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Can I get The Scavengers finding a human trying to get back to earth and they decide to help them out but a crew member ends up getting a crush on them? For Fulcrum,Misfire,Grimlock,and Spinister please

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✦ Loathes their presence at first and does everything in his power to avoid them whenever possible. From time to time, after they’ve been on the WAP long enough, he will force himself to join their company. He realises the human is, perhaps, one of the saner individuals on the ship and he wants to get away from the wildness for a while. It’s nice to be able to have a decent conversation with an individual and not have it devolved into an accident of some sort.

✦ The realisation he has a crush on them hits him when he sees how they stand up for him if the others heckle him too much or if he needs a hand in something. It forces him to see past their (still very gross) exterior and see the sweet and passionate and brave individual underneath and oh frag. Oh slag. Oh no please Primus- He cannot have a crush on a human of all species. He cannot! Unless the human develops a crush on him and attempts to cautiously court the poor ‘con, Fulcrum will be in complete denial of his feelings for a long, long time while being very obvious when it comes to his feelings for the human. For one thing he wants to be in their presence compared to before.


✦ The most easygoing of the Scavengers, Misfire is quick to befriend the human since he likes the novelty of having an organic friend and he can imagine all sorts of shenanigans he, Grimlock, and the human can get into. The trio shoot the shit by joking around, helping Grimlock relearn vital skills such as writing and reading, and generally have fun together. With his brains, Grimlock’s strength, and the human’s smallness, he’s sure they’ll have grand adventures. Which they do! Grimlock, Krok, and the human are the best combination when they have to bust him out of a Galactic Council’s jailship.

✦ Forms a crush on them due to how easy it is to get along with them and he’s down for some hot xeno action. The fact they indulge him whenever he goes into one of his inner monologues is a great plus too. He’ll be quick to inform them of his interest in them and you can be sure it’ll involve a lot of wiggling of his orbital ridges while shooting off as many puns as he can. Unlike his aim, the jokes and puns do hit their target if the human’s laughter and flushed expression is anything to go by. Sweet!


✦ The human is assigned to be Grimlock’s sitter when the Scavengers notice how Grimlock takes an immediate liking to them. For while the human is afraid Grimlock wants to eat them - which is what the Scavengers assumed as well - but the fears are assuaged when Grimlock takes a hit for them during a game of Shoot Shoot Bang Bang. The two become closer after that, with the human becoming the second individual who gets to hear Grimlock say actual words if he has a lucid moment.

✦ For a while they think their dinobot buddy is just being clingier than usual with how he tails them around and demands constant head rubs. (Which, the human would like everyone to know, they do give to him lest he become pouty since pouting usually means the WAP will get wrecked.) It’s Misfire of all the ‘cons who tips them off to Grimlock’s newfound crush on them. Thanks to the fact Misfire sits the human down and asks them what their intentions are with his friend and if he needs to give them the Shovel Talk if anything serious happens between the two.


✦ A ‘no shooting the human’ rule has to be specifically stated for Spinister and Spinister alone after the first disaster. Besides that near death experience, the two get along well enough. The human becomes Spinister’s assistant in the medbay, helping him out with injuries that the rest get during their adventures since they’re tiny enough to reach in between seams and crevices he can’t get to. Their diligence when it comes to their job earns his respect and the fact they try to help him win Shoot Shoot Bang Bang by telling him where the others are is a great plus.

✦ The most obvious way his crush can be is noticed is how he isn’t as twitchy when around them these days. If they call out his name or tip his servo, he’ll respond and not attempt to shoot or fling something at them. That has never been seen before with the group and it does not take long for them to figure out what’s going on with their buddy. Cue everyone trying to pair the two together despite the human’s obliviousness and Spinister’s trigger finger ways. 


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For Mod Neha: Assalamu alaikum. :) Would you possibly be able to share some information on Sufi Islam or point me in the direction of a good resource to start learning please?

Walaikum asalaam!

With the disclaimer, as always, that I may make mistakes, and don’t know much about the topic, here’s some starting points - 

Sufism, [arabic equivalent = tasawwuf], is a way of approaching Islam that places importance on wanting to lose oneself/wanting to “annihilate” the self within Allah. Sufis (and non-Sufi Muslims, as well) place great importance on tawakkul, which is absolute trust and love of Allah. Sufis reach this state of annihilation of self, or fanaa, by dedicating oneself to dhikr, or remembrance of the Diety, usually through chanting the 99 names of Allah, salaat (prayer), music, the whirling that everyone loves, as formal goals, including: 

- Salvation from ignorance and attainment of gnosis (Ma`arifah);
- Refinement and purification of the self (Tazkiyah Al-Nafs);
- Cleansing of the spiritual heart (Tasfiyah Al-Qalb) and the enlightenment of the soul (Tajliyah Al-Ruh);
- Sincerity and devotion to the Creator (Ikhlas) and detachment from material and worldly concerns (Zuhd); and
- Commitment to the service of all the creatures of God

[from here, a good resource in general]

There’s also, ihsan, meaning perfection, which is a goal for all Muslims, but exemplified in Sufis. Ihsan is faith brought to flesh, it’s the desire to become the personification of the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. ﷺ . The Prophet ﷺ says ihsan is: 

“To worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you.” [x]

Articles [Mostly academic articles, please forgive me if they are difficult to read. My experience has been that Sufism is easily appropriated, and there’s a wealth of misinformation regarding it.]:

Sufi Writings:

Writers [These are in addition to the above]:

  • Ibn-Arabi is my favorite Muslim writer, and many of his works are a good starting point - You can see all his love and devotion within his texts, and it’s stunning, even in English. [link to site with texts and other resources]
  • I don’t think i can talk about Sufism without mentioning Rumi, so I want to direct you to for his major work. It has the whole of Rumi’s Masnavi online, along with Persian audio, and English/Turkish translation. (From my use, the English is a bit wonky at times, but it’s understandable). If you want to grab a physical copy, I highly recommend Jawid Mojaddedi’s translations, but I understand if that’s not possible because he is translating the books separately. Rumi talked a lot about fanaa, in terms of spiritual and physical death, so if that is something that would bother you, please take care of yourself first.
  • Hafez [link to poems]. Hafez’s love poetry is really well known, but he’s also an amazing critical writer, he often talked about religious hypocrisy, which is an important consideration, especially with Sufism, which many people are attracted to in name, but not so much in the discipline and work that goes into it.

And one final recommendation, but highly done so: 

  • Women of Sufism: A Hidden Treasure by Camille Helminski. This one is not available online that I can find, but it’s an incredibly important recommendation, as it seems that women are often left behind in regards to religion. If you can’t pick up a copy, here is a list of the major women covered in the book, I can’t promise they all have a wealth of information online, but I think it’s important to recognize them: 
    • Rabi’a al-’Adawiyya
    • Halima of Damascus
    • Rabi’a bint Ismail
    • Lubaba al-Muta ‘Abbida
    • Fatima of Damascus
    • Sha’wana Ghufayra
    • Dhakkara
    • Fatima al-Barda’iyya
    • A’isha
    • Fatima
    • Futayma
    • Al-Wahatiyya
    • Zubda and Mudgha
    • ‘Abda and Amina
    • Unayza of Baghdad
    • Lady Nafisa
    • Umm ‘Abdullah

Have a (very) messy follow-up in which Siren wants to know so badly why Ace Pirate is such a music critic that she climbed the side of the ship to lodge a complaint.

The Cycle of Suffering

Q: can you speak on clinging and aversion, and how one can successfully free him or herself from this vicious never ending cycle of suffering? I’ve been noticing this going on ceaselessly in my mind, in addition to restlessness and constant thinking.

A: there are many paths to the cessation of suffering. A common theme is learning to interrupt the habit of suffering by recognizing the pattern of its manifestation. This is why practicing awareness is vital to the cessation of suffering.
Once we become aware of our patterns, we create mental space which gives us the freedom to decide how we respond rather than reacting habitually. When we get the freedom to change our behaviors, we gain wisdom and no longer take our ego-habit seriously. We become free to not suffer.

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I love you!!! I agree about technology and how it can meet all our basic needs, and that we need to think up a system that makes use of this. So that robots don't Take jobs, but give us an easier life. Like, we could actually increase the number of workers for jobs that need humans, give them higher pay, and have them only work 4hours a day. It's possible, but people are so afraid. My mum is terrified of robots destroying the planet. They aren't the problem, mum, the system is!

The crazy thing too is that if people didn’t need to work themselves to the bone to survive, the actual value of those who choose to work skyrockets.

Like, take an average soul-crushing customer service job in a call center. Say you’re working as customer support for an internet provider. Right now, you’re probably working long hours for not much pay and your employer can get away with that, because you need that job to survive, and if you don’t like the conditions there are a thousand more people behind you who’d do it.

But. If you don’t need that job to survive? If you are doing that job now because you enjoy the work and are good at it?

All of a sudden the ability to provide patient customer service is a hugely valuable skill. One that companies would be forced to compete against each other to attract, rather than the worker competing against a vast pool of other workers. And in a world where such skills are recognized as valuable skills, and respected as such, there would not be the social stigma that is currently attached to customer service positions.

Same holds true for many other positions. Skilled cooking, both of the fine dining and down home style? You bet. Art? Damned straight. Music, literature, poetry, entertainment, science, engineering, teaching, childcare? You bet your sweet ass that those are going to be valued skills. Skilled craftsmanship, skilled labor, things that only human eyes and human hands can do? All now even more valuable, and in addition now people have money to patronize these things.

Shiiiiit. Do you know how much art I would commission from the amazing artists just on this site if I had UBI in addition to my salary? How many amazing things I’d get from skilled craftsmen and women on Etsy? A fuckin’ shitload, that’s how much.

I honestly think part of the reason people are so scared of the concept of UBI is that they know, deep down, that they have no skills that would be appealing and valuable in such a world.