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Hey guys!

Here’s a little post for Fic Rec Days.

I’ve decided to focus on tumblr fics, because they can easily be swept away amongst dozens of other posts. So here are some personal favourite Check Please fics for you to enjoy! And don’t forget, after you’ve given them a read, hit reblog! The authors will love you.

Note: a lot do not have names so I’ve just done a vague summary; my top recs get an asterix.

Additional note: do you know how many times I was thwarted in my quest because people don’t live at the same URL anymore?


Pick It Up Slow*, by brandnewfashion (nsfw)

Bitty crashes his bike into Jack, by omgittybits

French Practice, by mydearboy

Political Talk Show AU, by tiptoe39

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, by dereknursey

Holster and Bitty prank call Jack, by lirapheus

Oh no, it can’t be you*, by zimsbitty (soulmate au)

Bitty’s First Kiss(es), by omgericzimmermann

Jack comes out and Bitty overhears, but it’s in French*, by sadquebecois

Bitty navigates sex with Jack*, by heyfightme

Bitty accidentally sexts Bob, by poetry-protest-pornography

Roadside Rescue, by iboatedhere


What Are You Waiting For?*, by marswithghosts (nsfw)


Traffic Jam AU, by imaginethehaus

Accidentally knocked a hole in our shared wall AU, by omgericzimmermann

And if that wasn’t enough, + I’ve got 40+ pages of reblogged fic (where there’ll be other pairings). A bit of weekend reading maybe…

(shakes jingle bells)

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Sci’s Holiday Card Extravaganza!  

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, for the last few years, I’ve sent out holiday/greeting cards to all and sundry who requested one.  I plan to do the same thing this year, yay!

For the curious, have a quick Q and A!

-Why do you do this?

Christmas is a kind of lonely time for me, and I like to keep busy, also I am a bit nuts.  Thanks to the extreme kindness of so many of my readers, who donated additional stamps to me last year, I can continue with the tradition!

-Where are you sending cards?

I am currently sending cards to any US address.  In years past, I’ve had a separate list for international cards, but in the last six months, my computer, microwave and car have all died.  This has stretched my finances very thin, very quickly.  I’ll be just fine, but the money I’d budgeted for international stamps has evaporated.  

What I am going to do, is that if I get a card from anyone with a legible return address (Preferably written inside the card so that it’s got a better chance of surviving the winter snow/rain) I will send a card back.  Just send a card and choose a carol.

-What do you mean, choose a carol?

For the last few years, I’ve included a single sheet story in all of my cards.  This year, the stories are all based around a Christmas carol.  If you’d like a surprise, you can just choose a carol from the list.  If you’re really into a particular pairing/would like to avoid another one, you can find more info HERE.

-I’d love a card!  How do I sign up?

On Tumblr, I’ll make a post linking to a Google form.  Please go to the form and fill out all the required information.  Please do not send me your info through ask or email, because I have a really hard time keeping everything in order.  I’m pretty unreliable to begin with.  Having the Google form helps me keep on top of the requests.

-Do I have to give you my address/real name/personal info?

Yes, these are real cards, so I need to send them to real addresses!  However, I use Google Forms for the signups, which means there is absolutely no link between your Tumblr identity/handle and the information you enter into the form.  I HAVE had problems in the past sending cards to Tumblr or internet handles, especially with college/PO boxes or apartments.  You MUST list at least your initials, or first initial last name, or first name, last initial for me to send you a card.  

-I don’t want my family to know I’m getting a card from the internet!

That is a tough one!  I’m not going to tell anyone how to handle their life or their family.  If you’d like to have a card where I skip any mention of my screen name and make it seem like you’re just getting a card from a friend, the form will have a blank spot.  You can indicate there if you’d prefer no return address or mention of ‘Scifigrl47.’  The cards also usually have a small Marvel oriented stickers on the front or the back.  You can let me know if you’d like such nerdiness left off.

-I don’t celebrate Christmas/I work retail and I’m sick of Christmas already/I’m sad that I’ll have to take down a Christmas card at the end of the year…

I send three different types of cards

-Christmas:  General, non-religious Christmas cards 
-Holiday: Generally winter scenes/nature scenes with generic ‘Season’s Greetings’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ inscriptions.
-Greeting: All-occasion cards, usually things like cute pictures of cats or funky little cartoon owls

You don’t have to have a reason for choosing one or another, just check off the box on the form that best suits you.

-Do I have to send you a card back?

I would be pleased to get a card back, but I understand that not everyone can send one.

-Can I send you a card even if I don’t want one?

Sure you can.

Physical mail can be sent here:

PO Box 1186
Berlin, MA  01503

anonymous asked:

you should read ask the passengers !! i know contemporary isn't your genre but there are so many lesbians and there aren't ANY side het relationships at all since all the friends are gay too and it's a very awesome book. there are a lot of bigots that you'll want to punch but they are most definitely painted as demons

OMG i literally slammed that ‘want to read’ button on goodreads!!!!!! and tbh that sounds about right bc bigots are, in fact, demons so it sounds very promising… and realistic (as much as it pains me to say) but anyway that sounds AMAZING thanks for the rec cupcake!!!


As promised, 4 new additions to my Rick and Morty minimalist character designs. Still many more character to come over the next few days!  To buy these prints and others in the collection, visit my redbubble page and enjoy!


Osomatsu-san cosplay fun times at SacAnime Winter 2016

  • Me: *finds out that the server is back up*
  • Me: *gross sobbing* God Seven, defender of justice, thank you for answering our prayers

brokshi  asked:

why are you so combative when other people are trying to get you to do self-care stuff

because I feel as if I show myself to be more trouble than I’m worth than everyone I care about will abandon me, but that directly contradicts my urge to be completely transparent and communicate my needs with others in order to reassure them that I won’t betray or lie to them, and so I end up causing more work for others in the long run because I’m honest about my needs and emotions while simultaneously trying to diminish them so my friends don’t worry

in addition I feel as if many of the components of self-care that serve to isolate me will remove me from my friends for so long that they’ll begin to realize that they don’t actually like me that much and wonder why they ever put up with me in the first place; after all, if they’re having a better time without me, then my influence is probably a negative one

Logically, I know this is all horseshit, and I try to redirect my thoughts when they go down this path, or at the very least reason with them. However, my emotions are Very Strong and persuasive and very good at punching logic in the throat. I generally just need to reason out my emotions with another person in order to fight them off. However! If I do that, I’m “imposing on another person” according to my shitty traumatized brain. So The Cycle Persists. 

“And I stand there, like a soldier, with my foot upon its chest. With my grin spread, my arms out, in my blood stained Sunday’s best.” – Say Anything

My newest addition, which spent many years in the making, until the lovely Lucifer was created by the equally lovely team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie for their amazing series the Wicked + the Divine, to stand center around Tegan and Sara’s (slightly butchered) lyrics.

i want to write you a song (1/?)

summary: In which Marinette can sing. Rockstar!Adrien AU.

notes: this one is for @sabinechengs because she asked for a rockstar!adrien AU and i finally relented. this was actually really difficult for me to write (probably because i haven’t properly written fic in almost a year lol) but i drew inspiration from @frostedpuffssinging marinette AU and also @awkwardnarturtle‘s addition to my post. i’m hoping this will be the first of many in a oneshot series but we’ll see how it goes.

** the song i had in mind for marinette’s song is actually where the title comes from. you can listen to it here. i also have alternate versions with several voices i imagine could be hers, which you can find here.

ao3 link


Adrien blinks at the envelope in Nathalie’s outstretched hand. “This is from my father?”

Nathalie nods, clearing her throat almost nervously. “Yes, ah, he… had this especially made… for you.”

“Um… tell him, thank you – for me – I guess,” Adrien replies, grabbing the envelope – still in disbelief and still not quite sure what his father got for him. Definitely not a pen.

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NEW VIDEO: “Disgusting WHAT IS IT?! Challenge” ft. Tanya Burr

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