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Omg that I.M smut had me rolling around screaming. He's slowly ruining my bias list but Jooheon going strong. Do u think you can fuck me up with some Jooheon spam??

ah yes, my two Monsta X biases who kill me every second of my life along with Suga *Sets myself on fire*

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kkukkukkakka my aegyo king

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jinki blogs recommendations?

oh wow this is super difficult ok!! most of the people i follow are very ot5 (and so am i lbr) but here are some of my faves who are jinki biased  ^-^

@jinkisbelly @jinki-as-thumper @jinki-bunny @aegyo-shinee @choitaemins @jinkir @king-jinki @leemotherfuckingjinki @worshiponew @jinkisste @taem-jinki 

some are ot5 and others are like 90% jinki u can make that judgement when u check them out!! thanks for the ask bb ♥



Happy 26th Birthday my prince ❤
Happy Birthday to the most precious angel in the world.❤The person who makes me smile every day, INFINITE’s aegyo king.❤My life, my cute cinnamon roll, i can never get enough of.❤May all your wishes come true Namu and please be happy and dont get sick.❤I love you ❤
#Happy26thNamuDay 😍
#HappyWoohyunDay 😍