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homecoming {I} (series / peter parker x reader)

hey everyone!

so i decided to do a little series for once! let me know what you guys think about it.

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it made me extremely emotional. 

i love you all and thank you so much for the love and support. ♡

hope you enjoy

just imagine him looking at you like that omfg 

Peter Parker’s point of view

Ned and i sat in the lunchroom admiring her as she walked by, talking to Liz. i’ve always had a crush on y/n. she’s stunning, funny, smart, and just hint of more human then the rest of us. she’s like an angel on earth.

“we should probably stop staring before it gets creepy.” Ned said and i nodded.

“too late.” said Michelle at her end of the table. Ned and i gave her a ‘really?’ look and she shrugged before going back to her book.

“did she get a new top?”

“no, we’ve just never seen it with that skirt.”

“gotcha.” i said and then we were rudely interrupted by Flash slamming his hands on the table. 

“what are you two doofs looking at?” he asked as he looked around. his eyes landed on y/n and a smirk played onto his lips.

“ohh, her?” he asked,”she’s pretty. too bad she’s out of your league, though, Parker.”

“you don’t know that.” said Ned and i looked over at him and shrugged. Flash was right, she was way out of my league, but a guy can dream, right?

“she’s already going to homecoming with me, so have fun with your little inflatable girlfriends.” he said and i rolled my eyes as he walked away. it broke my heart to hear that she was going with someone else.

just then, she walked over. i felt like i was going to have a panic attack.

“hey, sorry, did he bother you guys?” she asked. i looked up at her. the way her hair fell, the way she spoke, the way she did everything was just so mesmerizing.

“yeah, he was.” Ned spoke. i tried containing myself.

“are you okay? i know he’s an asshole, i’ve gotta deal with him hitting on me everyday, it’s so annoying.” she said.

“yeah, he’s always an asshole to us. it’s okay though, nothing we’re not used to.” i had to make sure to thank Ned for talking when i could because i seriously cannot talk right now. even if i could, i would probably embarrass myself.

“you sure you’re okay? even you, Peter?” she asked and i looked up and her eyes met with mine. i opened my mouth to speak, but Ned cut me off.

“yeah, yeah. he’s fine.”

she gave me a smile before turning to Ned. 

“okay, well. i’ll see you guys around.” she said before getting up and walking back to her friends. i let out a loud sigh, Ned looked over at me.

“you’re lucky to have me in your life, man.” he said.

“thanks, bro.” i said and he nodded.

“anything to help you get the girl.” he said.


i walked down the hallway to get back to class and i saw y/n hanging up posters for homecoming. i guess she heard my footsteps and she turned around.

“oh, hey Peter.” she smiled and i smiled back at her.

okay, keep your cool. you can do this.

“he-hey, y/n.” i said and she walked over to me.

“do you have anyone to come to homecoming with?” she asked.

“no, no. i don’t even think i’m going.” i said and she frowned and tilted her head.

god dammit she’s fucking adorable. 

“why not?”

“well-uh-you see, i don’t have a date. and i highly doubt that someone would want to go with me.” 

“well, i happen to know someone. i’m really close with her.” she said and i furrowed my eyebrows as my heart rate quickened.


“me, silly.” she laughed. 

my heart jumped into my throat.

“you-you wanna go to homecoming with-with me?” i asked and she smiled.

“of course, why not? you’re pretty adorable.” she said.

she just called me adorable asjdeismam 

keep it cool, Peter. keep it cool.

“uh- i thought you were going with, Flash?” 

“is that what he told you too?” she asked and i nodded.

“ugh, i’m gonna kill him.” she mumbled,”but yes, Peter. i would like for you to accompany me to homecoming this Friday night.” 

sfhdfnrdj why me?! 

“i-i would love to.” i said giving her a smile. she smiled happily as her eyes lit up.

“great. we can talk more about it at lunch tomorrow if you’d like.” she said and i nodded.

“awesome. i’ll see you tomorrow, Peter.” she smiled.

“se-e you tomorrow.” i stammered and she gave me a small wave before walking away. her hair flowing with her. 

i took a deep breath before running back to the classroom to tell Ned.

parts: I II

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*Screams in fangirl language* FUCK😭 THIS. THIS IS ART AND YOU DESERVE AN AWARD MY DARLING! I was HoOkEd! And that Jungkook bit at the end omfg you trying to kill me?

ynwa jungkook is the love of my life :(( thank you so much my angel, really you’re too kind i don’t deserve it lmao!!! i hope you like the rest of the series!!! x x x 

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You are the most precious gem i know. Honestly, if i could give out happiness, every last drop would go to you. You deserve the world sweet pea, always remember that ❤️❤️❤️

wtf you’re an angel!! like thats such a genuine and cool thing to say, thank you so so much,,, i appreciate it a lot and you’ve really warmed my heart, you’re the sweetest omfg. you deserve all of the happiness in the world and i hope you find it bb!! have a lovely day ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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omfg christine your tags on my selfie, i feel blessed™, thank you so much, i'm so glad we're getting married tbh, i love u!!!!!! and ur gorgeous!!!! 💖💖

hannah u are an angel and so gorgeous??? i was just being super truthful and aaaa same here 😏💖💞 i love u beauty!!!!! thank u for being the best 🌺🌸

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How much do you love NCT dream?

sOOOO MUCH! like there really isn’t a limit on it ♡ they’re so youthful and playful! and they really work SO HARD OMFG like i adore their work ethic and spirit 💖 they’re really angels and just 7 friends having the time of their life and loving what they do. they’re enthusiasm is so contagious and mesmerising wow i love nct dream, my sons, my joy in life, my everything

  • before bias: so cute, adorable, pretty little face, dumpling sweetest thing, i love you so much, wow how are you so cute, sweet little angel, my pretty love, cutiepatootie, sweet pie, heartu, so pretty omg
  • when bias: little shit, fuck you, i hate you so much, wow can you not, /punches face/, you suck, so ugly omfg, go away nobody wants you, ur the worst, i dislike you the most, asshole, so dumb, why am i even stanning you, nope, you're awful, ughhhhh

Alright, alright. It’s time for me to give love to a lot of you lovely human beings out there tbh. Yes, yes… it’s about to get mushy as fuck. But you know what? That’s alright! We need a little more love in this community. Even after everything that has happened within the past months, or weeks. But let us remind each other that we are a GREAT fucking community and that we are still family. I mean somewhat family? We should still try to look out for one another. I mean that’s always important. I’ve been in a few fandoms before from WWE, DC, TEEN WOLF & now GOT. And man, I’ve met amazing people in some of those fandoms, and some not so great? I mean happens to all of us right? Some people aren’t meant to RP I guess. *shrug* but that’s not the point. The point is, I have so much love for this fandom and have met, many ( MANY ) people who are such role models on this fandom. You’re all amazing at what you do, perfection on your muses. Each and every one of you should ALWAYS be proud of the way you portray your muse. Okay so let me go on and thank you peeps !


                                      ▌☠ ▌Flayer, players & slayers. lovely baes  ▌☠ ▌

@agirlingrey .  @akingslayerx .  @applesrose@arcanemistrust  . @arthurxdayne . @born-to-be-admired . @bowtiedmadman . @bubblegumxmallets . @bullhecd . @cerseilionesslannister   . @claimantking . @coldhonovr . @davosshorthand . @dcthraki . @distrcss . @dreadfortsgirl . @fadetogrey . @fcllenangels . @fidcns . @firstxfhernxme . @forresterborn . @frozenconsort . @fuckthekiing . @gcntleking . @greyenvy . @halfahorseherself . @heartfound . @herunfailingkindness . @honourofwesterling . @jinglenee . @kennelmastersdaughter . @klllerwithin . @ladycrcw . @liiberum . @longmayshereign-cersei . @lordnegan . @lordofthewatch . @lordxfcoin . @louvereine . @luctatio . @machinaticns . @motherofasgard  . @malleableking . @meraxesrider . @mindfulqueen .  @nattienativity .  @neitherknightnorlady . @ofarrowsandfire . @ofbrokenmen . @ofpalletown@ofgcldenroses . @ofwolvesandroses . @onceporcelain . @pearlofruins . @pertenebras . @portectorisms . @predative . @quietbxy . @ravcnkiing . @rollinsstolechristmas . @roosebxltxn . @renuntiatum  @rosethornknight  . @royalsadist . @samoansanta . @secxndstark . @sleighbvlla . @songoffireandrevenge . @suvicn . @theblackcraven  . @thedragoninthesnow  . @thetimeladyandthetardis  .  @the-tenth-will-see-you-now .  @timelordcurse . @thelostwildwolf  . @unbxrnt . @watchdeserter . @winterskraken . @withthedog . @withwildfire . @wolf-queen-named-stark .  @wolvensteel . @worshipsonlydeath . @wxngedshadow . @yngwolfrobb .  @ycngrose .  @zaldrizotala . @zaldrizotresy  @undauntedlioness .

: Seriously I hope I didn’t miss any of you >_> I know some of y’all got yourself like 100 blogs. So I tried y’know. But anyaaaays.  You’re all amazing and have made the dash amazing. Everything you do for this community is something i will always remember tbh. You all bring something beautiful and different. You’re all creative at what you. Writing. Edits. All of the above. I honestly wish I can tell you how much I appreciate you all, without repeating the same things over and over.  I may not Roleplay with all of you, or talk to some of you ooc, but i do want you to know that even though we haven’t done anything or did ( but not anymore ) I still adore you all so much. Your muse ( canon or oc ) are lovely. I thank you for putting SO much work on your muses, & I thank you for gracing the dash with your beauty.  ❤️

Okay—- so, i do want to give a few shoutouts to people i talk with ooc, a lot. and i mean almost every day. and such ( people who have seen full satan side tbh )  ( ALSO WARNING AUTO PLAY OKAY )

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OKAY GUYS SO AS PART OF ROMEO AND JULIET WE ARE DOING STAGE ANGEL WHICH IS BASICALLY LIKE SECRET SANTA (basically you’re assigned a person in the cast or crew to give little messages and presents to every day) AND MY STAGE ANGEL BOUGHT ME A FLAMINGO EGG TODAY. A. FLAMINGO. EGG. (not a real one, guys). You put it in water for 12 hours and it HATCHES INTO AN ACTUAL FLAMINGO BABY OMFG. I AM SO EXICITED. I’m staying up all night to watch it. So far, no signs of life. I’ll keep you updated. X

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But I’m home now and more coherent than before so here’s my massively shortened version of what happened today i still cant believe it happened like it feels so surreal

After school today i met up with my friend in central and we wandered around a bit to kind of just shop and see if we could hopefully catch a glimpse of EXO but after a while it got really cold so we said we’d call it a night. On my way home i was really bummed because i really wanted to see them but i was glad i could at least say i tried. So as i get off the underground, im going up the escalators and kind of spacing out then i hear a ‘hyung balliwa’ and i look up not expecting anything at all and there standing in front of me is kim junfuckingmyeon looking all perfect in front of the food stall holding a bottle of water all wrapped up and warm looking. And i didnt believe my eyes but then i look to the side and standing on the other side is kim jongfckingin and kim minbloodyseok and their manager but no camera crew and i couldnt help the tears that filled my eyes. I said 'oh my god’ pretty loudly and junmyeon looked in my direction and WE HAD PERFECT EYE CONTACT and i wanted to scream because omfg junmyeon was looking at me and then minseok said something about sehun and a car and i was freaking out like 'omg suho’ and then junmyeon looks back at me and smiles and i couldnt help it like the tears just escaped then junma being the fcking angel goes 'uljima’ because he mustve thought i was korean or something and im just wiping my eyes and going 'im so sorry omg i love you guys so much’ and then he goes 'i loveyou too’ in his adorable as shit broken english and i wanted to collapse because his voice is so sweet and smooth and just all kinds of fckin lovely and i shit you all not i was within touching distance but touching him didnt even cross my mind and then the manager with jongin and minseok called for junmyeon and he replied somehting in korean and said a quick 'dont cry’ in english and i was just omfg and he smiles his perfect as fcking fck smile and i couldnt help but smile back and i go to take my phone out because i want to take a picture but he goes 'no picture no ahh’ and he looked so worried for a second i immediately put my phone back in my pocket like 'im sosorry okay no photo’ and then jongin calls for him again and his voice is fcking deep but adorable like chocolate and amazing then junmyeon looks back at me and says 'bye, love exo a lot okay?’ and his english was so off but was the most adorable fucking thing ive ever heard okay like heis fcking perfect then he jogs towards the others and they were speaking and im just staring and like 0.152558674 seconds away from collapsing like my legs were shaking so much and then they all turn around to wave and smile at me and holy shit minseok goes 'bye bye’ and did a little heart and jongin waved and they were all waving and smiling and fck i couldnt help but cry again and people at the station were staring at me but i didnt give a fuck because holy shit i met exo like omg and im like cryihng now as i remember it and fuck my life guys im so happy right now i cant even deal

gonna delete this later but just wanted to share the best moment of my life omg guys T___T

kuruokos replied to your post:Puts candy in front of him. ( sAAARAAAAAA !!!!!!!!

` you’re welcome. i have more so if you needed more then please don’t hesitate murasakibara-kun. ` ( aaAAAAA drowns with ur love and affection. im good bby ! i missed you sooo much too okay??? like cries. im so gomen for being gone !! blme school ! )

“Ehhh…I wouldn’t mind having more, if you’re giving them away~”

omfg i cant believe how quality my banner thingy is so hq lmao oh well i tried~  hnnn i love every single one of these blogs omfg all of you guys are so nice too!! thank you so much for being so sweet ;;  i love you all hehe~ <3 <3333 

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ooo i hope i did this right??? im so tired im so sorry if i didnt do this right omg i was going to bold all my favorite blogs but this entire post wouldve been in bold lmao

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Can you please convince me of Dean and Cas' canonical love? I'm losing hope stuck rewatching season 9 and I don't want to become convinced that they're only platonic. YOUR FAITH CAN CARRY US ALL!! (p.s. I am totally in love with your blind!Dean fics. They give me life.)

all i can say is CRYPT SCENE.

(DEAN was suppose to say “i love you”) we had a brainwash castiel, practicing killing over 100 maybe 1000 deans! YET when he was actually faced WITH THE REAL FUCKING DEAN WINCHESTER. NOPE. you know why? YOU WHY WHY? LOVE. that’s why, BECAUSE CASTIEL LOVES DEAN AND DEAN LOVES CASTIEL. 

OR WE can go back further. Cas is MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD!, he was there when the first fish pulled itself out of the water. his whole time existing is follow orders, love God, follow orders, give orders,love God. repeat so imagine living like that for millions of years….then along comes this one human whos like naah…this shit ain’t right.(even the angels recognized that cas was too close to dean) SO now its disobey orders, love dean, save humans. repeat. So cas literally fell for dean. (Do you remember how angered and almost disgusted with anna when she fell?)

i could go on but u haven’t eating anything all die and i can’t write worth shit so durrrhuurr