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Give me the Layla and Warren conspiracy theories

Okay, listen up. First off, we have this rumor off of the TV Tropes website:

It’s since been taken down and isn’t exactly damning in and of itself, but bear with me.

A lot of the characters’ names in this movie mean something; of the central characters, there’s the Warren Peace pun, the obvious Will Stronghold, and Gwen Grayson, which a lot of people have pointed out may be a combination of Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and DC superhero Dick Grayson. The only main character’s name that doesn’t seem to mean anything is Layla Williams, which is weird considering she’s the female lead, and notably similar to supervillain Poison Ivy, whose alter ego is Pamela Lillian Isley, originally Dr. Lillian Rose, so they totally could have gone in that direction.

Now, remember the scene where they’re going through Steve and Josie’s old high school yearbook?

When they get to the picture of Warren’s father Barron Battle, Steve says “Always swore he’d have his revenge on me. And he totally stole the lead in Oklahoma!” and judging from Will and Josie’s reactions he still brings this up a lot.

Oklahoma! is a famous play in which the main storyline revolves around the male lead, Curly McLain, trying to convince the female lead, Laurey Williams, to acknowledge her affections for him. Spoiler alert: he succeeds and at the end of the play they get married.

Laurey Williams.

Layla Williams.

They just called her Layla because no one names their kid Laurey anymore (no offense to anyone named Laurey), and this is clearly foreshadowing Warren and Layla getting together: Warren’s father “stole” the lead in Oklahoma!, a role centered on a romance with Laurey Williams, from Will’s father; ergo Warren was going to “steal” Layla from Will in a future film.

To make the evidence even more damning, the secondary storyline in Oklahama! follows a guy called Will Parker and his quest to marry this girl Ado Annie. He doesn’t look twice at Laurey. I rest my case.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible that is just another one of those million weird coincidences that show up way too often in a medium where creators always claim they actually think about this stuff, OR

it’s. foreshadowing. Prove me wrong.


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I just realized something, so far it seems that when a man marries a Heartfilla women they take the Heartfilla name, (Jude Heartfilla), so will Natsu take Lucy's name if they get married? Natsu Heartfilla has a nice ring to it.

I wonder about that.

If they do get married, I actually hope each of them keeps their last name. There’s no other Heartfilia in the world nor there is another Dragneel, so it would be nice if they kept it like that. ^^

And if they have kids, the problem will be solved if they give them both their last names. It would be a little difficult for them to introduce themselves, but oh well. ^^

“My name is Layla Heartfilia-Dragneel and this is my stupid twin brother Igneel Heartfilia-Dragneel.”

“Shut up! I can introduce myself!”

Bittersweet Faith - Pt.2

TITLE: Bittersweet Faith

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Part Two of Four

AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that at some point during the Avengers Loki steals an infant to raise as his own.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Talk of an abusive relationship. Fluff.



Three months later and Noah and I were still living with Loki. I still hadn’t forgiven him for kidnapping Noah. I often woke up in the middle of the night screaming after having a dream that Noah was being kidnapped all over again. A couple of times Loki burst into the room, almost seeming scared because I was screaming. Each time I lied and said it was nothing and shooed him away from me.

Lately Loki has been bugging me to let him help me with Noah. I still hadn’t let him near my baby. I was still trying to decide whether I could trust him or not.

At the moment we were sitting in the nursery and I was rocking Noah after I had fed him. He was still awake though. Loki was sitting in the chair next to the rocker, staring at Noah and me.

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Fight for us (J.G)

Could you maybe do an imagine where you and one of the guys (any you choose) have a kid but you’re not together and one day he like tries to get back with you and then you can choose how it ends P.S. You’re blog is amazing 😍😊😊

Her feet couldn’t hit the hardwood any faster, her giggles filling the room as she tried to jump up on my bed, failing miserably. I giggled and lifted her up onto my bed.
“Good morning, sweetie” I said as her brown eyes glistened in the sun shining though my window.
“Good morning mama” She said pursing her lips.
This was a daily morning thing.

Let’s start from the beginning. The summer of 2012, the best summer ever. Parties every other night, free concerts, bonfires and late summer nights, a summer every 18 year old lives for.
The summer I met my future. The summer everything also changed.

I planed on going to the beach by myself..and that how I hoped it would stay.

I unpacked my beach bag, only crazy people come to the beach at 8 in the morning but as the day goes on the beach gets packed.

I was laying out in the sun getting my tan on when I became hungry. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I just decided on ice cream for now.
I grabbed my wallet, walking to the ice cream bar, “how can I help you?”
“Can I get a chocolate, Vanilla swirl with rainbow jimmies” I stated “in a cone”

As I was walking back to my set up, I had my ice cream held out in front of me and my phone in the other hand, trying to take an artsy picture, when a volleyball causes my ice cream and my phone to fall in the sand.
“Hey sorry about that” a cute guy said running over to me.
“You made me drop my ice cream” I said pouting
“You’re cute” the boy said
“Not bad yourself, handsome” I said
“How about I buy you a new ice cream cone and you give me your number”
“Sounds like a deal” I smiled, picking up my phone and walking with the guy to the ice cream bar.
“I’m Jack by the way”
“Layla” I said
“What a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl”

and that was how my summer was. Everyday was spent with Jack and his friends, we never actually made things official, we just acted official.

My life was perfect, until the end of summer, when I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and Jack was leaving to go on tour.
And now we’re here, 4 years later, with my beautiful daughter Aria Hope Gilinsky-Vega

I was cleaning the house as Aria was sleep in the bedroom. The music stopped and my ringtone blared through the speakers. It was an unknown number but I answered anyway.
“Hello?” I asked
“Hey, is this Layla?” The voice that sounded oh so familiar, the one that gave me butterflies, the one that had control over me.
“Uh, yeah. May I ask who’s calling?”
“Jack….Jack Gilinsky”
Nothing but silence on both ends of the phone.
“Um hey” I said breaking the silence
“Hey. How have you been?”
“Considering my 22 with a 4 year old daughter, I’m doing perfectly fine.” I said a little harshly
“Yeah…sorry about that..” He said “but I actually wanted to talk to you about that.”
“No - nuh uh- nope- you’re not walking in and out of her life whenever you want. ”
“I respect that, but I have a right to know my daughter.”
“And I respect that, but you had 4 years to know your daughter. You don’t just get to chose when the best time to be a parent for you is.” I stated.
“I’m not going to argue with you Layla. I respect your decision. ” and the line went dead.
Does he realize that I wanted him to fight? Fight for us, for me, for his daughter?

Did I do the right thing?

So a Couple of months ago I went to this School audition with my best friend because she was afraid to go without a very helpful hand. So then of course she went on saying prior that ‘if I sign up she be less scared’ and I did because I wanted her to do well. So she was auditioning for the role of the princess of the play I try out for a smaller part just so if I get picked for this school play I would only have a minor role. So as she got on stage to recite her monologue and about three girls started laughing and snickering. Me thinking nobody’s talking about her I just stare at my friend hoping she doesn’t mess up. Uh-oh! a wild insult appears from one mouth of the three musketeers and I turn my head about to snap some necks. (Not really just about to get a reason of them bad mouthing my friend.) So I turn around and ask the blond why she was bad mouthing my friend. She looks stunned because you know teens they always get silent when they get caught. The brunette piped up and said “ she’s a good actor -insert giggle- but she could never be a princess.” I then thought ‘Okay they just have an opinion they can have it’. But then the blond had courage to say “The other reason is that she’s black” I then proceed to look at the pitiful fool like she was in a horror walking to the closet out hallway where the demon is (you know the look). The girl with red hair spoke up to say  “she’s too black no one will want to see that face all the way in their face.” I then proceed to tell them the truth “My friend deserves as much as she get in this damn school and I swear if you guys think that it’s cute to bash someone about their color I’d be scared to see what your family members are like because if I didn’t know I could easily point out you flaws and then some so Imma need your enormous ego to deflate itself before I have to pop it. and before you asked who this B is my name Lhylia honey I’ll spell it out for you to L-H-Y-L-I-A pronounced {Layla} thank you and goodnight” I then turn around to watch her do her song for the Audition ignoring what simple minded insults they have.

The question did I respond to them the right way? I was just so annoyed with those girls that I had to tell them straight.

Yours Truly, Lhylia-hothead

Yeah, actually you were a lot kinder than either of us would have been if we were in your position.


Fairy Tail Chapter 467 

  Mother’s Key

Ah, it’s been a while since I last wrote a review, but I’m glad my first review for this year will be about such a nice chapter.

“Mother’s key” started with a short recap of what had happened in the last few chapters - Natsu and Zeref’s battle, Zeref telling the truth about E.N.D, Marin trying to kill Brandish. The first few pages follow the battle between some of the Ishgar’s guilds and the Alvarez army. Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel were fighting Wahl Icht and Dimaria’s troops. Just like everybody else, the members of those guilds had improved their magic power during the one year time skip and were fiercely fighting the enemy. One of the Alvarez’ soldiers even commented on how strong they were. I always enjoy power-ups and improvement and I liked how Mashima decided to show that Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel hadn’t wasted their time. Lyon created a giant ice foot, Chelia/Sherria (I’m not sure about how her name is supposed to be written) also used a new move, Kagura looked and acted badass as usual.

Of course, we had Wahl Icht and Dimaria appear on the battlefield. I’ve been looking forward to seeing them once again. I’d even say that the mystery surrounding Dimaria’s character and Wahl Icht’s origins are even more interesting to me than Brandish’ story. ^_^

Kagura and Dimaria had a brief fight and it was revealed that Dimaria actually possesses a huge amount of magic power. The nature of her magic wasn’t revealed, but Kagura commented that:

Is it somehow related to Marin’s space magic? Is Dimaria able to isolate a person from everything surrounding them? I’m not familiar with One Piece, but from what I’ve heard from friends of mine, there’s a character there, Donquixote Rosinante, and I think Dimaria has the same kind of magic that he has (I think it was Soundproof Barrier). I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s actually capable of. She’s a skilled warrior and has a tremendous amount of magic that she either never had to use or is able to conceal very well (remember when Makarov said he was not sure if she had magic power at all?).

As I suspected, Marin didn’t kill Brandish, because Lucy and Cana stopped him. The Spriggan was brought to the infirmary by the two FT mages and was taken care of by Porlyusica. Brandish decided to tell Lucy the truth about Layla, but on the condition that they two were left alone in the room. It turned out Brandish’ mother Grammy was a disciple of Layla’s. She was entrusted with the Aquarius key, but according to Brandish’ words, Lucy’s mother betrayed Grammy and had her killed. It kind of doesn’t make any sense to me, although I did suspect there was a chance Brandish held a grudge against Layla because of family related stuff. I just don’t understand why Layla would willingly give Grammy the Aquarius key and then send someone to kill her and take it back. It is probably a misunderstanding of some kind, I just don’t think Layla would do such a thing. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Lucy’s mother was a bad person and was looking for a way to eliminate Grammy. But I’ll bet my money on everything being a misunderstanding. :D

Brandish took her chance and tried to kill Lucy. And, to everyone’s surprise (although the spoilers for this chapter have been out for at least a week now), Aquarius came to save the day and help Lucy.

Now that the celestial spirit is here, I hope some question will get their answers. Maybe Aquarius will even hint at who Anna actually is.

Another interesting thing in this chapter was that Brandish was actually crying when trying to kill Lucy. Her tears show that she is not evil or bloodthirsty, but rather a confused woman trying to avenge her mother, believing that what she is doing is right. Maybe, just like Lucy said, the Spriggan is not all that bad.

Anyway, looking forward to next week’s chapter “Memories of the Stars”. ^_^ I also really hope to see Zeref’s new emperor clothes. :D