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“Emotional” Poth meme..

Thank you for almost 1000 followers~ it means a lot ♥

Palette belongs to @angexci

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Halloween has been over for some time already, but it’s never too late for a cute pumpkin head! I’ve been drawing this from time to time when taking a break from other animations I’m working on. 24fps, some ~35 drawn frames in total. The teeth of the pumpkin almost drove me crazy!

Let Tim lighten up your dark, dark November!

Space Is Totally Rad

Danny as Roger Wilco chilling in a Monolith Burger before continuing his galactic adventure

Much like Arin’s solo series, I really enjoyed Danny’s solo play thru of Space Quest III. It was a good time with kind and wise words shared. I didn’t have a PC as a kid, so it’s nice to be introduced to these old school games.

Also, had a fantastic time at their Live show in Austin!


Hey, here’s the rough version of that ML animatic i’ve been working on! Sorry it’s a link to youtube, but I want the views :P

EDIT: The song is Seventeen from the musical Heathers!