my altered images


I drew this imagining us still holding hands together five years from now.

- Daesung’s message to his future self and fans, Welcoming Collection 2017

Reflective Statement

I had difficulty settling on a theme that was visually interesting.  I wanted my images to be different and thought provoking.  A series of sunset images doesn’t inspire the viewer to think deeper.

I decided to create a series of images of things my mobile phone has replaced. I collated three items of similar purpose from different eras and then photographed them with the very thing that has replaced them. The title of my theme is ‘Replaced’.

I found it challenging to make the images interesting.  The items, such as the timers, are not visually exciting and it was difficult to present them in a way that was artistic.  The use of the splash filter was especially useful for this.

The images represent the telephone, torch, map, radio, watch, timer, clock and camera.  The final image of the ink pen and paper is a photographic title which also represents the replacement of letter writing.

I have used various applications to alter my images including the camera options in my Huawei phone, Snapseed, Toolwiz and Pixlr.  All images have had saturation, brightness, contrast and other alterations.  

Overall, I am pleased with the result.


Party Like It’s 1771

You are cordially invited to her majesty Marie Antoinette’s Super Sweet Sixteen. 
Formal dress is required, however pastel Converse hi-tops are also encouraged.


  1. Happy Birthday-Altered Images
  2. Age Of Consent-New Order
  3. Close To Me-The Cure
  4. White Sky-Vampire Weekend
  5. Modern Love-David Bowie
  6. Rusholme Ruffians-The Smiths
  7. Goth Babe-Surf Curse
  8. Welcome To Japan-The Strokes
  9. Rapture-Blondie
  10. Better Things-Passion Pit
  11. Trying To Be Cool-Phoenix
  12. Ottoman-Vampire Weekend