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“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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This was the motion graphics assignment for the very first block of second year. We had to make a music video with motion graphics to a song. I went way overboard on hand animation and my teacher didn’t like it very much but I’m happy with the end result, this was a new and more abstract venture for me and I want to try more of it.

The song is a cover by Glass animals of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown because this song has a bit of an earworm-y quality to it


🐱 by sukiicat 🐱

Marichat May Day 25: Akumatized Chat Noir

Im part of the peolpe who believes that instead of transforming a superhero, the akumatization is mostly painful than anything, since it’s another type of magic, corrupted magic, that’s trying to posses the holder.

also i wanted to play with some effects xD

p.s.: never let me look into my other fandoms because i’ll always put a wink to them


how could i not make an animatic of this. like honestly

commissions are open!

RICK! You gotta go back to work! You ain’t retired yet! 

97 more years!

Are you hype???


TID Appreciation Week: Day Two (Favorite Ship) ⇢ Herongraystairs

❝ How they loved each other, these three, how they had suffered for each another, and yet how much joy they clearly took from simply being in the same room. ❞

bottom art by (x)


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And Finally the last day of Stanchez Week 2017: Road Trip

What a better road trip than the road trip of life with all your primary modes of transportation.

Song Inspiration is ‘We Got to get out of this Place’ by the Animals