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Happy Asian Invasion and Ace Day! I love that two parts of my identity can be shown off in one day~ AA for the win!

I’m Chinese-Canadian (second gen) and Biromantic (maybe demiromantic) Asexual! To be honest, I’ve struggled with both Chinese and Asexual identities, so it feels great to finally be able to come to terms with them uwu. 

My family’s from the southern parts of China and we all speak Toishan and also Cantonese! Everyone in my immediate family is living in Canada, having emigrated from China a long time ago. However, I’m the first generation born here as a Canadian citizen. As an Asian, I’m always told my eyes look “chinky” in pictures. For me, that’s always been a turning point away from having my picture taken and taking selfies of myself. But I’ve learned to live with this epicanthal fold because it’s an epicanthal fold! :) I can smile all the same! I’m sick of being sterotyped as delicate, weak and polite. And my culture is so much more than kung-fu (stop screaming HI-YAH! at me), Chinese food (you mean… American food…), qipao sexy clothes and “doing things opposite of us”. I hope I can inspire others to love who they are too and break past the mold of “Type A/B Asian”. We are so much more than that.

And I love being Asexual too! I’ve beaten myself over and over about feeling so alienated from feeling no sexual attraction at all, something which I called “Furniture Complex”. Learning about asexuality and that it’s a legit thing has told me that “yes, I’m still human”, “love does not equal sex” and most importantly “you are not without love”. Knowing this now, I want to do all I can to support asexual awareness so that others know that they aren’t broken at all. They can feel all the love they need. 

Special thanks to everything-jade​ for the ace ring! Mine’s from Forever21, but here’s my post on Green Earth’s black rings if you’d like to have one!

What is asexuality? 

An asexual is simply someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction to anyone. There can be multiple identities within this spectrum, such as demi-asexuals, who only feel sexual attraction when they’ve formed a bond with someone or sex-neutral asexuals, who are fine with sex but still feel no sexual attraction to anyone. If you feel that this might be something happening in your life, take a look at The Asexual Visibility Network’s site or let’s talk about it! 

A lot of asexuals (aces) struggle with feeling like something is wrong with them, especially with the cultural message of “sex = love”, or they may have been seen as weird, fragile holy things, and the ever so famous “prude”. It doesn’t mean we can’t love or can’t feel love at all! ♥


A few months ago I stumbled upon tumblr user @pfaerie ‘s Hawke-in-a-dragon-kigurumi (pictured above) and was INSTANTLY SMITTEN. It took like six spools of red thread and one mutilated baseball cap in addition to the normal sewing paraphernalia, but I did it! I drove my poor mother crazy (”NO, that’s not how it is in the PICTURE!”) but I think it came out pretty darn good, so all’s well that ends well. ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

All credit for the idea/design of this goes to @pfaerie whose creation this actually is. Thank you for letting me bring this adorable little Hawke to life! ( ˊᵕˋ )♡