my adventures in comicon

TARA STRONG was at PCC!!!!!

She’s so funny!

She’s so cool!

She voiced Raven!!!!! Bubbles!!!! Timmy Turner!!! Ben 10!! Poof! Princess Clara! Toot! Twilight Sparkles! and so much more…

She is basically my childhood incarnate. 

She is the coolest. And her panel was FULL TO OVERFLOWING. 

The Moderator had to kick people out so Tara started telling people to “Get out!” in Bubbles/Toot’s voice and it. was. amazing.


New video today, all about my adventures last week- Toronto Comicon, Pmall adventures, and special gifts!  ❤️

This is the COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN REAL LIFE (not really but, followers, oh my dear followers, you shall soon understand why) BECAUSE IT MOVES AND IT SPEEEEEEEAKS IN THE DAAAAAALEK VOOOOOOOOICE!!!! (Please imagine that was said in the scary robot Dalek voice :3 ) 

Plus the eyestock is kinda mesmerizing…..

Let me stare deeply into your eye as you vaporize me with your lazer.

(Don’t pay attention to the lack of a plunger. It’s a claw, much more menacing.. right?)