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Oh, Baby (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Love this blog! Maybe you could do a bucky x reader, where the reader becomes pregnant, and the team is so excited. The reader goes on a mission just thinking she’s watching the jet, but gets attacked… you don’t have to follow that completely

Thank you for the request!  I hope it’s what you wanted!  

“Oh, sweetie, look! Tony raided Toys R’ Us for every Iron Man gift he could find for the baby!”  

Tony feigned a hurt look, clutching his chest.  “I’m crushed, (Y/N), just crushed.  That you would think that I would raid a Toys R’ Us?”  He waved his hand in the air as to dismiss the thought.  “I had all this stuff in my basement.”

“Yeah, because that’s better.”  Punching your brother in the arm, you gave him a stern look and shook your head.  “I expected more from you, man.”

Tony stood, walked across the room, and began to pull a large box from behind the bar.  The team had decided to throw a baby shower for you and Bucky, knowing that you really weren’t ready at all.  Even though you had only two months left before the baby was due, you were still going on missions, though in a much less active capacity.  More of a glorified pilot than anything, but you were happy just to be there nonetheless. Continuing to run missions really left no time for baby proofing, baby shopping, reading baby books, and things of the like.  You weren’t worried though; you had the best team of Aunts and Uncles that this kid could want.  

“Ooooh, whatcha got there, Uncle Tony?”  You stood, hand on your swollen belly, moving to meet him as he pushed the box towards the group.  Bucky moved up behind you, his hand resting gently on the middle of your back.   You began to rip the paper away, clearly not fast enough for your brother.  He ripped huge pieces of paper away to reveal a box from…Stark Enterprises?

“Ok, now I’m confused.”

“Settle down, kid, it’s the only box I had that would work.”  He cut the box away, revealing his true gift, and it took your breath away. You heard gasps throughout the team. It was the most beautiful crib that you or Bucky had ever seen.  It was made of delicate, polished white oak spindles, with iron scrolling on the head and footboards.  The bedding was a vintage lace; white, soft and gorgeous.  He must have been looking forever for this.  If you knew Tony, he would never leave such an important decision to anyone else.  “So, you like?”  He stood back a bit, with a huge grin on his face.

Even at your size, you could move when you wanted to.  You burst forward to hug your brother, getting sloppy tears all over his sharply pressed shirt.  “It’s perfect.”

Over your shoulder, Tony winked at Steve, who looked slightly disappointed in his own choice of gift after seeing the crib.  “Bring it, Grandpa Rogers.”


The time had come to go on your final mission before your due date.  It was a quick in-and-out; grab a few hostages and head back home.  It was a good thing that this was your last trip, as you barely fit in front of the control panel of the jet.  

“Hey, baby and baby, having trouble?”  

“No, Buck.”  You let out a little groan as you pushed your way into the seat.  “Ok, maybe a little trouble.”  With a sigh, you finally found a comfortable spot.  “Yep, this is the last time for sure.”

Bucky stood behind you, a quiet chuckle escaping his lips.  You turned to give him a sharp look.  “Excuse me, what was that?  Certainly you would never laugh at your immensely pregnant wife, right?  Especially when she is about to fly you and your team thru the sky?  Dangerously high up in the sky?”  

He raised his hand to give you a small salute.  “No, ma’am.” As he bent down, kissing you, the team had finally arrived.  

“Alright, (Y/N),” Steve called to you.  “Take us out.”  He paused at the lack of reply.  “If it’s not too much trouble.”


The mission had gone just as planned, and it was almost time to head back home.  Steve had just contacted you that the team was on the way back.  Good thing too, because you were exhausted.  Putting your earbuds in, you lifted your feet onto the chair next to you and closed your eyes for a few minutes before the long flight home. When the rear door opened, you swung around to welcome them.

“Well you guys are back faster than-“

That wasn’t your team. This was a HYDRA guard, apparently separated from his group.  He was alone, armed only with a knife, as far as you could tell.  He looked scared, likely from seeing his teammates annihilated by the Avengers.  His eyes darted around the jet, you assumed to look for more weapons to protect himself with.

“Can I help you? Grabbing your gun, you stood to face him, though not drawing your weapon just yet.  “I said, can I help you?”  

A hand was suddenly over your mouth, pulling you backwards.  He wasn’t alone.  You jabbed his throat with your elbow, swinging your leg back to kick his out and drop him to the floor.  As he hit the ground, you gave a firm kick to the head to knock him out cold.  You called out to your team, hoping they were still on their comms.  “Hey guys, I need some help here!”  The other guard was moving closer now, waiting for his moment to strike.  

“You should probably think this thru.  The rest of my team will be here at any moment, and I don’t think you have much of a chance alone, do you?  

He lunged forward, but you were able to swing your arm under his and flip him onto his back.  Holding his arm steady, you pulled the knife away and dislocated his shoulder as he screamed in pain.  “Are there any more of you?!”  You twisted his arm a little more, as the screaming grew louder. “Tell me!”

“No!  It was only us two!”

You released his arm, preparing to restrain him to the chair when the other guard woke and jumped up to shove you back against the far wall. You shook your head, slightly disoriented and dizzy.  He began to walk towards you, knife drawn.  He pulled his arm back and prepared to lunge forward…

Just then, a metal arm grabbed the HYDRA guard by the throat, squeezing until his body went limp. Bucky threw him to the back of the jet and moved towards the guard you had left on the floor, still screaming in pain. Before Bucky could get to him, Steve pushed him aside and knocked the guard out to silence him.

“Let me do this, Steve! Get out of my way!”  

Again, the Captain pushed him back.  “Leave him to me, Buck.  Just go to your wife.”  Bucky’s eyes filled with fear as he turned to rush to your side.  “(Y/N)?  Baby, are you ok?”  

Your breathing had grown heavier, more difficult, and oh, how your back was killing you.  “Hey, love.  I’m feeling pretty beat up right now.”  You put your hands flat to the floor of the jet, shifting to stand but a sharp pain in your belly stopped you.  “Buck-“ the pain caught your breath, leaving you unable to speak to him. Your hand shot forward, grabbing his arm tightly as you focused on trying to breathe.

Bucky stood, facing the team.  “We need to get out of here now!”                 


Tony had been pacing for hours.  “She’s gonna be okay, right?  Yeah, she’s gonna be okay.”  His eyes were darting around the room as if looking for the answer, anxiety growing as he waited for any news at all.  All Bruce could do was watch his friend as he waited, keeping his own emotions in check.

Natasha sat perfectly still, staring out the window.  She hadn’t spoken since the jet left the mission site.  Clint was next to her, his hand on her hers.

Wanda and Pietro were standing in the front yard of the hospital, awaiting Thor’s arrival.  Their posture was heavy and solemn.  Every few minutes, Wanda would quickly turn to look at Tony, assaulted by the thoughts in his head.  

After an eternity of waiting, Steve finally appeared thru the emergency room doors.  He was disheveled, tired, and tears stained his cheeks.  Tony charged forward, grabbing the front of Steve’s shirt.  “Tell me what happened!  Cap, you have to have good news.”  He released the Captain, his arms falling to his sides, his eyes changing from anxious to worry.  “You have to.”

Steve took a deep breath. His hands were shaking.  He looked down at them as if they were foreign, as if they weren’t his.  “So small…” he mumbled.

Natasha stood, finally speaking, only a whisper.  “Steve. Please.”

He looked up at the team, a smile spreading across his face.

“It’s a boy!” He began laughing out loud, this time crying joyful tears.  

“Steven Anthony Barnes.”  

Accepted Thoughts

Originally posted by lovetheworldlife

Author’s Note: This was shit. I’m sorry anons. :( I tried my best to make it flow. I love TV shows. I’m sorry. Again, Inspired by, How I Met Your Mother: A Change of Heart s6E18.

Requested by Anonymous: hello love! I just read a couple of your latest and I’m in awe. this is why I’m trusting you with a prompt: There’s a new member on the team, and for the most part the team likes her. She’s sarcastic, funny, smart, and a complete fucking trainwreck. Like, manic pixie dream girl type shit. But, she’s very good at was she does. She has crazy colours in her hair and body mods etc. Maybe even some unsavoury illegal habits. Cap thinks she’s fascinating, and is having a hard time accepting that.

Requested by Anonymous: Can I have one where the reader reads minds and saves someone off the street from attempt rape?

Warnings: Attempt Rape

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2065

“We’re going,” you stated bluntly.

The Avengers in the room sighed. The members that did have the day-off were lounging around the common room and just wanted to hang out at the Tower, but you wanted to go out and live your life before your untimely demise. You guys had a risky job, meaning every moment is valuable.

Natasha stated flatly, “We’re not going to a bar.”

“Fine,” you said with a smirk. The others looked at you with eyebrows raised, suspicious on why you caved in so easily. “Just remember,” you then continued with a finger raised. “I’ve got dirt on each of you, and I am not afraid to spill it.”

The team let out an exasperated sigh. Tony explained, “Y/N, you can’t blackmail us into going to a bar.”

“Really, Tony?” you challenged with a lit-up face. “Even if I were to mention,” you started, your face scrunched up, pretending to be in deep thought, which quickly faded to nothing but a mischievous smirk. “Oh, I don’t know… the guinea pig?”

Tony gasped, then narrowed his eyes. “You son of a bitch.”

“Language,” you said in a singsongy voice. Then, you sent a wink at the super soldier, who just shook his head with a smile.

“Fine,” Tony announced.

You smiled at that. “Clint?” you challenged, hip jutted out.

“You got nothing on me,” he affirmed with a confident look.

“The calzone?” you simply said.

He bowed his head. “Checkmate,” he uttered.

“Nat,” you tested, placing a hand on your hip.

“Don’t say the dream, don’t say the dream, don’t say the dream,” she repeated under her breath, looking down at the floor. The boys in the room looked at her with furrowed brows, wondering what would have the confident assassin so nervous with a tail between her legs. She looked up at you to see you with one eyebrows raised.

“I’m gone,” Nat announced, leaning back on the couch, defeated.

“Steve?” you confronted.

“Go ahead,” Steve stated. “Give me your best. My life’s an open book. Quite literally. There’s an exhibit of my life in the Smithsonian.”

“Newspapers in your shoes,” you said.

“I had to put newspapers in my shoes, so they wouldn’t slip off when I walk,” he explained fearlessly. “Not ashamed.”

You said with narrowed eyes, “Back alleys.”

“Behind a movie theater. Told a guy to shut up. Got punched in the face.” Steve said. “What else you got?” The others in the room chuckled at this. Steve was always playful with you, compared to his soldier-self during mission.

“Okay Steve,” you stated confidently, crossing your arms in front of you. “The thermos.”

Steve’s eyes widened. He then quickly added, “I think going to a bar tonight is a great idea.”

You smiled, finally have won this conversation.

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