my angels all of you im going to miss you all so much

jinnies  asked:

Sjsjs sorry foR MOVIES I LOVE SPIRITED AWAY AND HOWLS MOVING CASTLE AND PONYO AND STUDIO GHIBLI IM GENERAL TB H. Umm Sing was good!!!! anD DANGAL its a hindi movie and I love it!! And Kahaani, which is another Hindi movie!! For Kdramas I really like Missing Nine!! Im high key late on the hype but I love it!! And I love W!!! Uhh and movies again I like kimi no na wa!! That was good!! Djdjn im an anime nerd!! Also I love mean girls??? And white chicks Tbh MOANA and 2 states, another hindi movie!!

AHHH I’m going to check all those ouT thank you so much!!! And dlkfnsklfns all Miyazaki movies are my favourite and to tell you the truth…. Nidhi… my angel… Spirited Away somehow feels more magical and ldksnflkdsn than before after watching it to you not to be cheESY but it’s true I love youuuu