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Malfoy released Harry’s lip, and paused, breathing heavily into his mouth, so close.

“You have a bloody hair kink, you freak,” he muttered. “First the smell, and now pulling. If you pull any of my hair out I will hit you.”

Harry tried to laugh, but it came out rather breathless. “You’re one to talk,” he said. “You get off on slapping me, don’t you?”

So this just happened while I was writing. My brain stuttered, thought I’d share.

Amortentia ~ Fremione

‘Hey Hermione are- Wait you smell…really nice,’ Ginny sniffed Hermione’s neck, ‘Oh god, like musk and… and like Har-,’ she cut off and looked to the floor, ‘ You just smell different!’ the girl blushed wildly and finished in a rushed whisper.

Hermione sank further back into her chair, letting a sigh pass her lips,’ I thought it would be gone by now! After four showers!’

‘What should be gone?’

‘Gin, I spilt Amortentia on myself today in Potions, that why I smell like Harr-’

But before the curly haired girl could finish, Ginny had launched herself at her, hands forcing their way over her mouth, muffling Hermione’s voice,’ Okay! Okay! Shut up, I don’t need anyone knowing that I…I,’

‘That you’re infatuated with Harry?’ Ginny shot Hermione a dark look before nodding silently, Hermione carried on, ‘ Doesn’t matter anyway, everyone knows…well everyone but Harry, it’s quite ironic is it not? That he is the-.’

Hermione felt her words dry up in her throat at the look she received from the other girl and dropped her head back down to her book. She felt Ginny stir restlessly next to her and it was beginning to agitate her, Hermione just wanted to relax for a while, after the hectic day she had just experienced.

Turns out that spilling Amortentia on yourself wasn’t exactly fun!

In fact the complete opposite and Hermione began to  wonder why someone would create such a potion! Having clans of teenagers chase after you, or crowd around you, all sniffing you like a dog would to a scrap of meat, wasn’t something Hermione revelled in, the only attention she wanted was for getting top marks in all her classes, not that she smelt like what they desired!

After a couple of minutes of silently battling against Ginny, Hermione closed her book and rose to her feet.

‘Look Gin, I’m going to go somewhere else until this wears off or something,’ she sighed, placing the book under her arm and left the dormitory, attempting to avoid as many people as possible, which was slightly hard considering the fact that Hogwarts accommodated just   over nine hundred students.

Eventually, after loosing a group of fourth years, Hermione hurried her way to the Library. She would have preferred a nice sofa to sit upon, to comfort her aching back, but considering the situation she was in, she was just going to have to settle for a hard, wooden chair within the Library. She wound her way through the rows of bookshelves, putting as much distance between her and the entrance as possible.

She ended up near the back of the room, somewhere she’d never been and the girl glanced at the collection of books surrounding her, all unread. Her fingers twitched, so gently, to stop the movement, she ran them along the spines of all the novels, eager to pull them all from their rows and begin to devour their knowledge.

Just as she wrapped a nimble finger around the spine of a dark, old book, someone behind her cleared their throat, intruding on her privacy. Startled at the sudden and loud noise, Hermione dropped the book she was holding and it fell to the floor with a dull thud! Hermione spun, prepared to angrily hiss at her intruder, but was shocked to see the red haired boy in front of her.

He was the very last person she would ever expect to see in a Library. Hermione had thought for years that if he were to ever step within one, the whole place would explode in flames and crumble and fall.

‘Hullo Granger,’ Fred Weasley grinned bashfully at her, his hair ruffled and messy, ‘Fancy seeing you here,’

Hermione rolled her eyes and reached for her fallen books, the last thing she wanted…no needed right now was being mocked by one of the Weasley twins. Especially Fred, who seemed to have a knack for making Hermione’s heart flutter.

‘Not now Fred…seriously, I’ve had a terrible day and…No! Don’t come any closer!’ Hermione rushed, her cheeks flaming. She really didn’t fancy knowing what Fred desired scent was, nor how he would act when he got a whiff of it.

But the Twin’s grin only grew, ‘ ‘Mione, if I don’t obey rules, what makes you think I’ll listen to you…but since you pleaded, not the first girl to plead at me for something if I do say, I’ll stay here,’ he winked and pressed his back against a shelf. Hermione scoffed at his confidence which never seemed to end.

‘Say,’ Fred began,’ I never said that I was Fred, how did you know it was me?’

Hermione’s cheeks couldn’t get any redder. The thing was, Hermione was one of the few people that were able to tell the Twins apart. Fred was slightly more handsome, his hair somewhat darker than George’s, his freckles were more gathered and he had a faint scar right above his lip from a prank that went wrong…but what gave him away the most was the way he spoke to Hermione.

George’s voice would remain the same. Joking and mischievous. But Fred’s…it would lose the put on charm and danger and become huskier, deeper and it would send shivers down Hermione’s spine. She wished he would talk like that all the time, but it only ever went like when they were alone and Hermione was convinced he only did it to annoy her.

She’d almost forgotten she hadn’t answered his question and blurted, ‘You have subtle differences,’


‘Yeah, most would miss them because they…,’ Hermione stopped, trembling.

‘If I am correct, and of course, if I am not, please do tell me I’m wrong,’ Fred smirked, straightening up, ‘But subtle means small, almost unnoticeable, so one would,’ he paused, approaching slowly,’ so one would have to study me to notice these differences,’

Hermione crept back slowly,’ Don’t flatter yourself Fredrick Weasley! The world doesn’t revolve around you!’

‘ Then how did you notice them then?’

‘I..I..I’ve known you for many years, it makes sense that I’d pick up on them!’ but when the words left her mouth, the whole statement sounded more like a question and Hermione mentally kicked herself. It was times like this she wished she was in Slytherin, so she could be a convincing liar!

It seemed that Fred has also picked up on her uncertainty and through his head back, laughing, ‘ ‘Mione, even my mother struggles to know who’s who,’


‘Well…I am the brightest witch of our age, I’m bound to know. Wait, that sounds like I’m insulting Molly, I am not, I’m sure Mrs Weasley is intelligent and smart, I was simply trying to-’ her ramble was cut short by a wave of Fred’s hand.

‘No offence, but shut up,’ he whispered, ‘We are in a Library after all, you have to be quiet, I’d thought you of all people would know that!’

Hermione licked her suddenly dry lips,’ What are you doing in a Library, its a sight for sore eyes,’

‘I do visit this place often…but secretly, can’t have my reputation being damaged,’

‘Oh no,’ Hermione mocked, grinning.

‘Yes oh no!’ Fred smirked,’ What would all my fan girls think if they knew that I, Fred Weasley, the hot, brave, prankster, was a visitor to the Library?’

‘That you cared for your education,’

‘Ah but that’s the thing…I don’t’ he smiled and came closer. Hermione tried to move, but she stuck between a bookshelf and Fred. Merlin, she thought.

‘Please, Fred, I’m serious, stay there  and don’t come any closer or smell me or anything, hold your nose or something,’ Hermione babbled, pressing herself roughly against the wood behind her, wishing she could sink into it.

But one glance into Fred’s eyes told her he wasn’t going to listen to her. His irises pulsed with a mischievous glint as he tilted his head, raising an eyebrow. Of all the times he’d made Hermione flustered, this was most confusing so far.

‘Have you been spending too much time with Ron and his smell has started to rub off on you,’ Fred joked,’Because that would be terrible,’

‘No! Don’t be absurd and Ron doesn’t smell tha-,’

But before Hermione could finish her sentence, Fred took a long stride and was standing right in front of her. Her nose was almost brushing off of his chest and he could feel her warm breath. Hermione groaned inwardly, not prepared for what was going to happen next.

‘Nope, I was wrong, you don’t smell any different,’

Hermione felt her mouth drop open and her heart explode against her rib cage. Doesn’t smell any different…but that..thats. Amortentia was the strongest Love Potion, there’s no way Fred could be ignoring it. So that means…

‘Hermione, close your mouth, you’ll catch flies,’ Fred laughed, his fingers grazing Hermione’s cheeks,making her heart beat dangerously irregular.

‘F-Fred…I,’ she stopped and gulped, looking into his dark brown eyes and drowning in their intensity,’ Today in Potions I…I spilt Amortentia all over myself and…’

Fred tensed up,’ What? Amortentia…’

‘Its a love potion and-’

‘I know what it is ‘Mione,’ he snapped and then sighed,’Sorry…I just, I didn’t really expect… to tell you like this,’ he ended in a light chuckle.

The whole Library seemed to fade away, all the colours merging into each other and all that Hermione’s eyes could latch themselves upon were Fred. The way his trimmed hair skimmed his eyebrows, the way his eyes seemed to bore into her soul, making her feel exposed. How broad and muscular his shoulders were, how he smelt of woods and smoke. How her body hummed to be closer to his.

Hermione felt herself tremble under his gaze, her legs threatening to give way. Fred sighed, a small, shy smile on his lips as he cupped her cheeks, thumbs brushing against her skin, sending tingles throughout her body. She leaned into him.

‘Gra-No, Hermione, I…there’s so many things I wanna…But I can’t and it’s hard to and,’ Fred stop abruptly and swooped down. His lips pressed against Hermione’s lips and she froze but after a few seconds, she moved hers against his.

She’d been kissed once before by Krum, but his kiss was wet and rushed and rough, nothing like this. Fred’s touch was soft, his lips soothing over hers and moved slowly with passion that  drew a moan out of her. At the sound, Fred grinned and pulled Hermione closer, dropping his hands from her cheeks to her waist. They only brought apart for air and when they did, Hermione rested her head against Fred’s chest.

He chuckled,’ What I meant to say was…that I like you,’

‘Really? I didn’t know,’

‘Don’t mock me! That was a hard thing to do!’

Hermione smiled, ‘Well I’m glad you told me because I guess I like you,’

‘You guess?’

‘Fine,’ she laughed, looking up at him,’ Fred Weasley, I, Hermione Granger, like you,’

If Fred’s grin could get any bigger, Hermione would have been scared. He reached for her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

‘The bookworm and the prankster,’ he said,’ An unlikely pair,’ Hermione nodded and Fred leaned down again, pressing a chaste kiss to her swollen lips,’You smell amazing by the way,’

Draco: [indignantly] “You’re horrible.”

Hermione: “You’re horrible!”

Draco: “Why don’t you come over here and say that to my face!”

Hermione: “I am saying it to your face!”

Draco: “Say it closer in my face!”

Hermione: “How close to your face do you want me?!”


—  Amortentia - The Real World: Hogwarts
Episode VII

“Does it hurt when I call you ‘Draco’?” Harry asked, watching his expression curiously. “Or are you pretending that I want you the way you want me to?”

Malfoy’s eyes fluttered shut a moment, and his throat flexed as he swallowed. Harry’s eyes were drawn to the motion. What was it about Malfoy’s neck that Harry couldn’t resist? Before Malfoy could respond, Harry found himself leaning forward, brushing his lips over the skin there, collecting water droplets from their shower.

Malfoy’s breath hitched. “Really? Still?”

Harry froze, then pulled back again. He met Malfoy’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel bad. He knew he should just leave Malfoy alone, like he’d asked, but he didn’t want to.

“You haven’t said you don’t want this,” Harry said.

“You’re naked, and pressing me against a wall,” Malfoy said, his hands finding Harry’s sides and sliding down to his hips as if to point that out. “I don’t have legendary willpower, Potter. There’s a point where you know that something you enjoy is hurting you in the long run, and you do it anyway, because it feels good in the moment.”

Harry closed his eyes. He needed to step away. Malfoy was all but telling Harry that he was being an insensitive, selfish arse, and he was. He knew he was. But he just couldn’t move away. He hated that it was Malfoy he was attracted to, and that he didn’t seem to be attracted to anyone else. If it was anyone else, it would be easy, uncomplicated. He wouldn’t have to wonder if wanting someone who had hurt his friends made him a bad person or not.

“I should leave.”

“You should,” Malfoy agreed.

Harry opened his eyes and saw that Malfoy had his closed. He had a slight furrow to his brow, like he didn’t really want that to happen. Harry brushed over it with his thumb, and Malfoy’s eyes opened and fixed on him.

“You don’t really want me to.”

“No, I don’t. But I should.”

Harry went to step back, but Malfoy’s hands were still tight on his hips, and he didn’t move far. Malfoy avoided his gaze, and Harry realised he wasn’t going to let him go, despite his words.

Amortentia - unpublished WIP I’m working on. Sharing this bit anyway cos I’m an annoying over-sharer lol

So I’m as much of a sucker for the Amortentia trope as the next person, but I think we often forget that it isn’t just the things we love/ that attract us most in a potential partner. Like Harry smells broom wax and Hermione parchment. Neither of which constitute sexual or romantic desires (I don’t think, but you know, maybe…?) 
Anyway, I was thinking of this in line with the Marauders, and I can just imagine them all in potions…

James: Well I don’t know about you lot, but I smell flowers.
Sirius: *snorts* Yeah, ten points if you can guess which flower…
James: Piss off. What about you then? The glass of a mirror? Your entire range of haircare products?
Sirius: *flicks him a v* Petrol. Forbidden Forest. … And dust?
Remus: *quirks eyebrow* Not even going to attempt to psychoanalyse that one. I smell chocolate, and cigarettes.
James: Not surprising seeing as that makes up a good 80% of your sustenance…
Remus: Hey, Sirius smokes just as much as I do.
Sirius: *under his breath* Ok. That’s a complete lie, but ok.
Remus: How about you Pete?
Peter: Urmmm… Grass maybe? And gingerbread.
*Others nod. There is silence.*
James: So at the risk of sounding really fucking weird, does anyone else smell our dorm room?
*General sniffing ensues. Widening eyes follow.*
Peter: I guess that kind of makes sense, right? I mean, we love each other don’t we?

  • Draco: PROFESSOR
  • Draco: Professor you have to help me, Slughorn won't, he said it's working properly and there's nothing he can do and I--
  • Snape: Just. one. moment, Draco. I am afraid you're making far less sense than usual, which, I must admit, is saying something.
  • Draco: It's Slughorn, sir. He's incompetent. He's made us make Amortencia, and something's wrong with it, and I--
  • Snape: Give it here... *sniffs from vial*
  • Snape: *jaw clenching* I can assure you, Mr. Malfoy, that it is working just as it should.
  • Draco:
  • Draco: That swot must have done something to it
  • Draco: I thought it was just because she was standing so close to our cauldron but I STILL SMELL--
  • Draco:
  • Snape:
  • Draco:
  • Snape: You have GOT to be kidding me
That's not how Amortentia works Potter.
  • James Potter: Come on Evans, tell the truth. I know you smell my manly, musky scent. Do you want to know why?
  • (Interrupting) Lily Evans: No
  • James: Because you're in love with me, it's obvious.
  • Lily: Look, Potter. Do you really want to know what I smell in the Amortentia?
  • James: Please, do tell.
  • Lily: I smell the freshness of new rain, I smell my mothers apple pie, and fresh flowers. I do NOT smell your sweaty self except for what I normally can smell standing this close to you after your failed attempt of a shower. Do you even know how Amortentia works?
  • James: You smell what you love, and Evans. Let me tell you, I'm overwhelmed with the lilies.
  • Lily: You're an idiot. (under her breath) Why do I bother? Amortentia doesn't work like that, what you smell isn't reflections of things or people you love, but scents that relax you and put you at peace. For Merlin's sake Potter, you are the very opposite of relaxing!
  • James: So you could, hypothetically speaking, love someone who makes your breath catch, heart race, head spin and never smell them in the Amortentia?
  • Lily: ...Yes.
  • James: Do I make your heart race Evans?
  • Lily (Breath catching): ummmm...
  • James (leaning in close): You make my heat race too.

It’s physically painful rn to be reading Amortentia through and not posting it online for you guys. But it’s for the best, it gets so serious later, I need to be cautious with editing it to make sure it all lines up perfectly. 

Bonus, the more thoroughly I do it myself before giving it to my beta, the faster she’ll get through it =D

That said

MAMMA BEAR RON (and Harry being silly)

“You should just skip,” Ron said, pushing another cauldron cake at him. “Slughorn won’t care.”

Harry nudged the cake away, only for Ron to push it back. Scowling he took a bite to satisfy him, before turning back to Hermione’s Amortentia notes. He could sort of see what she was doing, but he had to keep looking up the ingredient interactions in a textbook, and then cross referencing that with a more detailed analysis of each individual ingredient, and then check back against the unaltered potion. It was doing his head in.

The fact Hermione couldn’t explain why the scent seemed to be getting stronger for him and no one else made him feel a little better though. It wasn’t any good not knowing, but he didn’t feel so stupid, if Hermione didn’t know either.

“You look like a right wreck after Potions,” Ron continued, nudging the cake at him again.

Harry finally shoved the books to the side and ate the damn thing to shut him up. Glaring at him, he finished it off even though he didn’t feel hungry.

“You would too if you were getting dizzy, and had Seamus and Dean mocking you the whole time,” he muttered, glancing across the common room to where they were huddled together. “Not to mention bloody Malfoy.”

Ron sighed. “What’s he done now?”

Harry scowled. “He’s always taunting me about how I react to the potion. Stupid git. Not everyone has a stick up their arse making them want to look perfect all the bloody time. Honestly, he doesn’t even bloody sweat in there. Do you know how many cauldrons are set up? It’s like a bloody sauna, and he doesn’t even look ruffled!”

Silence followed his words, and he looked over to see Ron leaning back and looking at him with one eyebrow raised.



“He’s a git, and I hate him,” Harry said, pulling another book back towards him. “I wish he’d never come back to Hogwarts.”

Drarry Tropes I Love

• Draco calling him ‘Potter’ all the way

• 'idiot’ or 'prat’ or 'git’ is pretty good too; half-meant insults are my fave

• amortentia like “honestly, Potter, you need a new cologne i can’t smell my potion anymore.” but pLOT TWIST “i’m not wearing perfume today, Malfoy. shut up.”

• Harry being oblivious as hell to Draco’s feelings so much that Hermione is the one who tells him

• Slytherin!Harry which equals to Drarry as best mates from the start

• Gryffindor!Draco which makes Drarry friends from the start

• a chance encounter when they’re adults leading to them becoming friends (and maybe more wink wink)

• they’re forced to work together as auror partners

• Scorbus becoming close friends so they’re forced to spend time a lot of time together • them having a secret relationship starting sixth year because Draco needs Harry’s help; he doesn’t want to kill Dumbledore or be a Death Eater. he joins the Order for Harry!

• they get locked together in a closet and are forced to spend time together

• tutor!Draco plus tutee!Harry

• eight year Drarry sharing a dorm with the rest of the eight years; them becoming friendly (too friendly) with each other

• drunk Draco confessing his feelings for Harry or vice versa

• Yule Ball Drarry

• muggle AU: blind date set up by their friends

• Christmas party involving mistletoe

• Draco running to Harry and helping him during the Battle of Hogwarts because he doesn’t care about anyone except Harry anymore

• time turner stuff involving Drarry

• sexual tension in Quidditch games

• sex in the prefect’s bathroom or behind the Quidditch bleachers

• Draco under Veritaserum confessing his feelings for Harry

• Harry being the Malfoys’ defense for their Death Eater trial thingy and Draco being super grateful and stuff which leads to something more

• Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle with Drarry kissing/confessing

• their friends trying to set them up and make them kiss. finally they kiss and their friends cheer but Draco is just says really sarcastically “what a success that was. you just made me kiss my boyfriend.” and Harry snickers. they’re all shocked beyond belief.

Feel free to add stuff! I need more tropes in my life!

Hogwarts!Sockathan Headcanons

* Sock’s a Slytherin and Jonathan’s a Hufflepuff
* Sock is two years above Jon
* Sock’s a Halfblood and Jon’s a Muggleborn
* They met because Jonathan was failing Care for Magical Creatures and Sock has a thing for animals(before he kills them) so he tutors him
* Sock is a feared student because of all the things that die around him but he never seems to be proven guilty
* Jonathan’s Amortentia smells like mint, blood, and strawberry shampoo
* Jonathan later finds out Sock uses strawberry shampoo and has a conflicting hour of ‘What the literal fuck why is Sock my Amortentia’
* Sock’s smells like cinnamon rolls, deoderant, and blond hair products(because Jon dyes his hair blond)
* Sock asks Jon to the Yule Ball and this is where he sneaks him off to tell him how he feels and Jon runs away quickly
* Jon comes the next morning to the Slytherin table to tell Sock he feels the same way
* Lil is a Hufflepuff, Jojo is a Gryffindor, Meph was a Slytherin, and Provi was a Hufflepuff

these are horrible im srry



“Miss y/l/n, what do you smell?” Slughorn asked as you took a whiff. 

“I-I smell broomsticks, nice new ones in fact. Also, smells like honeysuckle shampoo?” You questioned. “The only person I know to use that is..” You searched the crowd to find Harry, staring at you keenly. 

“Yeah y/n, I know. I could smell yours too.” 

Even though it’s completely not important or necessary, I recently realised I haven’t written penetrative sex since Vanilla and Sweet Spices, which was October last year? (and actually, given how long everything I wrote around then sat unposted after writing it, then it’s more likely I wrote it in September)

Can’t think why, except that I’ve been focusing more on plot and less immediately-physical relationships in my wip lately. And Amortentia is nowhere near as porny as I, for some reason, incorrectly thought it was.

Gonna fix this with a porny oneshot, how’s that sound? Gotta see if I can still write it, or if I’ve been avoiding it subconsciously for a reason lol

My life is not complete until

-I get to taste the real butterbeer at Three Broomsticks (not at the theme park one)

-I get to brew my own Amortentia and know the scent it produces

-I know what my patronus and my boggart are

-I get to play Quidditch at least once idc but i don’t think that’s enough

-I use Felix Felicis and embrace the day

-Look into the mirror of Erised

-Travel using a Portkey

-Apparate and Disapparate

-I buy Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes products

-own a snow owl

-try to capture the golden snitch

-fail to capture the golden snitch because I’m not fast

-at last succeds to capture the snitch because the snitch got fed up of me that he/she/it hover gracefully in front of my eyes that i finally grab it

-enter the Chamber of Secrets

-own a vault at Gringgotts

-get to meet Hagrid’s magical creatures

-use a time turner at least once because im scared if time travel but i do like to experience once

-fly on a broomstick

-fly with Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia

-run into platform 9¾

-use Floo powder

-let my wand choose me

-let the Sorting Hat sorts me (ofc I’ll make my choice)

-joins the DA

-date Draco

-kiss Draco

-play with Draco’s hair

-dance with Draco at the Yule Ball

-kiss Draco at the Astronomy Tower

-prank Snape

-prank Snape with Draco

-caught pranking Snape by Snape himself with Draco

-having detention

-probably with Draco

-or maybe Snape puts us in separate detentions idk

-become members of Hogwarts Alumni