my activity looks like a cat

we make and decorate cookies every year in our house, only because we have dinosaur and unicorn and shark cookie cutters that we never use otherwise, we also throw in a few strange ones along with the usual trees and stars. and we have decorations that include eyeballs and bones from Halloween.

so this year my mom invited two little kids over to do it with us so already this is a recipe for success

and my favorite part was teaching them to do sock slides because hi what kind of children don’t do sock slides and their mom being like “oh….we have a new activity…”

but the other best part was that the little girl started out doing purple cats and pink unicorns but by the end she was like I’M GONNA MAKE A SLIMY HAND and made a gross green hand and covered it with candy so it looked like it had a really disgusting disease and my mom and I were SO. PROUD.

A Moment in My Kitchen

A Drama in One Act

Me: oh, hey kitty-boo, you wanna be tall?

Trash Cat does not like being held. She will perch on your forearm, though, as this is quite different.

Me: awww, yeah, you do! Picks cat up. Walks to back door. You wanna look outside?

Cat: stands up, one paw eagerly on the glass. A tiny claw begins to dig into my wrist.

Me: Ow. Ow. Ow ow ow okay wrist, pain, cat, ow maybe off of my–

A faint noise startles the cat.

Cat: *screaming* Cat vaults out of my arms, over my shoulder, and ten feet back. Her tail is very big.

Me, bleeding actively in several places: We are never doing this again.

I’ve been neglecting this blog. Yikes 😫

Anyways, this is my finished work of Lily Collins. I was in a love-hate relationship throughout the process of drawing this because you know how it is.. Some things start to look different after you stop looking at them for a while. I’d go to bed feeling great about it and then when I wake up next morning and look at it, I’ll see every little thing I did wrong.

I’m actually more active on instagram (, because tumblr eats up my data like a hungry hippo. That sucks because I like looking for art reference here better. Still, I’ll try and post some, every now and then.

idk if it’s an active attempt to playing/bonding on his part or just because he’s a vocal cat, but if you go up to Oliver where he can easily see your approach and go “boo!” or “bah!” Oliver will more than likely give a meow that sounds like a little scared scream even if he just continues sitting there calmly and looking up at you.

Look what the cat dragged in

Been a while since I’ve been on here :’) 

Hey everyone. I think I’ll be using Tumblr again, though scarcely. I missed some people, like some friends and other mutuals who were only present on Tumblr. Kind of missed seeing what went on in my friends’ lives and such. Being away from Tumblr for over a year has definitely taken out a lot of unnecessary, negative thoughts and feelings and stress. 

I may not be as active as I used to be. We’ll see. I also kind of want to make some changes, such as username change, icon change, and theme change. I guess I’ll see what happens

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Relationship status: Told myself I wouldn’t pursue a relationship until I finish this draft of my novel, but there’s an engineer sending me elephants and he’s kind of cute, so. We’ll see. 

Favourite Colour: Symbolically, Red. Because passion/love/cherry-flavored things. But like, aesthetically? I prefer writing everything in purple pen.

Pets: My roommate had a cat, once, and my sister has a dog. And lots of my friends are having babies. I’m excellent at loving creatures that I’m not responsible for. 

Last song: Liability, by Lorde. A friend posted a cover of it on Facebook, so I looked up the original. The cover was better. (No offense, Lorde.)

First Fandom: The only fandom I would say I actively belong to is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is my Past, Present, and Future. I’ve watched every episode of Potter Puppet Pals, all three musicals, and own all eight terrible movie adaptations. (jk… the first four don’t suck.) I’ve even read Dramione fan-fiction. That is the only fan-fiction I really get into, actually (sorry if any of you are fanfic writers… it’s just not my thing!)

Hobbies: Having friends. Eating full meals at regular times. Personal hygiene. (Writing and reading are not hobbies; they are life.)

Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, STILL, because it’s really long, guys, I’m sorry. And on Sundays (the day of rest from reading YA), I try to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome. Which is, believe it or not, even longer. I’m on page 600, and I’ve been reading it for like three years. 

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Halloween AU’s

- Okay I work at a haunted house, and its actually the scariest one in this state; are you sure you should be here? You look like you shouldn’t be here- OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAy!!!

-I ask you out on a date to go see the new paranormal activity movie because i know you like that crap, but i’m a huge scaredy cat and faint when that girl dies. Help.

-Okay i get scared super easy and- LOOK IM SORRY I BROKE YOUR NOSE you shouldn’t have jumped out of the bushes like that!

-It’s our 1 year anniversary and you want to take me on a vacation to a cabin but seriously FUCK THAT, don’t you know that means inescapable death?!?

-Okay i know you’re that asshole who pretends to be Jason when you knock on door every Halloween night at like 3 am, but its time for payback- “OH MY GOD RUN THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE HOUSE RUN RUN RUN-” …and you fainted. way to go. maybe all that red paint was overkill.

-i see you’re also rescuing the poor black cats from their doom, would you like to do it together? You know twos better than one, and these cats need the protection.

(this last one can go for any ship your on)

-Are you seriously dressed as Hiccup? Im dressed as Jack… do you see the appeal? Cuz seriously i would totally go down on you right now.

I am like, every weird old cat-lady/witch at the end of the street stereotype right now.

I live in a 1920’s farmhouse in a neighborhood dominated by houses built in the 70’s and apartment buildings from the 90’s.  There is a 30-gallon cast iron cauldron on my front porch.  Anyone looking in my windows will see a lot of clutter, dried flowers, and melee weapons.  I have 4 cats.  My evening consisted of going out for pancakes, some *ahem* extracurricular activity, and now a hot bath and chocolate while Loreena McKennitt plays softly in the background.



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So let’s begin now with my top 5 ships!!

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Kageyama x Hinata (from Haikyuu!!): They are like dog and cat, SO CUTE!!

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Haruka x Makoto (from Free!): … just look at them!!

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Sebastian X Ciel (from Kuroshitsuji): I’m not into shota but… they are so beautifuuuuuul >o

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Sasuke x Naruto (it’s ok Naruto x Sasuke too) (from Naruto, of course): Second contact with sounen ai and FIRST CONTACT WITH YAOI, it was… oh my god… I don’t know maybe strange? 

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Nezumi x Shion (from No.6): they were my FIRST REAL SHIP and my first contact with sounen a., I read the novel, read the manga and saw the anime, but of course the novel is the best!!

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I’d like to tag @yaoimangaonline what are your top 5 ships?? (≧∇≦)/


did these much earlier in the year qwq like… back in may

my new pokésona! because according to my friends i am 100% also part sylveon because fairy and evolves from affection and stuff, and then also part psychic so i added in psychic cat meowstic

ITS NOT FINAL THO i wanted to edit it a little bit because i should be mostly absol and this looks mostly sylveon qwq so just minor edits? like maybe the paws/claws, make them bigger qwq;

now to tag people bc idek who is still active where did my friends and everyone else gO
all these new names have me confused qwq

the-velveteen-buneary iris-sempi pokemon-global-academy sylveon-princess hydropis virixion bidoofs-wish bapouro mega-luxrite

looking for Cool Blogs

okay i need some more blogs to follow

i’ve just unfollowed a bunch of people because my dash wasn’t interesting to me anymore but now i’m down to not following many people

if you post a lot about any of these things and you keep your blog active please can you like and/or reblog this post so i can have a look at your blog thank you :))))

  • musical theatre, especially les mis, rent, fun home, next to normal, wicked
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  • game of thrones
  • orange is the new black
  • orphan black
  • pictures of cats
Atomi’s adventures in Toys-R-Us

Every now and then I like to visit Toys-R-Us  to look at stuff I may want to buy, and have a bit of a laugh at some of the sillier-looking toys.

I found this being sold along-side the My Little Pony merch

It’s suppose to be a puppet. Maybe it’s just me, but I always find a little amusement in toys that actually have googly eyes on them.

“Activate Friendship Cannon“

Day 7: Purring

this was gonna be part 3 to Circles but i didn’t get it done on time so i did this instead
Day 1: Secret Dating (aka Circles Part 1), Day 2: Cat Costume, Day 3: Sin, Day 4: Kittens, Day 5: Trust Me (aka Circles Part 2), Day 6: Don’t Touch Her!

Summary: in which Adrien/Chat is a dork and actively tries to act more like a cat

Words: 762

Just because he looked like a cat doesn’t mean he has to act like one.

He did it because he wanted to.

Adrien thought it would be hilarious if not only did he tell cat puns, but if he played with balls of yarn(it was actually really fun) or if he chased the reflections shiny objects made on walls (again, very fun). It helped that his ears and tail moved with him to complete the image.

His ultimate goal, however, was to learn how to purr. Human vocal cords were not made to make that specific sound, but they could get very close. He figured out how to actually make the noise first (it took him a few hours but he got it) and eventually, he was able to hold the noise for longer periods of time. He was now up to 47 seconds, which doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re making that noise it feels like an eternity.

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