unconventional fighting style

- He insists on coming with you. You try to tell him that it’s not necessary, but he says that it’s to dangerous to go out alone. So he goes with you

- He doesn’t even watch you skate. He keeps his eyes on the horizon, scanning for any possible threats

- There are no threats, the base is in the middle of nowhere but he insists on coming with you everytime you go out to practice. He also suggests maybe trying to get a rink inside the base, but stops when you tell him that the ice in indoor rinks is too different from out ice to be effective for practice

- Eventually the two of you start developing strategies to combine both your abilities in unexpected ways

- One day you ask him he wants to grab a meal after practice and are surprised when he actually accepts (now watch as the two of you become the ultimate battle couple)

Soldier 76

- He knows that you leave every night, but he doesn’t think much about it. When it started he asked Genji to follow you to make sure you weren’t selling them out to Talon. He said that you weren’t, so Jack let it go without asking what you were doing

- Eventually he tries to contact you while you’re practicing and you don’t answer your comm, so he goes out to find you

- The last thing he was expecting was to find you ice skating

- He tells you that the team that was out just got back and that you should be there to hear what they’re saying

- After the meeting he asks Angela if she knew why you felt like you had to keep the skating a secret

- She just looked at him and said “Jack, everybody knows about (Name)’s skating”

- He’s a little confused, how did he not know about it?

- But a few days later they’re asking around if anyone knows how to skate and would be willing to help them practice a maneuver. They’re as surprised as he just was to learn that he skates

- It’s nothing fancy, but he and his friends used to race on a frozen pond when he was growing up

- It takes him a bit to remember how to not fall on his face, but once he does he’s zipping around like he hasn’t in years

- The two of you start practicing together and start getting close to each other. Eventually he asks you out to dinner, and you say yes


                                                                            o r g a n i z e r  and  d e s t r o y e r

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I love your work, if not too much trouble, can you make Hanzo / McCreed / Genji / Reaper / Soldier 76 (separately) see their S / O escape every night, making the think they have been seeing another person (yet not been declared his love) but it was only going to ice skate, and it turns out that S / O is very good at it, ask them making an appointment with her. Sorry for my horrible English hope you understand

Don’t worry nonnie dear; I hear you loud and clear! OMG THAT RHYMED.So, if I got this right, this is a scenario where their s/o sneaks out at night to go ice skating, but the guys think they’re cheating until they find out otherwise? Sounds chill


  • Don’t ditch him at night omg this poor child doesn’t know anything but the stereotypical signs of cheating. He’d start to resign himself to the relationship if he was unsure of you being faithful.
  • Would start giving you, like, a little monologue about how you had his trust and if you never intended on keeping it that you shouldn’t have started the relationship in the first place. You wouldn’t be able to interrupt him, so you’ll just have to yell “I’M JUST ICE SKATING” “…What?”
  • “You…you were leaving to ice skate?” “Yes!” “Why didn’t you simply tell me that?” He’d be so confused like what why?? “I don’t know…it just felt weird. Like something that would be embarrassing for other people to know about me.” 
  • Tbh he’d probably think you were lying for a little bit because literally what kind of fucking ‘deer in the headlights’ story is “I was ice skating.” But once he settled into the idea, he’d wanna see. During the day, though. The night nonsense would have to stop.


  • McCree is really trusting, okay??? Don’t hurt him pls. It would take a lot for him to think you were actually cheating on him. You’d have to be acting pretty shady, honestly. He trusts you; if you told him you were going on nightly walks, then you were going on nightly walks!
  • “We need to have a chat, darlin.’” He’d confront you in your bedroom one night, before you could head off. I can just see him tilting his hat up so you can barely see his eyes, and the pain in them. “Look-…Y/N, I love ya, but I ain’t one to play the fool. If you’re leavin, leave.” Oh, he’d be angry. But he wouldn’t show it, because at the time he’d be more sad and betrayed than anything else. (why must you hurt the cowboy nuu)
  • “You’re…what?” “Ice skating.” What the fuck?? Why didn’t you just tell him that right off the bat? “Trust me, explainin that is the last thing ya should be worried about right now.” He sounds a little upset, and he is. He’d want an apology. He trusted you for so long, and you couldn’t trust him with knowing you liked ice skating at night???
  • Once you apologized, profusely, mind you, he’d give you a quick hug and forgive you. He wouldn’t be as touchy as usual for a while, and that’s understandable. But he would want to see you skate. Something’s gotta be pretty important if it delays you laying in his arms each night!


  • Okay, funny thing with Genji. Literally don’t think for a second you’re being slick. He and Hanzo are both very skilled in the art of stealth, and while eldest Shimada wouldn’t take it upon himself to follow you if suspicious, Genji would.
  • After all, why are you bringing a gym bag with you???? And you come back at, like, 1 or 2 so wha??? He’d get the impression it wasn’t cheating you were up to, but something else.
  • That’s how he’d find out you ice skate! He’d spy on you, albeit a bit guiltily, and follow you on one of your nightly excursions. And his breath would be taken away when he saw the smile skating put on your face in the cold night air.
  • He’d pop out of the tree line and scare the living daylights out of you. “Y/- Oh! I’m sorry!” Despite apologizing, he’d laugh as you fell flat on your face. He wouldn’t be that mad, considering he never suspected you of cheating, but he would be peeved over the fact you didn’t trust him.if you gave him enough hugs and pulled him onto the ice with you that’d fix itself though, so no need to worry.


  • Keeping secrets from Reaper is never a good idea. That’d make him very angry. You wouldn’t get away with it for long at all.
  • He’d probably pin you against a wall and ask you what the hell was going on. “I know it’s hard to be faithful to a monster, but damn, I thought you had some integrity.” A very cruel joke, and there’d be a dark chuckle to follow it. He’d leave before you could explain yourself.
  • While there’d be no official breakup, you wouldn’t see him for a little while. Not until he appeared on your doorstep as you were leaving one night, however. “Ah, still seeing Mr./Mrs. Perfect? I came to tell you goo-” “I’MSORRYDON’TLEAVEIWASONLYICESKATING-” “You were what? “Ice skating….it’s embarrassing, I know…”
  • “..Why the hell would you hide something like that?” He’d be mad, but at the same time baffled. Like, he kills people all the time and yet you’re bashful over the fact that you ice skate? You are too innocent for him sometimes. Well, more like all the time. 

Soldier: 76:

  • I’m assuming you’re a decent amount of years younger than him lmao, as most of his fans are. So the thought of you cheating would break his heart but he’d tell himself he should’ve expected it to be honest.
  • “I told you when we started this that you deserve better. If you agreed, you should’ve stopped me there.” (shhh Jack I know you’re old but evidently people are into that so)
  • “Nonono!!” You’d quickly explain yourself. “Y/N, I know excuses are hard to come up with, but at least try.” “No, really!” It would take some convincing, and a little evidence tbh, to prove to him you were telling the truth. Show him your skates!!
  • He would not be into skating himself. Like, no. But he wouldn’t mind watching you. As long as you went out a little earlier in the evening, maybe. Midnight is just ridiculous and it’s too dark you might hurt yourself. (Ah protective Jack)

Some tips on how to deal with things, courtesy of some of my CPNs other patients’ family members.

How to approach self harmers:
Take the arm where the cut is, glance at it disparagingly, and firmly say ‘well, you can pack that in’

How to help people who are hearing voices:
After listening to them tell you how hard they’re finding it to cope with the intrusive command hallucinations, just offer them the inspirational statement 'don’t listen to them’

How to help people with eating disorders (this especially works for anorexics):
If you know about how much they struggle with their eating disorder, it is a great idea for you to go out to a shop, purchase a steak and kidney pie, then return to their house and plonk it down in front of them, accompanying it with the intelligent comment 'get that down you!’.

Aren’t people wonderful?