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I absolutely love this festival.

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I hope tonight went well! You asked for questions, so: Any headcanons for any of your AUs that you haven't shared yet?

Thank you, Nonny! It went very well :) Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner~ I have a bunch of headcanons, but don’t want to make a ridiculously long list. Here are a few from a couple of my AUs. If there is anything from a specific AU you want to know more about, feel free to ask :D

Hellbound AU

  • When at Roy and Riza’s respective homes, Wrath and Lust imitate their routine, down to the time they make dinner or go to bed. It’s easier for them to get inside their heads.
  • With the prolonged fighting Roy and Riza have done and the damage they have caused, there are distinct physical changes to their bodies that are irreversible.
  • It’s becoming more and more difficult to call and exchange information with each other because every time Wrath and Lust hear the other’s voice, they feel this sense of longing for Riza or Roy, respectively.

Gravity AU

  • No perfect Homunculus exists, especially the ones that are created by Father. Every single one of them gravitates toward the sin for which they are designed, even if they were once human.
  • The souls in Riza’s Philosopher’s Stone are not as disjointed and unaware as they appear.
  • Greed firmly believes he is older than Pride now and now he feels like he’s been thrust into the role as the Older Brother.


  • Roy is attracted to sunlight and warmth and will go out of his way to rest in a room with windows. One of his favorite rooms is the kitchen because of the stove.
  • Though he has a warm body temperature, if Roy gets sick or injured he cools down very quickly when outside in the fall or winter. Because of his reptilian nature, he slows down and risks freezing to death.
  • Edward has no problem setting Roy’s coattails or clothes on fire.

Guardian AU

  • Guardians are very aware of their origins. However, the deep-seated uncertainty of what would happen to them if they lived as normal human beings forces them to remain complacent. That and they learned insubordination leads to decommissioning. 
  • Even the most minute offense leads to a long trial of relearning. A single major offense more often than not will lead to decommissioning. Taking in Hayate is the first of many that weigh on Riza’s mind.
  • Riza is quick to answer to being called ‘Riza’ instead of the number and letters she was assigned, but it takes her a while to inwardly accept it.

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For Mod Neha: Assalamu alaikum. :) Would you possibly be able to share some information on Sufi Islam or point me in the direction of a good resource to start learning please?

Walaikum asalaam!

With the disclaimer, as always, that I may make mistakes, and don’t know much about the topic, here’s some starting points - 

Sufism, [arabic equivalent = tasawwuf], is a way of approaching Islam that places importance on wanting to lose oneself/wanting to “annihilate” the self within Allah. Sufis (and non-Sufi Muslims, as well) place great importance on tawakkul, which is absolute trust and love of Allah. Sufis reach this state of annihilation of self, or fanaa, by dedicating oneself to dhikr, or remembrance of the Diety, usually through chanting the 99 names of Allah, salaat (prayer), music, the whirling that everyone loves, as formal goals, including: 

- Salvation from ignorance and attainment of gnosis (Ma`arifah);
- Refinement and purification of the self (Tazkiyah Al-Nafs);
- Cleansing of the spiritual heart (Tasfiyah Al-Qalb) and the enlightenment of the soul (Tajliyah Al-Ruh);
- Sincerity and devotion to the Creator (Ikhlas) and detachment from material and worldly concerns (Zuhd); and
- Commitment to the service of all the creatures of God

[from here, a good resource in general]

There’s also, ihsan, meaning perfection, which is a goal for all Muslims, but exemplified in Sufis. Ihsan is faith brought to flesh, it’s the desire to become the personification of the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. ﷺ . The Prophet ﷺ says ihsan is: 

“To worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you.” [x]

Articles [Mostly academic articles, please forgive me if they are difficult to read. My experience has been that Sufism is easily appropriated, and there’s a wealth of misinformation regarding it.]:

Sufi Writings:

Writers [These are in addition to the above]:

  • Ibn-Arabi is my favorite Muslim writer, and many of his works are a good starting point - You can see all his love and devotion within his texts, and it’s stunning, even in English. [link to site with texts and other resources]
  • I don’t think i can talk about Sufism without mentioning Rumi, so I want to direct you to for his major work. It has the whole of Rumi’s Masnavi online, along with Persian audio, and English/Turkish translation. (From my use, the English is a bit wonky at times, but it’s understandable). If you want to grab a physical copy, I highly recommend Jawid Mojaddedi’s translations, but I understand if that’s not possible because he is translating the books separately. Rumi talked a lot about fanaa, in terms of spiritual and physical death, so if that is something that would bother you, please take care of yourself first.
  • Hafez [link to poems]. Hafez’s love poetry is really well known, but he’s also an amazing critical writer, he often talked about religious hypocrisy, which is an important consideration, especially with Sufism, which many people are attracted to in name, but not so much in the discipline and work that goes into it.

And one final recommendation, but highly done so: 

  • Women of Sufism: A Hidden Treasure by Camille Helminski. This one is not available online that I can find, but it’s an incredibly important recommendation, as it seems that women are often left behind in regards to religion. If you can’t pick up a copy, here is a list of the major women covered in the book, I can’t promise they all have a wealth of information online, but I think it’s important to recognize them: 
    • Rabi’a al-’Adawiyya
    • Halima of Damascus
    • Rabi’a bint Ismail
    • Lubaba al-Muta ‘Abbida
    • Fatima of Damascus
    • Sha’wana Ghufayra
    • Dhakkara
    • Fatima al-Barda’iyya
    • A’isha
    • Fatima
    • Futayma
    • Al-Wahatiyya
    • Zubda and Mudgha
    • ‘Abda and Amina
    • Unayza of Baghdad
    • Lady Nafisa
    • Umm ‘Abdullah

Have a (very) messy follow-up in which Siren wants to know so badly why Ace Pirate is such a music critic that she climbed the side of the ship to lodge a complaint.

  • Me: *finds out that the server is back up*
  • Me: *gross sobbing* God Seven, defender of justice, thank you for answering our prayers

Summer’s Last Light - Listen Here - Full Picture

Always and Never (Coheed and Cambria) // Dreaming (Bruno Coulais) // Deep in the Woods (Nox Arcana) // The Stars Drop Away (Ben Babbitt) // Strawberry Swing (Coldplay) // Little Fang (Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks) // July Flame (Laura Veirs) // Right Before Your Eyes (Cage the Elephant) // Violent Dreams (Crystal Castles) // Starlight (Muse) // Let Me In (The Unseen Guest) // Crystals (Of Monsters and Men) // Civilian (Wye Oak) // The Kursk (Matt Elliott) // Sunday (Moby) // Worth Wondering (Bronze Radio Return) // Changing Seasons (Sea Wolf) // Escape [Acoustic] (KONGOS) // Just Watch the Fireworks (Jimmy Eat World)


As promised, 4 new additions to my Rick and Morty minimalist character designs. Still many more character to come over the next few days!  To buy these prints and others in the collection, visit my redbubble page and enjoy!

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In addition to my last ask you have posted many things that are ddlg content that are not sexual whatsoever.

Sorry if there was confusion, I don’t think that ddlg is 100% all the time sexual.. therefore not all content from a ddlg page would be sexual? Does that make sense? I just thought that if you identified in a ddlg community there was an element of using regression in a sexual way..

I do not in any way mean to cause offence to anyone I appreciate people educating me and teaching me more about the community’s as i find it so hard to find any information on groups I don’t identify with!