my acen photos


ACen 2017 Merch Masterpost! I’d say the major themes for this year were Yuri on Ice, Digimon, and farm animals. Also, I bought a LOT of charms, eheheh ^^;

The YOI rollerskating bag and the postcard-sized animal prints are from @kayshasiemens, and me coming away with a bit of bighorn sheep swag from @coanimefest is basically a yearly tradition now. Also, this was totally unintentional since nearly half were blind bags, but I got enough Digimon straps to represent each of the Digimon Adventure boys and their partners (assuming a baby seal can represent Joe/Gomamon, but in my mind it totally does) and with only a SLIGHT preference for mah boy Taichi. Woohoo!

“How Yurio Feeling,” the pig!Yuuri crepe charm, and the haggard hen are from @hasuyawwn and her Artist’s Alley table-mate (I’m SO sorry I didn’t get her name and Tumblr won’t let me tag here for some reason, aagh!). Their entire table was incredible and I spent literally three days agonizing over everything (Opallene stamped a notecard for me so I can have physical evidence of that WOW! AMAZING! stamp)!

Speaking of @opallene, yes we split the cloud straps, she gave me that lil’ Swinub figure, AND she ordered a copy of an actual English language YOI doujin on my behalf–thanks for making such a beautiful book, @eryen-art! Also, I er… MAY have developed a bit of an obsession with pig!Yuuri and decided I needed lots of adorable pigs in my life, but I blame that problem on what I was wearing on Friday… more on that later!


Acen photos!! Let me know if you want to be tagged! :3

2fathoms as Bee 

thelastknightofrage as Apollo Justice
Lavinark as Trucy

aberrantkenosis as Brewster

danielvxavier as Akihito Kanbara
2ammiipant2 as Mirai Kuriyama
toppledcards as Hiroomi Nase 

spacemadchen as Kyoko Kirigiri 
vriskaes as Junko Enoshima