my all time favorite cover songs


all time low - last young renegade (cover)

this is legitimately my favorite song all time low have put out since dirty work. excuse my passion faces in the pre chorus, i just love the lyricism so fucking much

thunder-stars99  asked:

Girl same!! Touch is my jam! Lol have you listened to their cover of 'Love on the Brain' from Rihanna? Literally the best 2:45 of my life😂(I'm sorry if I'm being annoying)

OH MY GOD i read this asked a screamed because no?? i didn’t?? And Love on the Brain is my favorite song right now lmao I just went and looked it up and I died a million times. ugh they always sound so damn amazing i love them so much ;__;

let’s never forget that set it off literally started with cody posting covers on YouTube of (mostly) ATL songs because they were his favorite band and he ended up talking with Alex who agreed to let him sing Coffee Shop Soundtrack at a show and Cody was so good that Alex told him if he got a band together he could tour with ATL. like what type of fanfic level shit was that. 

AFTER A NICE WINTER BREAK, it’s time to get back into this project. This is one of my favorite songs in the Undertale soundtrack, and Papyrus is one of my favorite characters of all time. Needless to say, I have an enormous grin on my face the entire time I worked on this,

Pay what you want music composition/cover commissions are currently open.

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Somewhere That's Green (from "Little Shop of Horrors")
Zack Paslay

My senior year of high school, I truly discovered Little Shop of Horrors and I fell in love with it. I originally wanted to play Audrey II because of my ability to do vocal riffs and Audrey II has the most fun songs, but it was later that year that my vocal coach at the time pulled out Somewhere That’s Green for me to sing for a recital. Being gay and in high school and filled with all of these ideas about how love and romance should be, I suddenly became infatuated with the character of Audrey, and I understood her and her motivations on a much deeper level. Anyway, I really wanna play Audrey at some point, but until then, I’m gonna keep singing Somewhere That’s Green to myself ✌🏻


Jimmy Cliff—–Many Rivers To Cross
One of my all time favorite songs. Lenny Kravitz and Annie Lennox do decent covers.

The Fairy Prince

MariChat Week 2 Day 2: Fairy Tales. If you’ve never watched Thumbelina, here’s a relevant link.


Chat Noir had been about to doze off in Marinette’s lap when she asked him a question: “What’s your favorite fairy tale?”

His eyes opened. Marinette ran her hand through his hair and they looked at each other with mutual curiosity. “My favorite fairy tale? Thumbelina.”

Marinette’s brow shot up. “Thumbelina?”

“Yup. I think I watched the movie a hundred times when I was a kid. I knew all the songs.”

“I don’t believe you.” 

He sat up and took Marinette’s hand in his. “Let me be your wings,” he sang. “Let me be your only love. Let me take you far beyond the stars…”

Marinette covered her mouth with her free hand and laughed. “Oh my gosh, you weren’t kidding.”

But Chat Noir wasn’t about to let her off the hook. “Let me be your wings. Let me lift you high above. Everything we’re dreaming of will soon be ours,” he crooned.

Marinette tried to hide her blush. “Come on, kitty…”

Anything that you desire, anything at all. Every day I’ll take you higher, and I’ll never let you fall.” He tucked his head under her chin and nuzzled her neck.

Marinette wrapped her arms around him, pulling him down on the bed. “Fine,” she said, “you can be my fairy prince, but only if you stop singing.”

Chat Noir settled against her. “What about you?” he asked.

“Hansel and Gretel,” Marinette replied without skipping a beat. Chat tensed.

“Uh… maybe you shouldn’t be babysitting small children.”


a little late this week since i just got back from spring break, but here is my music “monday” for this week: last night by motion city soundtrack. if you don’t already know, MCS is one of my all time favorite bands and i love playing there songs! see you next week!


ChrystalChameleon and Teza Belmond

@chrystalchameleon did such an amazing orchestral arrangement of this song and @tezabelmondmusic ’s vocal cover was so beautiful, so I decided to combine the two together. This is one of my favorite Undertale songs, and they both did such wonderful jobs covering it.

I think that they are both very talented and deserve a lot more recognition, so please go check them out! I seriously listen to them all the time XD

Also, credit to @ch3rrytop-art for the awesome Waterfall art!

I got tagged by @sabrinassims to do this!

A - Age: Tumblr Old

B - Biggest fear: heights, being kicked out

C - City you’d like to move to one day: I don’t really have one, tbh.

D - Drink you last had: Iced tea

E - Every day starts with: Food, social media

F - Favorite song: Fav of right now? Dreamer by Chali XCX; all time fav is True Love Waits by Radiohead

H - Hometown: Stranger danger!

I - In love with: my cats, playing video games, coloring books, these little mozzarella cheese sticks covered in pepperoni

J - Jealous of: People who are effortlessly cool/have “swag”

K - Killed someone: No? In a video game, I guess

L - Last time you cried: I was watching The Voice and one contestant kept crying talking about his daughter and it made me cry a little

M - Middle name(s): Kathleen

N - Number of siblings: 1 brother

O - One wish: No student debt. (For all!)

P - Person you last called/texted: my bff

Q - Questions you’re always asked: None, really?

R - Reasons to smile: Cats! Dogs! All pets! Beautiful flowers!

S - Song last sang: Girls like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko because it’s stuck in my head

T - Time you woke up: 8:30 am

U - Underwear colour: orange covered in little sayings relating to bees. “bee in love,” etc

V - Vacation destination: I dream of going to one of those made-for-tourists quiet villages in England to see if they truly are quiet.

W - Worst habit(s): I bite the inside of my cheek or my lip, which I don’t like but I keep doing

X - X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, knee, and I need to get my hands done

Y - Your favourite food: Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Z - Zodiac sign: Leo

I tag @littlemicrocosims, @midnitetech, @coliemoon4sims4, @threadsoftheeasternseas, @magicpixels and anyone who feels like doing this! If you’ve already done it, sorry!

abc tag –

thank you for tagging me @hobigrl and @peachyy-tuan  💖💖
rules: answer the questions and tag 10 people 

a - age: 21
b - biggest fear: im scared of everything lmao bugs especially
c - current time: 1:20 pm
d - drink you last had: water
e - everyday starts with: laying in bed and checking my phone
f - favorite song: i can’t pick just one but lately all i’ve been listening to is jungkook’s cover of we dont talk anymore so i guess it’s that right now 
g - ghosts, are they real?: i think so 
h - hometown: im from a smaaaall reserve/reservation in MB, canada
i - in love with: umm got7 bts exo monsta x you know 
j - jealous of: “ppl who are in a kpop group chat like i wanna scream w ppl :/” same like i just wanna have friends with the same interests that i can talk to all the time lmao 
k - killed someone: lmao no
l - last time you cried: yesterday lol
m - middle name: elaine marie after my grandma and great grandma
n - number of siblings: 10. i have 6 younger sisters and 4 younger brothers lol 
o - one wish: ummm not to be basic but i would wish to have unlimited amounts of money so i can do whatever i’d like.., like make sure my family is good and not struggling so i can also f*ck off to the other side of the world without worrying about them 
p - person i last called/texted: i prank called my mom and stepmom the other day lol 
q - question you’re always asked: from strangers “how old are you?” followed by a “you look 16″ bc apparently i look v young lol  
r - reasons to smile: got7 !! :-) !!
s - song you last sang: um im currently singing along to what is love - exo lmao i loooooove this song so much
t - time you woke up: i woke up at like noon today 
u - underwear colour: black lol
v - vacation destination: i really really REALLY want to visit japan,china and south korea !! i looove cities so like tokyo, osaka, hongkong, shanghai, seoul etc etc
w - worst habit: ummm im really bad for taking naps all over the place lmao i could be sitting somewhere in my house then before i know it i’m asleep and when i wake up like 5 hours have went by lmao
x - x-rays you’ve had: my chest and stomach 
y - your favorite food: rice 
z - zodiac sign: scorpio lol  

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(I CAN'T STOP POPPING BUBBLES) I was going to ask your opinion on Muse and, like, ask you to talk about your music taste (what's your favorite song/band/genre, etc)

(awww tysm honestly sometimes when I go on my blog I will pop bubbles for a full minute before stopping myself :’)) and I LOVE muse and bands like green day, sleeping with sirens, and others but at the same time I really love soft calming music by Dodie Clark or Troye Sivan or movie soundtracks or piano covers honestly I’m all over the place sometimes I’ll enjoy what’s on the radio like Taylor Swift and stuff but I probably won’t listen to it anywhere else I’m basically all over the place and can’t make up my mind because I love everything I’m sorry ;-;

the signs as my favorite songs

aries: all about you [calum hood’s cover]

taurus: wrapped around your finger [5 seconds of summer]

gemini: walk on by (sound remedy remix) [noosa]

cancer: i hate u, i love you [gnash]

leo: missing you [all time low]

virgo: love yourself [justin bieber]

libra: is there somewhere [halsey]

scorpio: if you dont know [5 seconds of summer]

sagittarius: kitchen sink [twenty one pilots]

capricorn: i miss you [blink-182]

aquarius: photograph [ed sheeran]

pisces: idfc [blackbear]

a-z ask thing

tagged by @chris-phd and @purplemagicalgirl

A (age): 23 in less than two months

B (biggest fear): dying alone, being alone in general, people i like hating me

C (current time): 4:49 pm

D (drink you last had): black coffee

E (easiest person to talk to) mmm probably my bffs from high school since we’ve known each other for like 9+ years?

F (favorite song):  hmmm I’m really feeling That Man by Caro Emerald right now

G (grossest moment): oh jeeze hmmm there was that time i fell into the pond and got all muddy and gross and had to bike home covered in mud. Or the time we went orienteering in the rain and everyone was trying to dry off in the bus afterwards and it smelled awful because you got a bunch of middle schoolers who are taking their soggy shoes off in a bus….just bad

H (horror yes, horror no): psychological horror can be cool

I (in love with): lizards!!! also me friends!!!

J (jealous of): people who can make friends easier than i can

K (killed someone): of course not what kind of question ????

L (love at first sight or should i walk by again): walk by a bunch and if you’re nice to me i’ll probably love you because im a weak loser

M (middle name): vaishnavi, but usually it’s shortened to vaishu by all my relatives and tbh my grandmother is probably one of the few people who actually says vaishnavi

N (number of siblings): one older brother

O (one wish): to be generally happy

P (person you last called): i think it was the walgreen’s pharmacy robot to set up my prescription reorder

Q (question you’ve always been asked): “where are you from? no where are you really from?”

R (reasons to smile): MY FRIENDOS (that means y’all too), cosplaying, anime shit, staring at my collection of kunikidazai keychains, people wanting to talk to me

S (song you last sang): I have no clue when the last time i sang was

T (time you woke up): i woke up at midnight, at 2am, at 4am, at 8am and then 9something am….last night was kind of shitty but i’d rather not say why publicly :xx

U (underwear color):  black

V (vacation destination): hm…gosh idk i’d love to go back to Germany again.

X (x-rays I’ve had):  all them teeth xrays for the wisdom teeth and stuff, also i had a chest xray one time to see if i had lung issues or something idk

Y (your favorite foods): mac and cheese, poori with chenna, cheesecake, umm??? other stuff too i just can’t think, i mean i just love food

Z (zodiac): taurus

tagging idk whoever wants to do it

I mean, you can honestly get a pretty good idea of who I am by looking at the files saved to my computer desktop right now:

- the “author’s notes” on my favorite song I wrote last month

- a jpg of a painting by Kawase Hasui of snow-covered mountains

- a list of all the delicious foods I ate and/or cooked over the winter holidays

- a half-finished letter to a friend in German

- a note on which page I’m currently up to in the Rex Stout mystery I’m reading

- a screenshotted googlism (“what” typed into Google, resulting in the suggested searches “what in tarnation”, “what time is it”, “what is my ip”, “what is lupus”)

- a folder full of info on the genealogy of my family

- a document called “TO READ: Schoethe” to remind me to read Schiller’s and Goethe’s collected letters to each other

- a list of ideas for specific songs I want to write

- a document tracking my student loan repayments

- the outline of a story my brain came up with in a dream

- notes on exactly how many overtime hours I did for work last month

- a list of local coffee shops that would be good places for me to do my coding studies

- a reminder to watch the Globe Theatre production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

- a document titled “alienation of the heart”, free writing sparked by a quote by Renato Poggioli about translation

- info on local political representatives to call about current issues

- a collection of tips and tricks on finding cheap flights

- a document full of notes from an old notebook of mine I found and re-read lately

- a themed playlist I’m creating for this summer

- and three partially-written songs

askruby-vocaloid  asked:

🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

“The first opening for Nuraryihon no Mago will always have a special place in my heart…I also love Ao no Exorcist’s second opening. I love singing Natewantstobattle’s song Evil King, along with Tryhardninja’s All Nighter.” He was silent for a minute. “I almost forgot! I also love Phoenix by Fall Out Boy!”

☆ This is definitely a tough one! My all time favorite is Rockstar Just for Myself, closely followed by The Phantom Thief Chat Noir. It’s Real For Us by Lauren Fairweather is an amazing song with a really cool video. Reboot is what got me into the Vocaloid fandom, so I have to list it as one of my top five! My last one is Leeandlie’s cover of Startear. ☆