my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun

Is anyone else happy that the development team at Five Nights At Freddie’s 2 took the FNaF fandom’s favorite, most overly-sexualized character and ripped his face off?

Then proceeded to replace him with a bunny that’s a million times cuter than he’d ever be?

look at this sassy bitch’s eyelashes. Look at that flaming guitar. This girl means business.

The Amount of hate this cutie is getting is spectacular. I’m in love.

Toonami Summary: SNK Marathon edition plus one Dandy edition
  • Space Dancy, I mean Dandy, was full of lies and dancing and 80’s throwbacks and more lies. Planet Grease is Planet Grease even after the universe ceases to exist and is remade.
  • SnK begins brutally, with a message to you, 2,000 years in the future. The message is that everyone will die screaming and no one was spared, not even the children anime moms
  • Humanity still perishing, but now from not having enough food as well as as being eaten. Shonen protag aspirations and yelling continue to grow
  • Eren joins the military and hits his head. This improves his yelling problem but not his inflated sense of shonen protagonitis. Mikasa is happy.
  • Everything is becoming a blur as the military has already been joined for a while and Sasha doesn’t steal any food until the end of the episode. Hey guys wouldn’t it be shitty if some colossal titan kicked a hole in this wall?
  • Things are further reduced to a blur as the Battle for Trost begins. Sasha never gets to eat her stolen goods. Everyone dies. Okay, just the protagonist.
  • Battle for flashback time: The making of a tiny psycho. Eren and Mikasa kill 3 grown men for a good reason before their balls have even dropped. Scarf.
  • The Battle for Mikasa continues. Mikasa is sad/angry about Eren being eaten. Acts accordingly until being gently told by Armin. Is witness to the manifestation of humanity’s rage.
  • Mikasa witnesses the manifestation of humanity’s rage. He helps them get rid of the Jehovah witness titans. Armin has a plan. Mikasa cries.
  • Eren was titan then Eren was not titan, but this was all after Eren was in titan. His compatriots are understandably confused and frightened.
  • Eren can totally explain his ability to turn into titan at will in addition to his violent tendencies. Really, he can. Armin saves their saves by sounding like a majestic fucking eagle.
  • It has been decided that Eren can help. He tries. Ian attempts to get out of being in charge and fails. Mikasa gets hit without having talked any shit beforehand.
  • Eren hallucinates a warm blankie instead of moving the rock like he was supposed to. Tries to hit Mikasa. Is stabbed by Armin. No more warm blankie.

The Caps

Eren standing in place and screaming has been tonight’s theme

Reiner hurt himself trying to twerk.