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Finally, after thirteen episodes, Goblin and Eun Tak told each other I love you, and truly meant it.  

They’ve used ‘I love you’ through out the whole drama, but the rooftop scene was the first time they said it seriously


[151128 Kiss The Radio Surveys] B.A.P’s Rolling Paper

B.A.P’s rolling paper was supposed to be all anonymous, but the members have such sharp eyes!! The fans also know B.A.P very well!! Which has created this situation for us to reveal the facts… Sukira isn’t taking responsibility for this. But please be honest! And fill in the blanks earnestly. B.A.P yessir!!

[T/N: I’ll make another post if Jongup and Zelo’s ones come up]


1. Why are you like this to me?
Occasionally my room has an ajusshi smell. Till now I thought it was because of me who’s grown older, but I know that’s not it now. Himchan-ah, don’t hang out with me.

2. I was really thankful then…
For the members who make things fun when I’m boring and serious during shows (you’ve worked hard) I’m always thankful

3. I’m sorry about that time!
Zelo-ah! When I made a mistake during dance practise, the other hyungs thought you made it, and even got in trouble for it, did you really think you made a mistake? Sorry for not saying anything then.

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From all the bad things that people say about SJ, the thing that i hate the most is when they call them ‘old’.

Since when growing old is something to be ashamed of? since when being old turns you into something unnecessary ? who decided that only young idols can be loved and popular??

And for shisus’s sake! the oldest member (Leeteuk) is only 32 !!!! 32!! and he looks much younger than his real age! ( if you ask me, he is MORE handsome than all these kids )

It’s really sad if only shalllow things like outer beauty, abs, weight, height , age are what make you love/unlove people..