my anime confessions

I don’t know if this qualifies as a confession but I am entirely confused by the anti-Kacchako shippers that suddenly sprang up. If someone could actually explain why they hate the ship, I would like to hear it. Hate means that you have something against the ship so I am curious what it could possibly be. All I’ve seen is people say it makes no sense which is pretty contrary. Uraraka is one of the few Bakugo calls by name out of respect after all. People have shipped for much much less reason.

I love how the girls are respected in bnha. (90% of the time anyway) Their bodies look like actual teenage girl bodies. Uraraka has a bit of chub and it looks good. Momo has big boobs but not in a ridiculous way. Everyone has room for organs! They’re all different and they feel really real, which is probably why I love them all so much!

I’ve just been playing Pokémon when the realisation hit me: Bakugou Katsuki is the human version of Primeape, both in personality AND design. I can’t unsee it.

Video: AMV Mmm Mmm Yeah Yeah!
Video: Working!! - Ending 1
Video: Rosario+Vampire - Opening 2
Video: Assassination Classroom - Opening 1 

If MCL were to ever become an anime, I want either the opening or ending credits to have the characters dancing.