my adorable babies ily so much

Reaction to you being pregnant



Jin would notice that you were eating more than usual. “Three pots of ramen, twelve bowls of rice, a whole packet of baby carrots.” He’d list everything you’d eaten in one sitting. “Wow jagiya, you’ve been beating my eating record these days. What’s going on?” You wouldn’t know what other way to break it so you’d tell him then and there. “I’m pregnant. I don’t know if it’s for sure, but according to the five pregnancy tests and my appetite, I’m pregnant.” He’d smile and look at you with so much love and adoration. “Really?” he’d ask. He’d cup your face and kiss you. “Let’s make this baby a food fighter.”


All the other members would have had children, leaving you and Yoongi last. By this point, he was familiar with the signs of pregnancy. Weakness, hunger, constant mood swings. Knowing how observant he is, he’d probably realise you were pregnant well before you did. He’d call you into the studio one night and play you a song he produced and wrote. “It’s called Family. Emphasis on ILY. As in I love you; you and the little baby in your womb.” You’d be caught off guard by his cheesiness, but you’d be even more shocked that he knew you were pregnant before you told him. He’d be the most chill out of the seven.


You had asked Hobi to take you to the doctor’s clinic one day. You knew you were pregnant, but you didn’t how to drop it; you thought the doctor’s report would be an easier way. But as we all know, he is an energetic sunshine. The moment the doctor mentioned pregnancy, he’d get off his chair, scream and run around the room. “We’VE BeEN TRYinG For SO Long Oh MY GoDD!” he’d be yelling, everybody in the hospital would know about the two of you. He’d sit back down and kiss you with the utmost passion. He would breathlessly say, “this baby is going to be the happiest baby you’ve even seen”

Rap Monster:

You decided the best way to break the news to Namjoon was to tell him straight up. He’d be in bed, on his phone and you’d join him. “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you” you’d whisper. He’d put his phone down and look at you, “what’s up? Everything ok?” you’d take in a deep breath and reply, “I’m pregnant. I went with to the clinic with my mate and the doctor confirmed it.” It took about a minute for him to process it. Then, without answering he’d whip out his laptop and log onto Amazon. “What are you doing?” He’d look back at you with a massive grin, “I’m looking up parenting books. I sure as hell don’t want to be clumsy with my child” and with that, he’d accidentally drop his laptop onto the ground, leaving you to wonder if you could trust him with your child.


Like Yoongi, Jimin would also notice the signs of pregnancy soon enough. He’d call his mum up the moment he thought of it to ask her for her opinion. “She’s eaten up half the food we stocked up, she’s always peeing, and she wakes up and says she feels sick” he’d tell her. His mum would give him two thumbs up on your pregnancy. He’d want to surprise you. You’d come home after work and see bouquets of cookies and chocolate everywhere. Each goodie had a little note. “So was my assumption correct? Are you pregnant?” you’d nod and run up to give him a big hug. “I’m so glad it’s finally happening” he’d say into your hair. You guys would have the cutest, most chubby babies in town.


You’d be cooking dinner for you and Taehyung when he comes into the kitchen holding up three pregnancy sticks. “Jagiya, what are these?” he’d ask confused. Mentally cursing yourself for not disposing them off in a better way, you’d turn around, take a deep breath and smile. “They are pregnancy sticks Tae. I’m pregnant.” You’d look down, not knowing what answer to expect. You’d be taken by surprise when Taehyung would run up to you, lift you up and spin you around. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BEFORE?” his boxy smile would make an appearance. After placing you back down, he’d kiss your face a million times and then call up his mother to ask for tips on how to take care of you.


Jungkook would be the most in shock out of all seven. Not that he didn’t want a child, he just didn’t realise it would be so soon. He’d look at the report from the clinic again and again. Letting it all sink in. “Are these real? Am I actually going to be a father?” He’d ask repeatedly. You’d have to remind him again and again that he was actually going to have a child. Lovingly, he’d kneel down and kiss your belly. “I used to be the Golden Maknae, but now I’ll be the Golden Appa” he’d smile up at you. “I promise I’ll be the best father I can be.”

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* you are all the v to my b.   i’m  so bad  at  ff  but  i  like  letting  everyone  know  that  i  appreciate  you  all  so  much  which  is  why  i  made  this.  let  me  just  begin  by  saying  thank  you  and  how  much  i  love  every  single  one  of  you  who  interacts  with  my  betty  as  well  as  my  veronica,  i’m  eternally  grateful   ––   but more  on  betts,  ever  since  i  started  betty  cooper,  she’s  been  the  muse  that’s  closest  to  me  as  a  person  and  very  special  to  me.  you  guys  may  be  wondering  if  i  even  know  the  archie  comics,  and  to  answer  yes  i  do  and  was  surprised  that  they’ve  created  a  show  based  on  it.  cheryl  and  betty  were  my  favourites  in  the  comics  and  me  being  able  to  write  betty  was  the  best   decision  i’ve  made. and  despite  how  many  AMAZING  A++++  BETTY’S  here  on  tumblr,  all  of  you  still  take  the  time  to  give  mine  some  love  equally  because  as  much  as  i  love  betty,  i  wouldn’t  be  able  to  write  her  without  anyone  WANTING  to  write  with  me.  i  can’t  wait  for  more  interactions  in  the  future  and  definitely  looking  forward  to season  2.  i  hope  you  continue  to  love  and  nurture  my  sweet  blonde  because  i take  my  writing  and  development  to  heart.  this took  so  long  to  type  and  i  am  definitely  good  to  stop  and  thankful  at  500  oh  my  lord.

okay,  here’s  some  mushy  stuff  for  a  select  few  of  people.  im  sorry  for  forgetting  anyone,  and  if  you  feel you  belong  in  this  list,  you  know  who  you  are  and  that  im  forever  grateful .

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THIS LINE. It just gets to me every time. Booth just loves her so much, he wants and needs Brennan to be happy always (even if he isn’t there *sobs*). Her happiness is one of the most important things to him in this world.

And perhaps even more poignantly, this highlights that he knows he makes her happy, he knows how important he is to her, he knows how much she loves him. And that’s why he knows it’ll be hard for her to feel happy if he isn’t there.

It’s an uplifting contrast to that time in 5x07 when Booth tells Gordon Gordon She doesn’t love me. I would know if she loved me."  Well he knows now and he hasn’t doubted that once since they got together. In fact, the first time we saw Brennan say ILY on screen in 7x01, his response was "I know.” After many seasons of seeing Booth doubting himself and feeling unsure about Brennan’s feelings, it’s so wonderful to see him finally confident in himself and their love for each other.

Hello my sweet babies!

I was tagged by my fav baby girl @dulcetyeoll to make a selfie tag! My sweetie I miss you so much T^T and thank you for sharing your pretty face with us! Want to see more photos of you!

Sorry for uploading this in a video formate, I haven’t got new selfies, but ugh today I’ve tried new insta masks. like awwwww just have a look how cute this glasses are and when you do it with your friends you both have them :3 most adorable insta effect I’ve ever seen!

I hope you all my sweet peaches are having a great time and great summer! Hope you are all eating well, have enough rest and fun! :3

LIke can I just hug you all! and tag you in this so I can see your beautiful faces! PLS I MISS YOU GUYS *sobs*

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a Rami Malek post

Rami Malek is an Egyptian American actor, most famous right now for Mr Robot. Some of other fave roles for him are the Egyptian pharoah in Night at the Museum (YAy for casting Egyptians in Egyptian roles) and how adorable he was as Kenny in the War at home even tho the role was so stereotypical. Also, he’s super fashionable (see the Met Gala).

Now. As a Coptic Egyptian myself, it means so, so much to see him in the spotlight. Not only that, but he doesn’t ignore his heritage. He always talks about his parents and how grateful he is that they worked so hard for him and his brother and sister to have opportunities in America. Not many of you realise, Coptic Christians in Egypt have been discriminated against for decades. They are the 10% there against a 90% Muslim population. You can research the shit that happens if you like, e.g. a muslim mob dragged a woman through the streets naked. Most recently, ISIS has been targeting the population there. It has meant so much to me that Rami Malek speaks out for his people which he has done by tweeting the news to his audience via Twitter. He’s also spoken out about diversity in Hollywood (look it up on Youtube).

Secondly, Rami has a lot of people in his corner. Everyone knows this guy is just gorgeous, super lovely. And so so talented. But for some reason, a select few in the Tumblr fandom seem to put him on a pedestal. They’re mad that he apparently isn’t enough of an ‘activist’. I’ve been so disgusted to see posts where they say they’ve ‘given up’ on him, and that he only speaks out about issues about himself. WHICH I MEAN. as Rami fans, I wish you would research these issues he’s talking about and understand why he would. It irritates me that someone would be mad at Coptic Egyptian man talking about issues in his country.

Next, Rami Malek doesn’t owe y’all anything! We’ve seen that he cares about people. Remember in that Actor’s Roundtable where everyone was refering to directors as men and he interjected to say ‘OR SHE’ and later cemented that that WOMAN DIRECTORS ARE IMPORTANT and a bunch of other awesome shit. He addresses diversity. He knows the situation with Trump is terrible. Someone can be an activist without publicly showing it you in your face. I mean i find it so ridiculous that people put him on such a weird pedestal.  

E.G. Beyonce usually only talks about Black issues and does an amazing job with that. No one says, she’s not an activist. For people to do that with Rami…

Anyway, I’m done. I just needed to rant for a second. I’m sure Rami’s fine being his gorgeous talented egyptian self :)

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Thesummersims , Golyhawhaw .

@thesummersims Your sims are adorable and i can see you improving a lot! Wish you joined us on Discord so we can all see your photos more often ^^


@golyhawhaw How can we leave out my major simblr crush ;D I just looove everything Nathan creates, it’s all so hyper realistic with so much detail and patience! Give me some of that talent please!


@purpleplumbobs I’m not following them but their simblr surely is awesome! ^^

@scarlettbulckowisk Your simmies are sooo cute and your babies just make me wanna play toddlers all the time!

  • Rose: oh my god please die. Please just leave already I detest you so badly. Yes she's gone. DEAR LORD WHY IS SHE BACK MOVE ON RUSSELL
  • Martha: I like you more than rose but that's not an achievement because it's really not hard.
  • Donna: now I like you! Please stay forever- ily, ily so much. Oi! Don't rip me to pieces by giving Donna an awfully painful leaving arc.
  • Amy: you're so adorably Scottish and ridiculously fashionable and beautiful I'm torn between liking you greatly, wanting to be you and thinking you're just a little too perfect
  • Rory: transitioned from 'I'm sorry who? Please leave I don't like you at all' to 'OTP: TWO THOUSAND YEARS, TOGETHER OR NOT AT ALL'
  • River: oh my life my baby I only want good things for you my favourite ever anyone who says you're not a companion will feel my wrath, river/11 is so otp it hurts me. 'I was just on my way to a gay, gypsy bat mitzvah for the disabled when I though, hmm the third reich is a bit rubbish, let's go kill the fuhrer'
  • Clara: moved seamlessly from 'hmm interesting' to 'oh my god bad writing has ruined you, literally no character anymore' and finally settled at 'my precious child you need protecting you will not leave and also canonically bisexual I will fight you'

“Good morning”
“How was your day?”
“Be careful”
“Text me when you get home to know you’re safe”
“Sweet dreams”
“I hope you feel better”
“How are you?”
“Have fun”
“I miss you”
“Good night”
“Can you come over?”
“Can I meet you?”
“Can I call you?”
“Do you want to drink something?”
“Let’s watch a movie”
“Let me hug you”
“What are you up to?”
“Everything is going to be alright”
“I’m here for you”
“Are you hungry?”
“Do you need anything?”
“I just wanted to hear your voice”
“You made my day”

You don’t have to hear “I love you” to know that someone is feeling that way. Listen. People express their souls more often than you thought they did.

So we recently hit 1000 followers and i can’t believe that 1000 people actually like this blog and i wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much and we love you all. You all make us really happy, and we love you all. So, we decided to do our first ever follow forever. I’m very sorry if i miss anyone, just tell me and i’ll add you!! <3. (i also wanted to say that this blog is mostly run by S.J, so any like “I” references are from me)

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Hey Robyn I just had my teeth taken out {braces} and it hurts a lot and some Harry being cutesy little kitten pictures might help :) so if you have any will you please share ?? Thanks a lot and ILY

okay but there is no proof harry isn’t part kitten

look at it in all its adorable glory 

a fiesty kitten 

the cute AF paws  p l easE

allegedly this is punching but K IT TEN

he likes to be pet

quite a bit

and groomed

and played with

if this isn’t evidence I don’t know what is


it was a baby kitten 




a baby kitten ♥