my account has been hacked

A few weeks ago, my Instagram account was hacked and unfortunately Instagram support has been less than helpful in getting my account back to me, so I’ve created a new one. Please give it a follow if you use insta! I tend to post a lot more there than here as far as original content is concerned. I really appreciate everyone’s support in helping me get my footing again on my new account~~

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About the antis can choke comment NAaa your better than them they can feel relived you would never say that on a personal level as they have to Shs//adin shippers~polydinpidge (not a username im just calling myself that here to protect myself and my folowers)

Literally the day I say anything along the lines of ‘antis can choke’ my account has been hacked and yall gotta report it bc I ain’t abt that kind of shit



just prepare yourself for what’s coming.

and thank you for 1000+ followers ilysm

See you soon. A

PS: this account has been hacked that’s why all my imagines are gone and I’m sorry for that x

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Hi, just wondering if you changed your name on Instagram?

My account has been getting hacked and rehacked by russian bots for about a week now despite me both changing the e-mail address and using increasingly strong passwords. So, right now some bot changed my username and locked me out of the account. Waiting on Instagram support now.

Fig, Mint & Nectarine Mini Yogurt Tarts.

What a month it has been. My hosting server was hacked. My hosting account shut down (thrice!). My phone died. My computer faced its own set of confusion and woes. Any self-respecting California girl would throw up her hands, call it Mercury retrograde, and spend the rest of the day cuddling with crystals. Alas, Mercury is not retrograde and I happen to prefer my astrology not at all. (I knowwww! I used to be a yoga teacher and errythang! What happened to me?! That’s a story for another time.)

Because now, at the end of a week that was all about time learning it’s ok—like REALLY ok—to ask for help, I decided to throw up my hands and make these gorgeous little mini tarts.

They won’t remove malware on your hacked hosting account, they don’t know how to reboot the software on your sick little iPhone, and they damn well haven’t got a clue as to how to fix the enduring problem of race and class in America (listen to this, if you haven’t already), but they do have a way of soothing a ravaged soul.

Get the recipe and read more here!

Today, I fucked up by celebrating the Paris terrorist attacks.

It didn’t happen today, but it happened a couple days ago.

I was on a nature hike for a few days and came back into town. I logged onto facebook shortly after arriving home. I logged onto my facebook, scrolled down my page and noticed almost every single one of my friends had a filter with the French flag.

I remembered when my friends put the LGBT flag as a filter to celebrate gay marriage becoming legal nationwide a while back. I assumed something equally positive or proud was happening in France.

I then posted: “Congrats on the events in France. It must have been a glorious day.”

I go out grocery shopping, come back to facebook, and I find eight people defriended me. 25+ livid comments on my support of terrorists. 3+ messages by people who know me well -enough that I don’t condone terrorism- asking if my account has been hacked.

I explained my mistake and everyone seems chill right now. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was on some watch list right now.

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When things suck, I try to remember that it’s not as bad as my life is according to my email spam. Apparently the Internet wants me to believe that my paypal has been hacked, my bank account is about to be cancelled, I have crippling debt, am single in need of communicating with single ladies in Russia, need to lose weight through experimental, secret government plant extracts and I also have chronic erectile dysfunction.