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[RღH] Night Visit ||@rpharuka||

「≷」-  It was a beautiful day as Rin made his way up the stairs, carrying his last box of possession and heading towards his new apartment. The redhead had graduated from the top of his class from his High School, managed to get into Tokyo University on a swim scholarship, and had a great job working at the school’s pool facility. He was working on getting his degree in physical therapy while training to become an Olympic swimmer. So having an apartment close to the school was a bonus as dorm life was too damn annoying. He already suffered that during his time in Samezuka.

    Rin was new to the location but that didn’t stop him from grinning and chatting away with the neighbors, especially a cutie with blue eyes he would see a few times when they were grabbing their mail at the same time. Haruka Nanase. The redhead thought the boy was too damn quiet and stoic but didnt say anything as he wasn’t about to judge. For now, just nodding if they saw each other was enough, at least he was being acknowledged.

    As Rin entered the apartment, he dropped the box next to the other ones scattered around the room, he sighed tiredly and wondered if he should grab something to eat. He turned to look at his watch and noticed that he still had a few hours before work, the shark decided to head and grab his mail and grab some takeout. And he secretly wished to bump into Mr. cutie with blue eyes again.