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I could’ve done so many “no, boss, that’s a flower” or “no, boss, that’s a broken lamp” jokes… but Papyrus doesn’t give a stick about Sans’ opinion. He decides that Frisk is a human, and that’s it!! They’re a human!!

He’ll PERSONALLY deliver them to the castle!! AND THEN… THEN!!

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Sofia the First Challenge
4 of 5 Characters → Cedric

Cedric: When I first got to school I couldn’t do the disappearo spell either. Or most of the other spells, come to think of it. But then my teacher taught me the sorcerer’s secret.


So, I was scrolling down at Keith’s tag and I found this amazing drawing of Galra!Keith by @hachidraws and I just thought about Lance reacting at his buddy suffering and I couldn’t handle myself and needed to draw something about it. I really believe that Lance would try his best to cheer his friend up! >__<