my advocare

Grocery shopping!

I always thought that it would be too expensive for me to eat healthy and get fresh produce but I paid roughly $45 for this week! So I wanted to share with you what I bought to give you guys some ideas!!


Broccoli, red/orange bell peppers, onion, cilantro, garlic, mushrooms, lemon, carrots


2 salmon, shrimp, chicken tenders


chobani yogurt, skinny pop popcorn, rice

**This doesn’t include breakfast I drink a meal replacement shake that I bought from advocare as my breakfast (cost roughly $20 for 14)**

So this isn’t a picture I thought I would be open to share but I really don’t care about anyone’s opinion at this moment. Day 22 of my challenge and this morning I went to put on my newly washed skinny jeans and they fit me loose!!! I am amazed because usually after drying my pants they are always harder to put on but not these! I may not see as much change as I want but compared to my before picture, it’s something!! 2 more days until I complete my 24 day challenge!!

Where I’ve been (and where I’m going)...


I’ve been an epic failure at regularly updating this blog. It seems that life loves to get in the way more often than not. However, I’ve been able to stay on the wagon (for the most part).

Here’s some things you’ve missed that you might care about:

I HIT MY 100 POUNDS LOST MARK! Like… a month ago. After a really big stall, and once I hit it, I then resumed my really big stall.

Look at how FAKE my smile is in that first picture, and how genuinely HOT SHIT I am in the second one. ;D

The picture on the left is from last June and the one on the right is from this June. So it took me about 12 months to lose that 100, though the serious weight loss has come in the past 5-7 months post surgery. I was also confident enough to post this on Facebook, despite the fact that I will always and forever HATE the way my arms look.

Right after hitting that big milestone, my stall lasted about another month. I took some time to reevaluate what I was doing, and knew that I wasn’t following my plan as closely as I should have been. I only had my self to blame, and in mid July got back on the horse!

I’ve since lost another 11 pounds, which is phenomenal (I think!). I’m about halfway through my first Advocare 24 day challenge, so I’m excited to see how many inches I’ve lost when it’s all said and done.

And here’s a progress pic from today:

I tried to line up the size and shape of the phone to make sure the different was properly captured, but I think I took it from different angles so it’s not exactly perfect! This is December 29th - Today (8/9), so a little over 7 months and 90 pounds! Sometimes you have to keep your fat clothes around to seriously show you the results.

As far as where I’m going…

Hopefully nowhere and everywhere at the same time! I want to become active in the community again and track the progress of all of you lovely ladies and gents. 

BTW: Elbow boob is slowly but surely diminishing… it’s like an A cup now.

See you all around!

I’m one of those people who love navy and black together. It’s hard to tell from the lighting but my pants are navy blue. I live life on the edge!

If my parents make it back from Virginia in time they’re going to come up to the gym and see it and watch the 6:15 class. I brought my new Advocare shirt from my Dad to wear just for them. And tonight has deadlifts!

Oh and I did the handwriting thing. I love love love seeing people’s handwriting.
1. Name
2. Blog URL
3. blog name
4. Favorite color
5. Crush/significant other
6. Write something in all caps.
7. Favorite band
8. Favorite number
9. Favorite drink
10. Tag Friends of handwriting you would like to see.

My brain is pretty quiet this week. Just having a relaxing and good week. Sometimes life can be easy going and I appreciate that.