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Wait, what is your fic called?

It’s called “The Reason” and it’s all mostly just me trying to get inside Even’s mind and what falling in love with our baby Isak was like for him haha. It’s a work in progress and my first fanfic, and i’m also too lazy to edit it cos I do enough of that at uni, so it’s terrible but if you’re curious, you can witness my trainwreck here haha


“Everything is ‘terrible?’ Don’t make me laugh. So what about me…for me, it’s been terrible since I was born.”


We are not our enemy. We are Alderaan. We answer rage with wisdom. We answer fear with imagination. We answer war with hope. If one life with a single drop of Alderaanian blood survives, Alderaan survives. If one life with a passion for Alderaanian creativity survives, Alderaan survives. And we are, each of us, important. - Princess Leia (2015)


“Minako-sensei is a ballet instructor. When I was younger, I used to spend more time at her ballet class than at home. I even started skating because Minako-sensei urged me to. She’s always cheered me on, but she likes to meddle, too.”