my animated husband!!!

“You’re rescuing kittens now?”

“Look, it’s got such lovely eyes.”

“We have places to be - though…you are right.”

so guess who loves ineffable idiots

tetanus shots

i had a bad dream i tried to tame a wild raccoon and had to sit in a waiting room anticipating a giant needle being shoved in my gut for a tetanus shot…i only wanted to be friends little giant trash bandit  :c 

Yeager Program AU where Cade and Tessa are barn cats and Optimus is a tired and abused old dog desperately in need of a place to rest. He didn’t count on picking up a scruffy barn cat as a mate.


Something that really bothers me is people acting like we’re somehow bad cat owners for keeping indoor cats and ‘not letting them go out!’. Most UK cats are outdoor cats, and so we get bad looks and accusations of being ‘cruel’ for keeping our two boys indoors. 

But there’s just so much wrong with that mentality.

1. They’re not the usual wild-at-heart moggies. They’re ragdolls, a breed that is extremely well-suited to indoor life. Whilst I am a huge supporter of adopting and have many issues with breeding pedigree animals, we got our two specifically because ragdolls make good therapy/emotional support animals and my husband grew up with one. We went out of our way and found the most responsible breeder we could. But the point is, these cats are bred to mostly be indoor pets.

2. We hope to own our own home in the next few years rather than rent, and our first 'home improvement’ priority is going to be to build a large outdoor run attached to the house, so they have the freedom to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

3. Even for those with moggies, you’ll find that most cats can live content lives indoors providing they have adequate stimulation. Our boys have a large cat tree, many toys (including interactive ones they can use when we’re not home), and until recently also had a water fountain and a 'cat grass’ pad to graze from. They have a lot of things to keep them entertained.

4. Bonus of having them indoors; they don’t hunt or hurt any local wildlife, which in the UK is being decimated by cats. Instead Marius brings us offerings of potatoes, christmas baubles and freezer bags from around the house.

5. Truth be told, I don’t trust people; there’s a lot of dodgy people in this town, and I don’t want to run the risk of someone stealing or hurting our babies. I also don’t want them getting run over by cars. The honest truth is just that indoor cats = less chance of injuries that may require veterinary treatment.

6. We always have cats in the house to cuddle! Win-win!

No one can say we’re not responsible cat owners. Our boys are neutered, vaccinated, regularly get health checks, are microchipped and have collars with name/ID tags AND a 'I am microchipped!’ tag just in case…even though they never go outside.

I’m never going to tell someone they’re wrong for having an outdoor cat. Not ever. I’m sure there are some cats that simply cannot be kept indoors - it’s not in their nature. But likewise, I’d like people to stop acting like having indoor cats is some kind of crime against catkind. Trust me when I say our boys are spoiled and happy beasts. 

(On top of all that, Enjolras has an anxiety disorder and literally doesn’t like being outside. Sometimes we let them into the high-walled courtyard to stretch their legs, but Enjolras dislikes the outdoors and rarely ventures out of the house even when allowed.)

halfbloodwitch42  asked:

Hello! Big fan of your blog here. This might be a little outside the blog content, but I was just wondering about your thoughts on PETA?

I’m not a big fan.

I think any decent person supports treating animals humanely and recognizing we need to treat animals with respect. I also respect vegetarians and vegans, though, I’m not one myself.

I do think that meat eaters need to be aware of the environmental impacts of eating things like beef…. Like, it takes 441 gallons of water to create one pound of beef.
Doing things like buying from local farmers, eating responsibly farmed fish, and eating a vegetarian meal once a week (#wafflenight) can help fight this.

PETA says it’s for these things but their tactics are vicious, aggressive, and unnecessary. I think they also spend their money on wasteful things meant to shame and intimidate people vs helping animals.

My husband (full disclosure) does work for a company that processes and sells meat. PETA often threatens his company and this company has had to bring in security, including federal officers, to public events they’ve held because of threats from PETA.

It’s distressing and disturbing to me to have groups act in such ways and to threaten the safety of people. I agree that animals should be treated humanely and respectfully… But animals are not superior to people and I can’t understand valuing their safety over that of human beings.