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Guys, I think Harry messed up

The Amortentia part. When he smelt the flowery waft from Ginny. Of course, it does smell different to all the people, but it was never specifically told that two people cannot have the same smell. Basically, what Harry smelled was the shampoo that was used by both Ginny and Draco. He just never bothered to go that close near Draco, and misunderstood that Ginny was his soulmate.

That explains our universal hatred of the epilogue.

Ship Aesthetic: Harry Potter x Theo Nott

“You’re supposed to put up a fight,” Harry snarls, and then he gets up, and he doesn’t come back.

Good, Theo thinks with brutal satisfaction, letting his head fall. Better if you run.

Better If You Run by @olivieblake



“There’s a point where you know that something you enjoy is hurting you in the long run, and you do it anyway, because it feels good in the moment.”

Chapter 1/9 (AO3 or FFnet)

(Awesome aesthetic is by @jadepresley)


A year-long experiment in modifying and neutralising Amortentia has unforeseen side-effects for Harry.


“You weren’t apologetic!”

“There are many ways to say sorry, idiot,” Malfoy hissed. “It’s not my job to educate you on the subtleties of non-verbal communication.”

“If it were me, I’d have put you in the hospital wing for that!”

Malfoy clenched his fists as Harry stepped closer, until he was glaring at him close enough to see that his skin was lightly flushed.

“Like I said,” Malfoy said, his voice tightly controlled, “if he had a problem, he wouldn’t have backed down like that. We all know you hate me, you can stop using him as an excuse to fight. If you want to fight, grow a spine and make your move on your own!”

“I’m not using him! How dare—”

“If I had truly crossed a line with anyone since I’ve been here, they’d not hesitate to curse and hex me, or otherwise arrange for my expulsion. I am Death Eater scum, as you love to remind me. I’m not stupid enough go that far with anyone but you.”

“You just mocked Ginny because she’s sad about Fred!”

“And Weasley made it clear, immediately, that I’d crossed a line,” Malfoy hissed, and Harry was now getting rather uncomfortable with how close they were. “He gave me a chance to correct that mistake. And I backed down, because that wasn’t the intention behind what I said. If you don’t think he knew exactly what he was doing, then you’re an utter fool.”

“Oh, and what would you do if I said you crossed a line with me?” Harry asked, feeling annoyingly curious.

Malfoy looked over his face for a moment, and Harry felt even more uncomfortable with their proximity. But he refused to back down.

“I’d enjoy the fight,” Malfoy said, in a low tone that made Harry shiver.

“If you raised a wand or hand to me, you’d be booted out of here regardless of who started it.”

Malfoy smirked slowly. “Only if you told,” he said. “And you’d never tell.”

NEW FIC: Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love

Title: Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love (Chapter 1 of 4)
Author: @aibidil
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
Word Count: 23k
Rating: Explicit
Summary: A group of wizards’ rights activists retaliate against the Ministry after Hermione Granger wages a campaign to outlaw love potions. The group invents a sexual assault potion that throws the Ministry into chaos and starts a debate about the horror of magic’s role in sexual assault. Auror Harry Potter, Potions expert Draco Malfoy, Senior Undersecretary Hermione Granger, and Wheezes’ love potion expert Ron Weasley are assigned to the case. As they pursue the attackers and navigate the murky legal nature of consent, Harry and Draco are forced to confront their own desires.
Tags: case fic, potions, potions theory, amortentia, love potion, lust potion, halloween, consent, wizarding literature, sexual assault, sexual harassment, legal drama, wizengamot, wizarding law, politics, costume party, feminism, men’s rights movement, magical university, magical internet, science, chemistry, dildos, communication, soul bond, UST, pining, getting together, established relationship, explicit sexual content, explicit language, Post-Hogwarts, EWE
Content Warning: There is no rape/non-con in this fic (there’s one instance of non-graphic off-screen non-con of unnamed characters), but there is extended and in-depth discussion of the nature of sexual assault and as such could be triggering.
Author’s Notes: This fic is a labor of love and owes so much to so many people, including @tdcatsblog​, @carpemermaidtales​, @synonym-for-life​, @callingdrarry​, @llap115​, @nova-n0va, @lol-zeitgeistic and everyone else in the Drarry Discord who helped me think it all through. It was partially inspired by @blumearts​‘s awesome Hermione fan art, and it’s being posted today for Love Potion day of the @drarry-halloween-fest​! The subsequent chapters will update before Halloween, and they will alternate POV between the other three main characters. But this is Ron’s chapter!

my fave bit of the old hp ffs on were the moments where lily would be angry, go by the great lake and see a beautiful deer that she stroked and talked to about ‘stupid toerag potter’ 



  • Please Know That I’m Yours to Keep by pressurerin
    Summary: Hogwarts!au; “Remember how I was making amortentia for my final potions project? Well, Isak ate some. And now…” Even gestured towards the way Isak was currently trying to lick his neck. OR; Even accidentally gives Isak a love potion.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.


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Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love Update - Chapter 2

I even made you a ridiculous aesthetic for the chapter. :) It’s Draco’s POV—breakfast, France, science, and a trip to Hogwarts. Read Chapter 2 (20k) or start from Chapter 1 (23k). 

Summary: A group of wizards’ rights activists retaliate against the Ministry after Hermione Granger wages a campaign to outlaw love potions. The group invents a sexual assault potion that throws the Ministry into chaos and starts a debate about the horror of magic’s role in sexual assault. Auror Harry Potter, Potions expert Draco Malfoy, Senior Undersecretary Hermione Granger, and Wheezes’ love potion expert Ron Weasley are assigned to the case. As they pursue the attackers and navigate the murky legal nature of consent, Harry and Draco are forced to confront their own desires.

Drarry Headcanon: Post Sectumsempra Pt. II

Part One

My Writing

I decided to do a second part because I’m TRASH

  • So Harry wakes up very early to Draco shifting and then groaning in pain
  • He opens his eyes and sees Draco’s pained expression as he holds a hand to his bandaged body
  • “You okay?” Harry mumbles, still sleepy
  • “I-” Draco takes in a deep breath, in too much pain to finish
  • “Do you want me to get Madam Pomfrey?” Harry asks, concerned, and brushes some hair out of Draco’s face
  • Draco just nods, unable to speak
  • Harry hurries over to Madam Pomfrey and tells her Draco needs her. She grabs everything she needs but then three 3rd years looking extremely ill (from puking pastilles, if Harry had to guess) walked in, making Madam Pomfrey look flustered
  • “I can do it while you take care of those three if you’d like?” Harry offers. She looks hesitant, but he adds “It’s just disinfecting, healing cream, putting on new bandages, and giving him a pain potion. I’ve been in here enough times to know the procedure…I think I can manage it.” 
  • “Oh, alright. Thank you dear,” she responds. She hands off the materials to Harry and hurries over to the third years
  • Harry returns to Draco who looks annoyed
  • “Sorry it took so long. I’m gonna help you because some other people came in that needed her…I hope you don’t mind?”
  • Draco weakly shakes his head and closes his eyes, trying to will the pain away
  • Harry slowly helps Draco sit up a bit while Draco whimpers in pain
  • “I know, I know. I’m so sorry, love. Don’t worry it’ll feel better soon,” Harry soothes…he feels horrible, this is all his fault
  • Harry gently removes Draco’s bandages and winces at the sight of his cut up body
  • He lets out a shuddering breath. “God Draco…I’m so sorry I-”
  • Draco cuts him off with another whimper and shakes his head. “Please just make it better, Potter” 
  • Harry nods and quickly grabs the disinfectant. “This will probably sting,” he warns before slowly spreading it over Draco’s wounds
  • Draco lets out a sob and writhes in pain, clutching Harry’s arm for support
  • “’re okay Draco. It will make it better I promise.” Harry strokes his hand through Draco’s hair as he finishes
  • Draco is breathing hard, tears running down his face as he looks up at Harry with a soft expression
  • “The worst part is over, love. No more pain now okay?” Harry reassures him as he pulls out the healing cream. Draco just nods and tries to calm his breathing
  • “It’s gonna be cold,” Harry warns again, but this time Draco moans at the coolness on his previously burning wounds once Harry begins to apply it
  • “See? Feeling better already.” Harry gives him a small smile. He finishes with that and grabs the bandages
  • “Almost done now, Draco. Just hold still for me for this part, okay?”
  • Draco just hums in response, now calmed down, and lets Harry quickly cover his body in bandages again
  • “Alright, last thing. Just for good measure. A pain potion because we can’t have you hurting like that again.” He hands the potion to Draco who quickly swallows it down, wrinkling his nose up at the taste
  • “You handled everything so well Draco, good job.” Harry reaches down and gently taps Draco’s nose. Draco, who is no longer blinded from everything except his pain, scowls up at Harry
  • “I’m not a child, Potter,” he grumbles
  • Harry grins. “I know but I like taking care of you and you’re just so cute, I couldn’t help it,” he teases
  • Draco pouts and looks away, blushing furiously
  • Harry laughs loudly and settles down next to Draco in his bed again. “I’m only teasing you, love”
  • Draco glares in Harry’s direction but won’t meet his eyes, blushing, somehow, even more
  • “What’s wrong?” Harry asks with a smirk
  • “You keep calling me love,” he mumbles
  • “So?”
  • “So I’ve never heard you say it to anyone else, so it’s clearly not a name you just toss around”
  • “Mm…you’re right,” Harry says as he leans over and presses a light kiss to Draco’s forehead
  • “Potter…” he warns
  • “Oh I’m sorry, was that not enough?” Harry jokes and before Draco can voice his confusion, Harry grabs his chin and turns Draco’s head towards him so he can gently kiss him on the lips
  • “Better?” He asks when he pulls away
  • “Much”
  • Harry laughs and carefully pulls Draco into him, the same position from the previous night, where they both drift off to get a few more hours of sleep

“Oh, blech, don’t look,” Pansy said, making an incoherent grumble of disgust and nudging Daphne. “Weasley’s here.”

“Pans,” Daphne sighed. “You’ve been married to him for six years.”

“I know,” Pansy replied, looking smugly pleased with herself. “But old habits, you know.”

Amortentia ~ Fremione

‘Hey Hermione are- Wait you smell…really nice,’ Ginny sniffed Hermione’s neck, ‘Oh god, like musk and… and like Har-,’ she cut off and looked to the floor, ‘ You just smell different!’ the girl blushed wildly and finished in a rushed whisper.

Hermione sank further back into her chair, letting a sigh pass her lips,’ I thought it would be gone by now! After four showers!’

‘What should be gone?’

‘Gin, I spilt Amortentia on myself today in Potions, that why I smell like Harr-’

But before the curly haired girl could finish, Ginny had launched herself at her, hands forcing their way over her mouth, muffling Hermione’s voice,’ Okay! Okay! Shut up, I don’t need anyone knowing that I…I,’

‘That you’re infatuated with Harry?’ Ginny shot Hermione a dark look before nodding silently, Hermione carried on, ‘ Doesn’t matter anyway, everyone knows…well everyone but Harry, it’s quite ironic is it not? That he is the-.’

Hermione felt her words dry up in her throat at the look she received from the other girl and dropped her head back down to her book. She felt Ginny stir restlessly next to her and it was beginning to agitate her, Hermione just wanted to relax for a while, after the hectic day she had just experienced.

Turns out that spilling Amortentia on yourself wasn’t exactly fun!

In fact the complete opposite and Hermione began to  wonder why someone would create such a potion! Having clans of teenagers chase after you, or crowd around you, all sniffing you like a dog would to a scrap of meat, wasn’t something Hermione revelled in, the only attention she wanted was for getting top marks in all her classes, not that she smelt like what they desired!

After a couple of minutes of silently battling against Ginny, Hermione closed her book and rose to her feet.

‘Look Gin, I’m going to go somewhere else until this wears off or something,’ she sighed, placing the book under her arm and left the dormitory, attempting to avoid as many people as possible, which was slightly hard considering the fact that Hogwarts accommodated just   over nine hundred students.

Eventually, after loosing a group of fourth years, Hermione hurried her way to the Library. She would have preferred a nice sofa to sit upon, to comfort her aching back, but considering the situation she was in, she was just going to have to settle for a hard, wooden chair within the Library. She wound her way through the rows of bookshelves, putting as much distance between her and the entrance as possible.

She ended up near the back of the room, somewhere she’d never been and the girl glanced at the collection of books surrounding her, all unread. Her fingers twitched, so gently, to stop the movement, she ran them along the spines of all the novels, eager to pull them all from their rows and begin to devour their knowledge.

Just as she wrapped a nimble finger around the spine of a dark, old book, someone behind her cleared their throat, intruding on her privacy. Startled at the sudden and loud noise, Hermione dropped the book she was holding and it fell to the floor with a dull thud! Hermione spun, prepared to angrily hiss at her intruder, but was shocked to see the red haired boy in front of her.

He was the very last person she would ever expect to see in a Library. Hermione had thought for years that if he were to ever step within one, the whole place would explode in flames and crumble and fall.

‘Hullo Granger,’ Fred Weasley grinned bashfully at her, his hair ruffled and messy, ‘Fancy seeing you here,’

Hermione rolled her eyes and reached for her fallen books, the last thing she wanted…no needed right now was being mocked by one of the Weasley twins. Especially Fred, who seemed to have a knack for making Hermione’s heart flutter.

‘Not now Fred…seriously, I’ve had a terrible day and…No! Don’t come any closer!’ Hermione rushed, her cheeks flaming. She really didn’t fancy knowing what Fred desired scent was, nor how he would act when he got a whiff of it.

But the Twin’s grin only grew, ‘ ‘Mione, if I don’t obey rules, what makes you think I’ll listen to you…but since you pleaded, not the first girl to plead at me for something if I do say, I’ll stay here,’ he winked and pressed his back against a shelf. Hermione scoffed at his confidence which never seemed to end.

‘Say,’ Fred began,’ I never said that I was Fred, how did you know it was me?’

Hermione’s cheeks couldn’t get any redder. The thing was, Hermione was one of the few people that were able to tell the Twins apart. Fred was slightly more handsome, his hair somewhat darker than George’s, his freckles were more gathered and he had a faint scar right above his lip from a prank that went wrong…but what gave him away the most was the way he spoke to Hermione.

George’s voice would remain the same. Joking and mischievous. But Fred’s…it would lose the put on charm and danger and become huskier, deeper and it would send shivers down Hermione’s spine. She wished he would talk like that all the time, but it only ever went like when they were alone and Hermione was convinced he only did it to annoy her.

She’d almost forgotten she hadn’t answered his question and blurted, ‘You have subtle differences,’


‘Yeah, most would miss them because they…,’ Hermione stopped, trembling.

‘If I am correct, and of course, if I am not, please do tell me I’m wrong,’ Fred smirked, straightening up, ‘But subtle means small, almost unnoticeable, so one would,’ he paused, approaching slowly,’ so one would have to study me to notice these differences,’

Hermione crept back slowly,’ Don’t flatter yourself Fredrick Weasley! The world doesn’t revolve around you!’

‘ Then how did you notice them then?’

‘I..I..I’ve known you for many years, it makes sense that I’d pick up on them!’ but when the words left her mouth, the whole statement sounded more like a question and Hermione mentally kicked herself. It was times like this she wished she was in Slytherin, so she could be a convincing liar!

It seemed that Fred has also picked up on her uncertainty and through his head back, laughing, ‘ ‘Mione, even my mother struggles to know who’s who,’


‘Well…I am the brightest witch of our age, I’m bound to know. Wait, that sounds like I’m insulting Molly, I am not, I’m sure Mrs Weasley is intelligent and smart, I was simply trying to-’ her ramble was cut short by a wave of Fred’s hand.

‘No offence, but shut up,’ he whispered, ‘We are in a Library after all, you have to be quiet, I’d thought you of all people would know that!’

Hermione licked her suddenly dry lips,’ What are you doing in a Library, its a sight for sore eyes,’

‘I do visit this place often…but secretly, can’t have my reputation being damaged,’

‘Oh no,’ Hermione mocked, grinning.

‘Yes oh no!’ Fred smirked,’ What would all my fan girls think if they knew that I, Fred Weasley, the hot, brave, prankster, was a visitor to the Library?’

‘That you cared for your education,’

‘Ah but that’s the thing…I don’t’ he smiled and came closer. Hermione tried to move, but she stuck between a bookshelf and Fred. Merlin, she thought.

‘Please, Fred, I’m serious, stay there  and don’t come any closer or smell me or anything, hold your nose or something,’ Hermione babbled, pressing herself roughly against the wood behind her, wishing she could sink into it.

But one glance into Fred’s eyes told her he wasn’t going to listen to her. His irises pulsed with a mischievous glint as he tilted his head, raising an eyebrow. Of all the times he’d made Hermione flustered, this was most confusing so far.

‘Have you been spending too much time with Ron and his smell has started to rub off on you,’ Fred joked,’Because that would be terrible,’

‘No! Don’t be absurd and Ron doesn’t smell tha-,’

But before Hermione could finish her sentence, Fred took a long stride and was standing right in front of her. Her nose was almost brushing off of his chest and he could feel her warm breath. Hermione groaned inwardly, not prepared for what was going to happen next.

‘Nope, I was wrong, you don’t smell any different,’

Hermione felt her mouth drop open and her heart explode against her rib cage. Doesn’t smell any different…but that..thats. Amortentia was the strongest Love Potion, there’s no way Fred could be ignoring it. So that means…

‘Hermione, close your mouth, you’ll catch flies,’ Fred laughed, his fingers grazing Hermione’s cheeks,making her heart beat dangerously irregular.

‘F-Fred…I,’ she stopped and gulped, looking into his dark brown eyes and drowning in their intensity,’ Today in Potions I…I spilt Amortentia all over myself and…’

Fred tensed up,’ What? Amortentia…’

‘Its a love potion and-’

‘I know what it is ‘Mione,’ he snapped and then sighed,’Sorry…I just, I didn’t really expect… to tell you like this,’ he ended in a light chuckle.

The whole Library seemed to fade away, all the colours merging into each other and all that Hermione’s eyes could latch themselves upon were Fred. The way his trimmed hair skimmed his eyebrows, the way his eyes seemed to bore into her soul, making her feel exposed. How broad and muscular his shoulders were, how he smelt of woods and smoke. How her body hummed to be closer to his.

Hermione felt herself tremble under his gaze, her legs threatening to give way. Fred sighed, a small, shy smile on his lips as he cupped her cheeks, thumbs brushing against her skin, sending tingles throughout her body. She leaned into him.

‘Gra-No, Hermione, I…there’s so many things I wanna…But I can’t and it’s hard to and,’ Fred stop abruptly and swooped down. His lips pressed against Hermione’s lips and she froze but after a few seconds, she moved hers against his.

She’d been kissed once before by Krum, but his kiss was wet and rushed and rough, nothing like this. Fred’s touch was soft, his lips soothing over hers and moved slowly with passion that  drew a moan out of her. At the sound, Fred grinned and pulled Hermione closer, dropping his hands from her cheeks to her waist. They only brought apart for air and when they did, Hermione rested her head against Fred’s chest.

He chuckled,’ What I meant to say was…that I like you,’

‘Really? I didn’t know,’

‘Don’t mock me! That was a hard thing to do!’

Hermione smiled, ‘Well I’m glad you told me because I guess I like you,’

‘You guess?’

‘Fine,’ she laughed, looking up at him,’ Fred Weasley, I, Hermione Granger, like you,’

If Fred’s grin could get any bigger, Hermione would have been scared. He reached for her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

‘The bookworm and the prankster,’ he said,’ An unlikely pair,’ Hermione nodded and Fred leaned down again, pressing a chaste kiss to her swollen lips,’You smell amazing by the way,’

Sunflower Letter | Jungkook

Summary: This is just the Yule Ball, so Jungkook shouldn’t be that nervous, right? / In which Jungkook tries to ask you to the infamous Yule Ball and, well…
Genre: Fluff/Humor, Harry Potter!AU
Word Count: 6,223
Author’s Note: I’ve been meaning to write this for a super long time after finding some short drabbles in my drive, rereading @jungkxook’s Amortentia for the umpteenth time, and just having an everlasting love for Harry Potter. Also, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is coming out soon and I cannot handle it.


Jungkook’s relationship with you could be documented by a series of self-inflicted, awkward moments—courtesy of Jeon Jungkook himself. To be fair, it’s not exactly your fault he could never get through anything involving you without tripping over something, stumbling into something, crashing against something or just doing something in front of you that constantly contradicted the cool, smug, collected facade he had spent years trying to build and maintain.

The worst part of it all is that the nerves that gathered together at the mere thought of you is not something he could take out of his system by dating other girls—the gender isn’t the problem. It’s just you.

God, the journey of insanity and embarrassment he’s had to go through because of you—and you don’t have the slightest clue.

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Amortentia: Drunk History: The Voldemort Wars, Pt II [ AO3 ] | [ ]

Harry: “Hello, I’m Hermione Granger—”

Hermione: “—and I’m Harry Potter—”

In unison: “And today—”

Lee: [interrupts] “STOP!”

Harry: “What? I’m Harry Granger—”

Hermione: “And I’m Hermione Potter, and today—”

Lee: “For fuck’s sake.”

Harry: “Is it my voice? Is my voice wrong?”

Hermione: [pitching her voice very low] “Hello, I’m Hermione Granger—”

Harry: [in a disturbing falsetto] “—and I’m Harry Potter—”


  • <p> <b>Blaise:</b> Finally figured it out mate?<p/><b>Draco:</b> Yup, this smells exactly like my Amortentia<p/><b>Blaise, grabbing bottle from Draco's hand and laughing out loud immediately:</b> Look at the name tag, Draco<p/><b>Draco:</b> Don't tell me that's Granger's shampo---<p/><b>Draco, turns bottle:</b> shiiiittttt<p/></p>