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Sprousehart parts of Young Hollywood Interview

OK SO i have had some rest and I am no longer speechless.

1. Stop staring LILI honestlyyyyyyy. And Cole’s so smug about knowing about the picture he later tweeted lol.

2. Her leaning. The smiles. Her seducing, loving and uncontrollable smiles at him. 

3. FUCK I LOVE YOUNG HOLLYWOOD! I bet they’re such huge Sprousehart shippers asking Lili that question. OK SO THE IMPRESSION PART: 

- How close can Cole stand? Is he gonna lick her ear? Once again he has no idea what personal space is. Are they glued together at this point? Is it like a game they’re playing? Who can get the closest during interviews without being official? 

- ‘SULTRY’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME COLE IMA KILL YOU! How have these two in a matter of 1 press day manage to use “Lust”, “Aroused” and “Sultry” when near each other?  

- LILI ima kill you tooooo omg at that impression! What the actual fuck! I know exactly which face she’s talking about as well - you know when he’s talking to FP outside the police station? Anyways. Cole. Is. Loving. That. Impression.

- “Do you remember…” “Yes.” He already knows what shes gonna say aaaahhh. And then my friends, the epic #Sprouselilishoulder! I have missed it dearly. 

- How cute is it that Lili is trying to look out for him and give him a heads up about said face? And feel comfortable enough to do so? Says a lot about how close they are. 

4. Lili’s laugh when Cole says dancing lady in red dress is so endearing wtf. And once again, theyre a team that as soon as Lili comes up with Skeleton face, Cole is all onboard, agreeing and confirming his lady.  

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So I saw this Japanese poll online and fans were asked to vote for the Japanese male celebrity with the best skin. Turns out Yuzuru Hanyu won the poll and now I have this ridiculous headcanon that Yuuri has beautiful flawless skin. And actually, I'm pretty sure he does. East Asians are very particular about skin care, I mean, look at the super popular Korean skincare routine.

OMG I’m not surprised that Yuzuru Hanyu won! His skin is perfect and flawless! I can totally see Yuuri having beautiful skin as well, and Victor getting a little jealous over it. 

“Yuuri, how do you get your skin to be so perfect?”

“I, uh, wash my face?”

“Yes, but with what?”

“Just typical soap and water. Why?”

*Victor, throwing thousands of dollars of skincare across the room* “are yOU KIDDING ME??”

EXO REACT: To you crying while watching a sad drama scene

Scene: We’ve probably all been there (if not, that’s alright too). When that scene starts to play and you just can’t contain yourself and that lump in your throat get’s larger and tears fill your eyes. Whilst watching one of your fave dramas a really sad scene appears and you can’t help but start crying because it makes your heart ache.

Suho: Would be crying along with you. But he’d never admit to it.

“What? No I wasn’t crying, something was just in my eye that’s all.”

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Xiumin: He might have shed a tear or two, but when he sees how emotionally worked up the scene had you he wouldn’t think twice about trying to cheer you up.

“Well that was a rollercoaster of emotions, wasn’t it y/n?”

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Lay: He had been asleep. As per lay-usual. But hearing your sniffles would have awoken him and he’d be a little concerned and confused.

“Why’re you crying?”

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Baekhyun: Expect a lot of comforting cuddles. He’d even try to block your view from the TV. Not that you could see much while you cried the entire Pacific Ocean out of your eyes.

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Chen: He doesn’t really care about the emotional depths the scene has submerged you into and he’ll just be cracking up at how easily it made you cry and how cheesy the acting was and just how ridiculously bad he was at consoling you because he really didn’t want to see you cry it just sort of is part of his savage Chen-ness like, he just can’t help but make fun of you.

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Chanyeol: He would be sobbing too, in fact his crying might be so much more intense than yours that you’d have to be the one comforting him.

“I know it was just a drama…but they were so perfect for each other, y/n why did he have to die? What is she going to do now?” 

Lots of post-sniffling and bloated face and puffy eyes.

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D.O.: From an actors point of view the plot was freaking ridiculous to him and the death of a character was so not necessary, and hearing you cry would shock him. He might even get a little jealous because you weren’t crying over the fact that he got a particularly nasty paper-cut just a few moments ago while he was reading his new script.

“You’re seriously crying over him? You didn’t seem too concerned when my finger was bleeding to death just now!”

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Kai: He suddenly found himself launched into the freaking Pacific Ocean. But he was prepared. Sort of.

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Sehun: He would have found the scene to be overdramatic to the point where it was funny and when he turned to laugh at it with you and OH -he’d see that you were actually sobbing along because it was so sad and he’d kind of just have this stupid look on his face like what the heck is he supposed to do now cause I mean omg Y/N is crying real tears and here he was laughing and asdjasldjalsfhalskjdlasjdlk.


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Emerald City Comic-Con 2017

So I drove to Seattle from my little city Bend, OR on Thursday, about a 7hr drive there (7.5 hrs on the way home :/)  I stayed with @ninaf who lives just outside of Seattle.  We hung out that night and didn’t go to bed until after 1 a.m. 😳The Panel:  Our plan was to get to the Convention Center by 8:30/9:00 a.m. which we did. It was interesting that there didn’t seem to be much ‘security’(I could have taken my flask :/), we entered from across the street where we parked in a public parking garage and entered in at the 3rd floor.  We probably could have gotten in Sat. no problem even without a Sat badge!  Anyhow quickly found the line for the Outlander panel – SO many people!  They let us in at about 10:45 and me @ninaf and 2 of her friends (that are ‘normal’ fans) found some seats – we were second row far left of the stage – right where the fan questions were left of the stage.  I wanted to ask a question – Sam could you please sit back I can’t see CAITRIONA!? In front of us was a slew of moms with their babies – so cute – one started fussing and Cait actually looked over to them with her awe concerned face – she clearly LOVES BABIES! ♥  You can just see it in the video briefly at about 14:32 min. I am a huge Cait fan so I was Screaming and standing when she came out and thought we were doing pretty good there, then Sam came out and omg decibels! They sit down and Sam won’t sit all the way back on the couch, I don’t know why, and he was blocking my view of Cait, I could only see her on the screen or if she moved forward or back. 😒 I didn’t take any pics, cos I just wanted to be present and absorb the experience, (one of @ninaf ’s friends did though so we’ll post as soon as we get them). One observance is they both looked tired, but ready to 'do this’.  I loved the panel, I thought they were very comfortable, there to have fun and engage with us, I liked the questions asked and quite a few of mine were answered. Caitriona was taking the lead quite a bit but I think her wit is a bit quicker than Sam’s (I’m a taurus and we tend to slow think sometimes) but it gave him a chance to play off of her which I feel they do quite a bit probably. They seemed very in tune with each other.  Next on the agenda was the autograph session.  We got there @ about 12:15 for the 12:30 and were turned away- too full come back at 4.  Well cool, we can at least eat, since we didn’t have any breakfast so we had lunch and drinks. Met up with @ourrubygirl and her daughter (normal fan), nipunad on twitter – sorry don’t know your tumblr and with ninaf and her 2 friends (side note – they were so funny before I even got to Seattle they were concerned that ninaf would invite someone from online who she had never met to stay at her house.  By then we had talked on the phone and friended each other on facebook so they had to facebook stalk me to give their approval – whew, glad I passed). 😘Photo Op!  Ugh, okay this is where we realized that this poor little comic-con was absolutely NOT ready for this Outlander fandom and where everything really started to get behind schedule.  I envy the Sat photo op participants, looks like it was more relaxed and not as rushed as Friday's– READY click NEXT! I know people have been dissing the posed photos, but after being 'there’ this is what I feel, I think SamCait enjoy the poses somewhat, cos’ otherwise the way it was with many of us on Friday we just walk in, stand next to them, click and we’re out, so I could see that for sure getting tedious AF for them, they seemed to have more fun on Sat with it – because they were allowed to also.  Anyhow the Friday photo op was close to being a complete clusterfuck, but the gestapo staff pulled it off.  There were other people there, apparently there was more than just OL there 😉 that would be like “What is this line for with all these people?” And we’d be like Outlander, and they just go off mumbling wtf is outlander? Funny. I walked in for my 'Team Outlander’ photo and I was wearing opal earrings from Mexico and Cait says to me “oh I love your earrings” Me: thank you – and I’m beaming so fucking hard I can hardly breath! So I’m 5'1” - yeah – I’m holding on to them for the photo mumble thanks or something I fecking don’t remember, patted Sam’s back turned and looked up OMFG this guy is TALL! I have a friend that is 6'7”, but Sam seemed much taller than that, I think it’s his massiveness or something IDK. His leather jacket is really soft btw.Okay NEXT – while I go back in line for my Cait only photo, ninaf goes downstairs to get in line for the autographs – good thing too since they almost turned me away by the time I got down there!  STEP OFF BITCH I WILL GET MY CATRIONA EFFING BALFE AUTOGRAPH!!!!  So by this time we are beyond hot – it was so hot in this place which wasn’t even at the convention center, everything but the panel was at the Sheraton next door.  Note to self Bring water bottle, we learned a lot of should'ves…. So there was quite a wait for this, mainly because Caitriona was still upstairs READY click NEXT! And they could only do the Sam only autographs which there weren’t a ton of apparently😁

The way they had it set up Cait first then Sam, so we had to wait for Cait to appear.  We were in the 'overflow’ line outside of the main autograph room, but could see in there a bit, we saw the lights go out, didn’t hear the comments @sileas84 mentioned, but too funny.  When we finally got to the 'room’ wow, so I am a diehard Caitriona Balfe fan, I like Sam but am not an over the top fan like most… I have to say seeing him up close and personal I COULD NOT take my eyes off of him, he was so 'cute’ doesn’t do it justice, I seriously have no word/s for it.  He was so funny and gracious and flirty with the women and NICE, very tan too, yeah, I kept running into people as the line snaked around trying to just watch him, I even almost got kicked out trying to sneak a pic – damn gestapo staffers.  So finally get up to Caitriona, um effing goddess.  She had quite the stash of gifts, I had considered giving them something but didn’t want to burden them with too much stuff and if they truly just give it away well… So I opted to give her a love letter as I call it, from me.  I didn’t know what to 'say or ask her something’ so I mentioned that I have a head shot autograph of Simon (her friend Simon Kassianides) and I can add hers to it now and she smiles and says “oh cool, I just saw him a couple of days ago!”  Me: heehee. JHRC I’m such a dweeb.  I didn’t get a Sam autograph cos’ they had sold out by the time I got online to purchase, I coached ninaf though to make sure to smell him so we could report back, since we both forgot to at the photo op :P  So we float out of the room and out into the main area and I finally just started screaming I was so excited – I got to talk to Caitriona Effing Balfe (even if it was brief)  I am so so glad I did this! 

After this was all done it was getting close to our dinner plans for meeting up with other tumblrs, so we eventually got to the restaurant.  How fun to finally meet some of us.  As we came into the room I immediately recognized @rainmanjdog and @mommydog67, we had been chatting while in line for our Cait only photo and didn’t know that we were part of the tumblrs, so funny and we all almost asked each other but didn’t want to risk it – so sad.  Great night hanging with everyone, best story goes to @valkyrie1969 I still chuckle just thinking about it.  So where is the photo of us pointing at the 'Meet and Greet’ room @pentwhistle ?

Overall impression of SamCait – they are two of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool, nicest people.  

Overall impresion of our tumblrs – we are some of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool and nicest people.  

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omg, this is so random, and I'm sorry, but I was backreading and saw the post about Bäckström being a startled cat, and I COULD NOT AGREE MORE because I actually named my cat Nicky after him because she's got such stare-y, startled eyes and face, lmao!!

NICKLAS, LOOK LIKE A CAT? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. Neither do you because it’s been a billion years since you sent me this I’m sorry

Girlfriend Yuri

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  • yuri’s the kinda gf who does that cute thing that girls do, when they squirt out too much moisturizer then wipe the excess on your hands
  • so cute
  • brings you warm drinks on cold days or when you’re having trouble sleeping
  • yet is so taken aback and resistant when you return the favour
  • “you don’t have to do this! I can get my own drink” she’ll insist
  • outdoor dates where you go on hikes or long walks or discover new cafes and restaurants together. then other, chill dates, where you cuddle up on the couch and watch dramas. particulary dramas her members have had a role in
  • “hahaha, look at Sooyoung’s stupid face!” she’ll tease, sending Sooyoung pics of you both watching the drama to drive the girl crazy. but in actual fact yuri is so proud and supportive of the girls omg she loves watching them shine
  • wears white often to bring out her tan which drives you insane
  • “baby, you look so good in that white sundress”
  • *coy look* “wouldn’t I look better without it?”
  • likes to sit on your lap, in almost every situtation. watching tv, while bored, while reading a book … etc. she just likes the warm, safe feeling of being surrounded by your arms and resting her head back on your shoulder
  • she smells so good
  • like, really really good
  • between her shampoo, moisturizer and perfume, her scent lingers on her pillow, the clothes of yours she steals and hangs in the air when she leaves
  • when the scent disappears is when you know she’s been on tour too long
  • so she leaves her perfume behind before going on long tours, so you can spritz the couch cushions and her pillow every so often and feel less lonely
  • smacks your butt while passing
  • melting everytime she interacts with kids. although she’s not the smoothest with them, she is pretty great and most kids fall for her charms easily. and the more you watch her play and make them smile, the more you wonder ‘What would a family with Yuri be like?’
  • she makes you eat healthy
  • so sorry if you’re not into sweet potato chips, kale and all that good stuff
  • judges so hard if you’re caught gobbling up something greasy
  • “you know those foods lead to cancer, right?! don’t you want to spend a long, healthy life with me?”
  • you imagine her as the mom who gives her kids fruits for snacks then maybe some chocolate once in a blue moon
  • you already have plans to sneak your future children sweets under the cover of darkness, hiding a stash from their super healthy mom and slipping a bar or two into their lunch box
  • but kids are far, far in the future
  • yuri’s still trying to get recognized for all her hard work. despite her all-rounded talent (singing,dancing, acting, mc'ing, etc) she’s not recognized enough for it imo :/ so she’s busy with that, leaving little time to think about kids
  • also, you already own dogs which are your children … for now
  • you even act like they’re your kids
  • “no, no, do you want to be put on time out? DO YOU? bold, bold boy!”
  • the kinda girl to bite your lip while pulling away from a kiss
  • gets rough and passionate and can leave your lips swollen and neck covered in bruises
  • she’s a super cool person, that’s not going to be overly jealous or domineering. while she can speak for herself and will speak up if she feels the need to, she knows that a relationship is build on trust between 2 ppl. cares so much for you, always going out of her way to show this. but expects nothing in return. which means you need to show this beautiful, dedicated woman just how much she’s worth, how special and amazing she is
  • while the relationship isn’t one of those fiery passionate ones, there’s an undeniable love and bond that will overcome the test of time

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uuUUHH QUESTION it is how do you make your art look sO NICE thanks (your art looks very nice) (esp your colors n your faces) (it isn't actually a question if you wanna talk about your process feel free but it's mostly just a roundabout compliment)

omg im crying this is very sweet!!!

And i’m not very good at explaining my process but lately I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from artists like jc leyendecker and mead schaeffer , especially in terms of their use of color! I very much recommend checking them out; leyendecker in particular is one of my favorite artists of all time and when I really need some inspo I always go to his work!

Also, if you want to go for this style of painting, I recommend paint sai over photoshop because it’s blending style is a little more conducive! Focus on the areas of light and dark and in terms of hue, dont be afraid to experiment. If you look at Ollie’s face in the last pic you’ll see that I relied mostly on greens, yellows, browns, and reds but there’s actually a bit of blue-grey in there as well! And here’s the brush I used for the majority of the last picture 

Thanks again and hope this was at all helpful!!!

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THIS IS SO NICE IM CRYING AHHH. IM P SURE I LOVE IT LIKE ACTUALLY MY HEAD FEELS SO LIBERATED AND MY FACE LOOKS SO DIFF IN A GOOD WAY??? also just learned a lot about myself bc apparently my hair isnt even curly at all when it’s short? wtf??? it’s like close to pin straight???? and i have cowlicks at the back? cute???? hahaha its not like the PERF pixie cut and the stylist was sort of rushing and probs was like ugh why am i the person who is landed w completely transforming this girl’s look, but i feel like it’s a rly good first step into the land of short hair and i think i look rly hot n interestingly masc or androgynous a bit which makes me so happy wow (i’ll upload a pic when i’m home if i can!!!!!!) 

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So me and my gansey-loving self would love to see someone actually complimenting Gansey to his face?? Like, we get a LOT of Gansey love (*cough* ronan, adam *cough*) in internal monologues, but everything actually said to him comes out as a jab at his fashion sense or a sarcastic remark about his obsession with Glendower and like... do u have any hcs about times when the gangsey gave Gansey legitimate and genuine compliments and he just LIGHTS UP with joy??

okay yes!! i think other people have probably done better meta about love languages than i’m capable of, but i think gansey definitely needs verbal confirmation and validation, where everyone else shows their love in other ways? ronan is explicitly Not Verbal about his feelings but.. for the others….

imagine adam complimenting gansey in a way that totally takes him off guard? like, they’re working on something, maybe homework? and adam is having trouble with something, which is always a fast-track to frustrated anger, but gansey intervenes with some helpful trick before it gets that far, and adam just lets out a sigh and goes, “thanks, gansey. that was really smart.” and gansey shakes his head and chalks it up to his privileged education or something, and adam just goes, “still smart,” and gansey is oddly flattered and proud and doesn’t really know how to respond, because adam is probably the brightest person he knows, so it means a lot coming from him.

imagine henry openly and unashamedly swooning over gansey, probably in some over-the-top way. “third, you look like a model in this lighting. hold pose, let me grab my phone. have you considered instagram? you could sell #products with that jawline.” and gansey probably blushes a little and brushes it off, and henry just catches his eye and is like, “i mean it. you’re a stud. kingly, some might say.” and gansey just finds himself smiling like a dork and he feels warm and genuinely Appreciated and :’)

imagine, even emo-er, blue and gansey a few days after he comes back to life. them laying down together somewhere, maybe out back under the beech tree, looking up at the stars. they still haven’t figured out if they can safely kiss again, so they haven’t, and the last few days haven’t been easy, not at all, but there’s still something freeing about knowing they have futures stretched out in front of them, about knowing that their futures are twisted together because neither of them are going anywhere. and maybe they’re talking about something, anything, idk what, something magic or something unexpectedly ordinary after everything they’ve been through, and blue is just overcome with like. affection and gratitude and relief that gansey is here and breathing when he really really shouldn’t be. so she cuts him off, in the middle of whatever he’s saying, because she can’t stand not saying it any longer: “i love you, gansey.” and, like, gansey knows that. of course he knows that. but hearing it, looking her in the eye when she says it and believing it, fully and completely, is Something Else. something so deeply emotional that it takes is breath away, that he can’t do anything except hold her and whisper it back. 

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I love your story and all your characters and so who ends whith who will not hurt my shipping heart, buuut... I think Frederick and Arlo are the true pairing. They even look at each over in the character pages. Coincidence? I don't think so! Jokes aside... You're amazing, your writing is, your pics are... I'm happy to see you back. (The dancing scene was amazing). ♥

nuuu i don’t deserve this, thank you so much ;-; ♡

lmaoo omg they actually do though. idk, i don’t see them ever getting along, but in some au i’m sure they got some “i hate you but come closer so i can kiss your face rly hard” kind of thing going on.

Rant about the match

Those pitch invaders were completely uncalled for, like, what were they trying to do? All they achieved was ruining the end of the match because they stopped the ceremony that Josh had planned from actually happening. Also that streaker in the middle was so annoying, plus the looks on all the boys faces (although they were priceless), just looked so fed up. Plus, when did it become ok to boo a team??? like omg I wanted to jump through my screen and yell at those disrespectful people to shut up, no wonder this match was a whole lot less enthusiastic, the audience were all pricks to the Allstars. Yes, they probably just wanted the sidemen to win again, but to actually BOO a team… I’m disappointed

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ugh. why do people post no makeup selfies and caption them like “ugh i look SO gross here i look SO bad my eyebrows look AWFUL my face looks DISGUSTING” like okay… damn… so what are you thinking about me and other women who choose to go makeup free? what does that say about your thoughts on women’s natural faces?

also… your face doesn’t look disgusting without makeup, it’s your FACE. that’s the real face that you have. it is what you actually look like. that is the face you were born with. no man alive ever says “omg look how disgusting i am without makeup” because they are allowed to just have faces. what is so wrong…. with a natural face.


Ok so when it’s my turn to take the picture, I go up and I ask Sebastian what were we going to do for it like “What are we doing, Sebastian? What are we doing?” and he goes:

“I don’t know but your hair looks AMAZING!”

I’m like 8D *internal dying animal noises*

But I keep my cool and I’m like “Thank you! Would you like to touch it?” because this is just a thing that happens so I wanted to offer since he complimented it.

He was like “No but can I just rest my head on it.” and I you’re goddamn fucking right I said yes.

A stronger and far better woman than I might have said no, but I am not that woman.


He looks so fucking happy laying in my hair though, like I can’t even breathe right now y'all and it’s been HOURS.

This is the man who actually leaned over and took a selfie with me even though the handlers said no.

This is the man who got in trouble for giving too many hugs despite the handlers giving him absolute glares of doom and faces of “WTF ARE YOU DOING SEBASTIAN?! WE SAID NO!”

This is the man who went out of his way to make each experience with his fans work out the way they wanted it to and who did it all with the most wonderful smile on his face.

This man… this absolutely dorky sweetheart of a beautiful man is everything.















Moral of the story: Challenge yourself and try new things. You never know where you’ll end up.

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omg!! i just read a text post on protectmarkjin and it was about 2jae when JB did a sexual hand gesture and Youngjae reacted to it. and now i'm wondering if you know about it because i didn't and i'm freaking out!

Hello, my dear!!

I had actually only been vaguely aware of this exchange until I came across this beautiful gifset that shows the exchange with explanations!! Honestly, I cannot get over it because do you SEE Youngjae’s face?? He is so fake scandalized and amused, and Jaebum looks so proud of himself!!

[GIF by mjbm]

Like, honestly, I just love this moment because, like Danielle pointed out, it could be interpreted as either just them joking around or it could be Jaebum lowkey confessing again, but either way I just love the way it shows how playful they are together! The fact that they make dirty jokes to each other just delights me for some reason, haha! It’s like my lowkey obsession with this moment from the first episode of GOT7ing.

I just get so incredibly amused by this entire exchange, and I find the way Youngjae actually turns to Jaebum and then they share their amusement at the dirty reference together to be just really… is it wrong to say adorable??? I’m just so fond of the idea of the two of them having inside jokes and references, and if some of them are dirty, well… perhaps there’s a reason based on 2jae’s history of, well, a certain level of interactions! ( x x x )

y’all i got astory to tell. Remember the Kylie Jenner challenge, course y’all do, because us black people were laughing they asses off cause white people was ruining they lips, so anyways, i was in 8th grade, wasnt that long ago, only a year ago, ain’t nobody noticed my lips before fam, so i go into first period, let me tell y’all i was the only black girl their in that class and like 2 other black boys in their, and im sitting in a group with 3 white girls and 1 black boy, we doing some language arts shit reading and what not, and i have this habit of resting bitch face, and my lips get all pouty plump and they be looking REAL cute. Like i kind of got them baby lips, so while I’m trying to get work done, because i wanna get it done fast and all i hear is 

and im just sitting like, “The fuck going on?” and the two other white girls just looked excited for some reason, and im just so confused. And they got big ole smiles on they fucking face and they ask me, “OMG your lips are so big, how did you get them like that, did you do the Kylie Jenner Challenge.” AND Y’ALL, i just sit there silent, i look at the black boy at the group and we just stare at them

and we just talking with our eyes like, “Is they serious my nigga.” “I think they are, just play along with them.” “But they stupid” “Just do it” “Aight”

So I look them straight in they eyes despite me being shy and having social anxiety smiling and tell them..

“Actually, no, I was actually born with these lips, so why would I need to do a challenge like that when my lips are natural.”

And they just got this awkward smile on they faces and they drop the conversation, and it got all quiet at the table and I felt so proud of myself y’all.