my android!glados

“You monster”

I’ve actually been having GLaDOS feels for the past week or so, and finally decided to do something about it. GLaDOS was the first villain I fell in love with and remains my favorite. ‘Bout time I did some (sort of) fanart.


Whomp wish I was around when Portal monsters was actually a thing haha….

Drew these guys a lil while ago and decided to finish them up for Halloween! 

I love me some monsters, and after seeing some old monster Wheatleys that @bonkalore drew a long time ago I was immediately inspired to monsterfy my Wheatley and he ended up as an insect droid of sorts, and then I did the same to my GLaDOS cause I couldn’t help myself. They were super fun to design and I wanna draw them more if it weren’t for the 50 billion other things I need to do….

Hope you enjoy! 

“I think we can put our differences behind us.
                                                                  For science… You monster.”

(background photo credit to half-life wiki, I found a photo of GLaDOS’s chamber from this scene off google cause I didn’t wanna draw it myself)


“…what do they see in him???”

Thank you guys so so much! I never expected I’d get these sweet messages! It really means a whole lot to me! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy Wheatley all the androids! haha! I really hope to keep it up! Much love to you all!