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Aaaaaaaallllll right! So to start up the Arranged Marriage!AU I drew up a couple of quick doodles of Twily and Rarebear as they appear in said world. Based on the large amount of votes and my own interest in it, Twilight for this AU is a Sphinx, a big cat-like creature with wings and a head that looks equine. Typically, Sphinx don’t have horns, but Twi’s… well, a special case. Before I get into that, here’s the basic synpiosis I’ll be working off of for the worldbuilding:

As a show of actively trying to maintain their peace treaty as the world threatens to spill into a world war, the King of Equestria and the Emperor of Saddle Arabia come upon the agreement of arranging a marriage between their children. Given that Rarity is the king’s oldest daughter, he chooses her, while the Emperor chooses his daughter Twilight Sparkle. Despite the arrangement being nothing more than a political decision, Twi and Rarity try to make the best of the situation.

So for Twi, I said earlier that she was unique, and that’s because she’s illegitimate child of the Emperor. Her father a sphinx, her mother a lowly maid he fooled around with, Twilight is a half-breed and despite being one of the youngest the Emperor saw her as the best fit for this arrangement. “What better to show the union between our countries than the literal offspring of such a union?”

Twilight in this AU is trilingual (can speak Equish, Prench, and Saddlerabic), has her perusual intelligence, and an adept magic user (moreso than the typical sphinx), but she is far more insecure about her place in the world and often prefers to be out of the limelight. As an illegitimate child, Twi has mostly been told all her life to stay out of sight and therefor out of mind. She is the “lapse of the Emperor’s judgement”, the mistake, and her remaining in the royal family is more or less the Emperor’s show that he takes on all of his responsibilities… even his mistakes. Not that he, or the rest of the family, legitimately cares for her. The marriage arrangement was essentially the only thing the Emperor saw her as useful for.

Rarity on the other hand grew up in a loving house… er, castle-hold with the King and Queen her adoring parents. She’s every bit the Rarity we know in the show albeit with better control over her dramatic nature (only around those she doesn’t quite know of course) and, of course, her place as the future Queen of Equestria. Unlike Twilight, who had no choice in the matter, Rarity was actually given the choice to refuse should she not want to go through with the arrangement. But Rarity agreed to it, albeit moreso because she felt obligated to do so, but she appreciates the sentiment all the same from her parents.

At the moment my brain’s kinda short-circuiting so that’s all I have so far on these two. I’ll build on them the more I figure out how this world works. Also, since I changed Twi’s species I might end up doing that with the rest of the Mane 6 aside from Rarity and one other M6 character…. maybe Applejack?? In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions and I hope you like the idea thus far!

fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do the RFA + V with an MC who CANNOT sleep in a house alone. Like she's paranoid about someone breaking in, watching her in her sleep, etc. So by the party she's sleep deprived and close to passing out.

Wow look at cat mom actually doing stuff!! Much productive such write!! Sorry for not being active lately due to some personal matters and overall crappy health, but I promise to try my best from now on.

Onto your request: Yikes I want to wrap this MC in a blanket and put her to sleep like omg who gives a damn about this party lol. Anyways, here you go, love! I ignored everything that happened in each party because that would’ve changed… well, your entire request, especially in certain routes. Just think of it as a neutral party? Taking Jaehee’s route as an example.

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • the moment is perfect and this baby boy is more than ready to become a Manly Man and give you that well-deserved kiss you both have been waiting for.
  • and he’s going for it, he wraps his arms around you and leans in for a kiss, but right before closing his eyes he notices how drained you look.
  • the bags under your eyes can be seen from space oh dear god.
  • of course the stupid kiss doesn’t matter anymore.
  • and he beats himself up for not noticing it before?
  • immediately starts interrogating you.
  • sweetie you’re not helping let poor MC at least process the questions.
  • instead of answering any of them, you mumble something unintelligible and hold tightly to his arms.
  • you got like two hours of sleep last night, your eyelids are heavy and your whole body feels like jelly so you’re thankful for the extra support.
  • but while your busy letting yourself go in his arms, he straight up freaks out because—are you passing out right now, MC?
  • oh god oH GOD PLEASE DON’T.
  • once he takes you somewhere quiet, gets you a chair, and makes certain you’re somewhat more stable, he squats down in front of you and holds your hand, stroking it softly as he listens to what’s been troubling you.
  • if only he would’ve known sooner…
  • “I’m so sorry you had to go through that by yourself, MC.”
  • you can see true anguish in every corner of his face.
  • after a brief discussion with the rest of RFA, he offers to take you home and promises to stay with you until you feel better.
  • and even though he doesn’t say this out loud, he would gladly, ahem, sleep right next to you if it’ll make you feel safe and sound.


  • this place is so crowded and noisy and holY SHIT you look like you’re dying, MC, what the hell happened?
  • he’s eavesdropping on you and it’s quite evident you’re trying your best to make conversation with guests but you’re so disconnected from everything, stuttering and fidgeting and spacing out.
  • so he approaches you and carefully places a hand on your shoulder to help you out a little and pull you back to earth.
  • and… you startle at his touch and screech, he screeches as well and backs up, everybody goes quiet, things get awkward, suddenly the concept of spontaneous combustion sounds nice and fitting.
  • in order to avoid making things worse, though, he smiles for the guests, suggests them to try the food and takes you somewhere less crowded.
  • it’s not really a pleasant talk because you feel so dizzy and you’re afraid he may start nagging you for not getting enough sleep.
  • yet not surprisingly enough, he gets mad at everyone but you.
  • he’s mad at seven and v for leaving you all alone in someone else’s apartment and refusing to reveal your location
  • what was the point of that anyway?
  • he’s also mad at himself for not being there for you.
  • and while he rattles on and on about RFA’s irresponsible and careless members, your legs start feeling heavy and your vision gets blurry.
  • whoops, there goes MC who is now all passed out on the floor.
  • OH SHIT.
  • nope nope nope he’s getting you out of there rIGHT NOW.
  • not a chance he’s letting you stay at the party, you need a good ol’ beauty sleep to recharge and get better.


  • she’s been in your position more times than she can count.
  • it’s pretty obvious she recognizes all the signs of a sleep deprived individual.
  • and she’s honestly the sweetest and most caring of them all?
  • like honey, you’ve done more than enough for this huge success of a party, you’re even trying to socialize and interact with guests while struggling to stand and walk.
  • everything’s been taken care of and the guys are handling the party just fine, you don’t need to worry and you’re going home right. now.
  • because having you wander around while close to passing out could do more harm than you leaving early.
  • when she mentions driving you somewhere nearby rika’s apartment so you can get some sleep, your face immediately drops.
  • oh…?
  • she’s quick to pick up your reaction and asks for an explanation.
  • after you provide her one, she deadpan nods and grabs you by the arm.
  • okay then it’s settled, she has no choice but to take you to her place.
  • when you both arrive, she puts you to bed and offers you a warm cup of tea to help you relax before heading out.
  • except she barely makes it two inches far from her bed because there’s something desperately pulling her sleeve.
  • she hesitates for a moment and urges you that you’re safe here, there are no bomb threats or possible intruders or hackers slash kidnappers waiting for the right time to take you away.
  • plus they’re expecting her at the party.
  • but… you’re persistent and you seem genuinely distressed thus she can’t just go on with her day knowing you’re feeling unsafe.
  • so she lies down next to you and lets you rest your head on her chest, and she promises to stay by your side until you wake up.
  • her heart is pounding like crazy and her cheeks are bright red, poor thing may explode at any given second but it’s okay it’s all good, it feels nice having you this close.
  • you soon fall asleep together and it’s the cutest thing.


  • as soon as he arrives, he eagerly starts looking for you.
  • an alluring being among the crowd he simply cannot wait to meet, where can they be? you can tell how anxious he is just by looking at his left cuff.
  • he’s fidgeting with it nonstop.
  • he asks about your whereabouts to every RFA member and guest he encounters without any luck.
  • until he bumps into seven and pops out the same question yet again.
  • “there,” he answers while pointing at his back.
  • five seconds later you crash into him, both of you losing balance for a moment.
  • “are you drunk, MC?”
  • though harsh and quite direct, he tries to be discreet about it.
  • and in his defense, you do look a bit drunk and disoriented.
  • this isn’t how he imagined getting to meet you.
  • still, he’s a gentleman resolved to help you avoid embarrassment and discomfort, and instead of dwelling on the reasons behind your current state right there, he escorts you outside to have a talk.
  • what? what do you mean you’ve barely slept in the past two weeks?
  • he refrains from lecturing you because 1) you look like you could faint at any minute and 2) he doesn’t want to upset someone who’s already upset enough, it’d be no help.
  • “you should’ve called, why didn’t you? I would’ve kept you company.”
  • you know it’s serious when executive director jumin han is willing to sacrifice his sleep and tight schedule just to make sure you’re having a good night’s sleep.
  • but since “it’s no use crying over spilled milk” his words and he has zero fucks to give, he suggests fleeing from the party.
  • no worries he ends up calling jaehee to let her know you’re feeling unwell.
  • after getting into his car, you fall asleep on his shoulder.
  • he stays still and watches you sleep in silence, a cute, barely noticeable smile across his face.


  • oh noes.
  • he’s seen that “do i want death or am i already dead who the hell knows at this point” look you’re pulling off.
  • where, you may be wondering? oh, that’s right, in the fucking mirror every goddamn night for the past fifteen years of his life.
  • you look like a zombie wandering around the room, you’re bumping into people and making a mess your way.
  • you haven’t even realized there’s a wine stain on your pretty clothes.
  • otherwise, he’s afraid you’ll pass out cold and the last thing you need right now is a concussion, so he comes up to you and greets you with one of his dumb jokes in order to lift your spirit.
  • it kinda works but you’re still looking… well, dead, and moody.
  • a moody zombie? yeah, that’s about it.
  • refusing to give up on you just yet, he grabs your hand and promises to stay by your side throughout the whole night so you can lean on him, literally, whenever you feel like you’re about to faint.
  • what was that? do you want to leave early instead? that’s cool too, jaehee will take care of everything don’t you worry, my brave soldier.
  • defender of justice seven zero seven’s got your back!!
  • you eventually leave the party together but you don’t go very far, instead, you lay down on a park nearby to contemplate the sky.
  • he’s telling you stories about the clouds idly passing by when he hears a sweet little snore.
  • it’s you!! you’ve fallen asleep on his chest, aw.
  • all the blood in his system gathers on his cheeks and he is now all red, you can’t tell his hair apart from his face.
  • and in order to keep you warm and well protected, he embraces you with both arms and kisses your head.
  • later on he falls asleep too because he’s just as sleep deprived as you.


  • surprise surprise! much to everyone’s expectations, lovely boy has decided to show up to the party!
  • and he’s so excited to meet you after hearing so many positive things about you and how you’ve put every ounce of energy into RFA’s party.
  • he needs to thank you properly!!
  • spotting you amidst the guests isn’t really hard as there’s a bunch of people gathered in the center of the room making commotion.
  • apparently, someone has fainted? he can hear yoosung screaming and asking people to make some room, zen is yelling something about CPR, and jaehee is rushing to the crowd while dialing what it seems to be 119.
  • what in the world…?
  • determined to do some damage control, he hurries to reach jaehee and tries to find out what the hell is going on.
  • “it appears MC has passed out and we don’t know the reason.”
  • no need to say more.
  • he kindly but firmly asks people to stay back so that you can get some air, and he also sends yoosung to get you a chair to sit on.
  • zen is in charge of bringing you a glass of water because boy needs to calm the eff down.
  • five minutes later he manages to sit you upright in a chair, away from the crowd and where you can get some fresh air.
  • six pairs of concerned eyes are piercing right through you while you try to regain consciousness, only one of them hidden behind sunglasses.
  • you may not see those eyes clearly, but they carry the most guilt out of all of them.
  • in his usual soft caring voice, he does an attempt to ask you what’s wrong, and as he gets the answer he was expecting, he frowns and strokes your hair.
  • “why didn’t you say anything? we could’ve helped you.”
  • were it not for the mess he’s sunken in thanks to rika, he would’ve gone to the apartment himself to make sure you were getting some sleep.

malchinftw  asked:

Hi Neko! I need some help. I've tried drawing a body for both a male and female for hours now, but I can't seem to be able to do it. Do you have any tips that could help me?

I’m no expert, but I’ll try my best~

Male and Female bodies traditionally hold weight and mass in different areas, which is the main way to make something look commonly masculine and feminine. 

Spooky Scary Skeletons:

The male skeleton holds more mass in the upper torso. Their chest has broader shoulders, having a head length on both shoulders. The female has about ½ - ¾ head with on the shoulders.

Another noticeable area of difference is the hips. Male skeletons have a heart shaped pelvis, where females have a rounded pelvis. This helps females give birth.

Also, the angle of the femur on both skeletons are different. Males have a pretty straight femur, where female femurs tend to curve inward.

So, how does this help me draw?

If you stick these two skeletons together, you’ll get something like this:

Looks simple enough right? Let’s add some mass to that:

Notice how in the male body, the shoulders are noticeably wider than the hips. 

Contrary, the female body is noticeably wider in the hips than the chest.

Also, if you pay attention to my style, I use a lot more sharp lines and angles for the male body, whereas the female body uses curves and soft lines. This is because straight lines give a more active or strong appearance to a character, whereas round and soft give a childlike or supportive appearance.

To emphasize my point, let’s turn them 90°

Notice how the male is bulkier and straight lined and the female curves a lot more? If you truly want your character to look predominantly male or female, use the angles/curves present in typical male/female structures. 

Like I said, I’m no expert, but these are things I’ve picked up while studying anatomy on my own. I hope it helps yu a little. \(QuQ)/

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm an ARMY not a Monbebe but I still really love the boys and I keep up with their activities. I saw the other day that Vlive where they got hypnotized and my heart was touched. I was looking for some blog to just tell my idea. For Jooheon's birthday Monbebes could donate in his name to foundations meant to rescue jungle cats from abusive owners, circus, etc like the Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation. I think it would mean a lot to him, and would ease his heart. Sorry if I'm overstepping.

Not at all. Thanks for sending the nice idea!

anonymous asked:

I actually choose to have a best friend relationship w/characters or people instead of a romantic relationship (I'm aromantic btw 😅). So, could you please do like... a 'being best friends with' kind of request every now and then? If so, I would like to request a being best friends w/Yuri Plisetsky, plz. Thanks and I love your work! I agree with the anon who said you should start a writing blog. I'd love to see your writing expand. - Aromantic cinnamon bun anon 👤

When I saw this in my inbox, I completely flipped. I love reading best friend headcanons and I’ve always wanted to write one so I got super excited to answer it!! Though, I’ve never written one so bear with me. And thanks for the feedback on the writing blog thing! It means a lot.

Alright, here we go.

- Best friends w/Yuri Plisetsky -

  • Cats
  • So many cats
  • “He is beauty, he is grace~”
  • “He will punch you in the face!”
  • “Rude.”
  • C O N F U S I O N
  • Much anger, very frightening
  • Awkward coffee dates where people coo at you two and ask if you’re a couple
  • Having to stop him from yelling at said people
  • Shipping him with Otabek
  • “I told you to stop shipping us!”
  • “But why?”
  • 😷
  • Scaring the living daylights out of him every know and then for a good laugh
  • Anxiety without your constant support
  • “We’ll be alright, its only a few weeks for competition.”
  • “Yeah, but who’s gonna make fun of people with me?”
  • “No one, because that activity is for us only.”
  • “Idiot”
  • Being taller than him
  • And oh, how he hates being shorter
  • “Does Katsuki Yuri is gay?”
  • “101% sure he is.”
  • Pranks
  • “Why are we here?”
  • “Because your wardrobe actually came straight out of 1985 and to be my best friend, you can’t just dress like that.”
  • “I’m taking offense to that. My clothes look amazing.”
  • “Your clothes look amazing in the trash, just like you.”
  • “Rude.”
  • Forcing him to wear cat ears for the sake of your Tumblr
  • Him hating you for it later
  • Especially when the photo gets spread all over social media
  • He refuses to talk to you for a week
  • It sucks.
  • Giving him a cute name on your phone to tease him with
  • Emoji usage
  • All the time
  • It annoys him to no end
  • “You’re cute when you’re angry.”
  • “Then I must be adorable right now.”
  • Braiding his hair for competition
  • Refusing to tell you how much he likes how you do his hair
  • Plot twist, you already know^^
  • Losing your shoes at the ice rink
  • Forcing him to help you find them
  • Never finding your shoes
  • “Someone’s butt just touched mine.”
  • “That’s me, you idiot. Move over.”
  • Movie night w/the other skaters^^
  • “You have beef jerky and you are going to give me some.”
  • “Get your own.”
  • “Rude.”
  • “Do you have food?”
  • “No.”
  • “You filthy liar.”
  • Going to America together and eating at McDonald’s
  • “Why is my Happy Meal toy missing its head?”
  • “Because you killed it.”
  • “Rude.”
  • Inside jokes
  • A N I M E
  • Going back to the rink together
  • “gUYS. I THInk I fouND MY SHoe!”
  • “Wait, no, false alarm. Its the wrong shoe.”
  • “Why are you like this?”
  • Stealing his Russia jacket
  • Hanging out at your house
  • “I’m right here, with the naughty kids.”
  • “Where do you keep your holy water because you need to repENT YOUR SINS YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!”
  • Putting water in a spray bottle
  • Spraying him like a cat when he’s being mean
  • “What is even in that!?”
  • “The blood of my enemies. Hold still for your bath now, Timmy!”

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This is an appreciation post! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends!

omg thank u babe!!! <3

im not putting this under a cut bc y'all should read this n experience the love ok thank u have a wonderful day my peaches ily

small simblrs:

  • @winterbjorn - she is one of the sweetest simblrs and one of my favs!!! omg and her sims are sosososo cute (even if she is alpha….jkjkjkjk)
  • @nervous—subject - her story is 2 good and imo 2 underrated??? the editing is a+ too, so soft and pretty omg
  • @tinybittoxic - how could i not mention my babe???? her legacy + im a lover challenge is just TOO good n not 2 mention her legacy actually made me tear up??? me/??? whose heart is made of stone???
  • @bericlain - literally in love w/ her sims n her legacy. followed bc of her april fools joke that had me in tears for at least an hr, have had no regrets sense
  • @simgerale - one of the biggest hype wingmen on simblr??? and sos osososo nice??? im still here 4 a simgerale fan club @granitesfall where u at
  • @granitesfall - i lov. just look @ their legacy. you will lov too

honestly like there are so many lil simblrs i wanna put here?!?!?! bc i love u all so much?!?!?!?! i may not like everythin bc the mobile app on my phone sux and thats when i do most of my lurkin but trust me babes i see what ur doing and i am Loving It

most active followers

  • @cat-nerd-sims - idk im in love w/ her and every time i see her blow up my notifications it makes me so happy. if u dont follow her, im sry but ur wrong. her legacy is a+ and her editing is a+ and she is a+
  • @momobunniisims - i can always tell when momo is on tumblr bc she’s always blowing up my notifications w/ likes n replies of love n motivation!!!! she was one of my first followers back when i started my simblr and she has supported me every step of the way???? i love her and u should too
  • @bratsims - almost the same w/ momo, brat is my Babe n i have loved her since the day i followed her and she followed me??? and she has always supported all of my attempts at legacies and my horrible sim edits and just???? seeing her legacy blow up and get the recognition it deserves has literally made me SO HAPPY and she is the absolute sweetest?? i love u brat!!!!

non-mutual blogs

honestly there are just so many simblrs i wanna include on all of these lists but??!?!?!? it would be 2 much and i dont wanna annoy everyone w/ these tags???? but pls just remember that i love all of u very much!!!!!!!

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 3: The Time The Lesson Was Slightly More Prepared

Recommended Song: Blanket Kick by BTS

|All Chapters|


Now that a weekly session schedule had been agreed on you had time to prepare something. You soon find that things tend to go off course when dealing with the Golden Maknae.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2335

Length: 3/?

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July Camp Nano Cabin Mates

Reblog if you’ll be taking part in July Camp and are still looking for cabin mates!

What kind of cabin mates are you looking for? Message who you like the sound of!!

My ongoing project is a fantasy series but doing a contemporary fiction for July, 30k goal. British but working nights so can have writing buddies in any timezone. Love an active cabin with chat and sprints and definitely up for future projects together after camp.
Bonus points: twenty somethings, will let me show you pictures of my cats


*click through to read on ao3

written by: @muchmorethanaprincess | Lo

prompt: ‘Octavia persuades Bellamy to get a cat because it’ll be a lot less work than a dog, but his cat is the most affectionate cat ever, and suddenly Clarke is around to see the cat All The Time.’ for @islandoforder

word count: 1500

Bellamy decides to get a cat on the logic that he’s not sure he has the energy to be a dog person. Cats don’t require daily walks, they’re litter box trained, and they clean themselves.

So he goes to the rescue area of Petsmart, just to look. He’s not quite sure what he wants, but when he sees her—a mostly black, huge cat that looks like it hasn’t moved from it’s cushy bed in the last twelve hours—all he can think is that she seems like she just needs a couch to hang out on.

He calls the number of the rescue organization, and meets with the lady in charge, somehow convincing her that he would be a responsible cat owner despite never having had one in his life. His description of himself as a teacher who spends a lot of time at home seems to catch her interest, and from there it’s just paperwork and her giving him advice via the cat’s foster people.

He calls Clarke on the way home, the cat yowling in a cardboard pet box in front of his passenger seat.

“Hey what’s up? What is that?” she asks instantly.

That is my new best friend.”

“You’re replacing me?” she says, feigning despondence. “What will I do?”

“Actually, now that I think of it, she’ll probably be your new best friend. That’s my cat.”

“You got a cat.”

“Yep. She’s like, fifteen pounds, and she looks like she’s vaguely irritated at the world all the time, and she’s lovingly known as ‘Pretty Kitty,’ so we’ve gotta change that shit, obviously.”

Clarke sputters out a laugh.

“Yeah her owner was probably some old lady that died or something, with a name like that. She’s seven, and I know older cats don’t get adopted as much, and she’s been at the rescue for a long time, so I figured I would give her a good home. She’s not very active, so she won’t need a lot of space, which is perfect for my apartment.”

Clarke awws and tells him that she’ll come over to meet her once he’s home.

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The Sea Cat meets El Matador Del Mar

“Damn spooks,” she spat, spitefully but vainly giving a tug to the cell door. “If you weren’t dead already, you definitely will be once I find my way out.”

“The only reason you’re alive, señorita,” the ghostly Spaniard seethed, with stale, stagnant black blood oozing from his lips. “Is because I have use for you.”

“Aren’t you too dead for that kind of activity?” Sea Cat asked, propping an elbow on the bars as she smirked at the specter, especially when the look of surprise and slight disgust came across his features.

“Maldita mujer pirata!” he wheezed angrily, stamping his cane like a spoiled child would his foot as he turned away from the cell holding her.

“I may not speak Spanish, but I’ve pissed off enough of your people to know those words at least.” Sea Cat said. “And I take offense.”

“Offense? Offense?” the ghost captain turned back to her, laughing in a quiet, but almost mad way as he marched up to—and then through—the bars of the cell, forcing her to take a few steps back to maintain the desired distance between them. The laughter led to a smile on his face, accompanied by his head tilting to one side, like a dog looking at a shiny, new ball.

“You take offense to words used by my people when your kind have taken… everything from me?” he seethed. “You plunder, pillage, ransack and loot… kill, and curse—”

“Oh, then that explains the…” she paused as she glanced at the cracked—and somewhat missing—portion of his face. “That. Well, who did you piss off to warrant that kind of makeover?”

Salazar leaned back, black locks billowing around his face like ink droplets dripped into a glass of water, and his eyes looked away from her and his tongue numbly traced over cracked lips.

“Pirates had infected the seas for generations, taking the life of my father and his father before him. So, I vowed to end this plague once and for all. And that’s what I did. I destroyed dozens of ships… One ship was trying to escape from the smoke. And then, in the crow’s nest, there was this young pirate… boy. He tried to outrun me, then tricked me with a damned bootleg turn… He did this to me. He filled me with naught but rage… rage that has cursed me to this damned existence…”


The Spaniard shot his gaze back to Sea Cat, who now stood with her arms crossed over her torso, and with what could only be described as the kind of look a mother would have when scolding her child on her face. His grip tightened on the hilt of his sword and he swung his body around to face her, but couldn’t get a word out before she continued.

“The only person who can fill you with hate is yourself, no one else,” she said, expression the same. “That boy did nothing but escape you. You made the choice to start hating him, ergo your… condition, is your own damned fault. Time you grew a pair and realized it, amigo.”

This was so much fun to read! If you write any more please send it my way.

anyway here are some headcanons about back in the day when noctis volunteered at an animal shelter (canon? i think? i dek the amount of supplementary material is Many and i’m not sure what’s real anymore)

  • noctis lucis caelum, the cat whisperer 
    • very good at getting stressed & nervous cats to calm down and feel comfortable around him
  • sometimes his supervisors will come in and he’ll just be on the ground buried in cats
  • prompto comes with him sometimes bc of course he does and all the dogs love prompto because he runs with them 
  • eventually the animals start to associate the presence of one of them with the other, so like the cats will see prompto and will get really active and start meowing and looking around for noctis, the dogs will see noctis and get really PUMPED! BECAUSE THE RUNNER BOY IS HERE!!! WHERE IS HE, RUNNER BOY’S FRIEND????
    • one day prompto can’t come (bc he has work or something) and noctis gently explains to the dogs that “sorry, he’s not here today. it’s just me this time but i’ll do my best” and he gets dragged around town the rest of the day by all the doggies. hijinks ensue and the press has a field day. 
  • on that note, noctis talks to all the animals as if they are people and knows all of their names 
    • a cat knocks over a bowl and u’ll hear noctis like “goddammit puffball i already cleaned up ur kibble twice today please have mercy” “frank please i am begging you take ur medicine”
  • noctis gets prompto to help him take pictures of all the animals to put online to help them get adopted faster
  • an “anonymous donor” regularly sends food, treats, blankets, toys and extremely specific needs that individual animals have and whenever someone asks noctis if that’s him donating all that stuff he’s just kinda like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi gang! My name is Ali and I’m pretty new to understanding my life as a gray-ace panromantic lady. 

I’m 29, I’m from California but I live in Western New York state, and I’m working on my PhD in linguistics.

I like powerlifting, tattoos, cats, feminism, and reading. Right now I’m just looking for more ace friends to help me find my feet better, but who knows what the future may bring. 

I haven’t been using tumblr much recently, I’m much more active on instagram: possible_worlds and here on tumblr dot com: creakyvoices. I check both pretty regularly though - hit me up if you want to chat/bestow life advice/high five.

spooky drabble

Rating: G
Word Count:

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Summary: Adrien starts class

There were a hundred smells in the small classroom, most of them magical. Some of them were foreign to him: the sterile tang of linoleum, the sharp but not unpleasant varnish on the wood, little human-made devices that crackled with mundane energy and smelled like heat and plastic and begged to be broken.

“May I help you?” asked the woman at the front of the class. She had a glamor on, but it didn’t disguise her scent—a salve on his overstimulated nose, warm and mossy. A cervitaur.

“Hey I’m uh—I’m new,” Adrien told her. He wrung his hands together in front of him, twisting his fingers and trying to control himself. There were bound to be other magical beasts in his class, and he didn’t want their first impression of him to be—well, a scaredy-cat.

“Oh yes,” said the woman, smiling reassuringly at him. “They told me you’d be starting today. My name is Caline Bustier. Class will start in a few minutes, so just have a seat wherever you’d like.”

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Brandon Saad #2

Requested by Anon:  Hi I’m a big fan!! You’re so talented! I was wondering if you could write a Brandon Saad drabble? You can make it about anything, maybe a day off together for something. Thanks so much!! :)

*Thank you so sooo much! I hope you like this. I’ve never been to Columbus and I honestly had to research for this – aka ask some of the wonderful people on Tumblr about Columbus. Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 794

Originally posted by alyssaad72

If anything, you love being in Columbus during the off-season because of the North Market’s Peddler’s Picnic, which conveniently only runs from June to October; and what’s a better way to celebrate being back in this wonderful city, a few days before Brandon leaves for camp, than to have a Sunday afternoon off looking at homemade jewelry, organic creams, and little trinkets?

Plus who could say no to a cup of Stauf’s Coffee?

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