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Fhat the wuck!

not that this is news, but we’ve been seeing this emotional intelligence/strength from yuuri since the beginning. i’m sure part of this scene is the “i’m an adult, and he’s 15 and clearly does not understand the situation” bit, but where a lot of shows would have played this trope straight and had yuuri shrink back from yuri’s berating, instead we get this lovely little gem of an exchange. “he’s totally underestimating me” is a pretty great thing to think about a guy who yelled at you while you were crying in a bathroom during probably one of the most emotionally trying moments of your life.

Okay so like one of the biggest things I 


about Regular Show is how it never loses sight of its decidedly masculine spin. All the characters involved are really well defined, and even the ones who are more feminine in expression are still recognizably and healthily masculine. My absolute favorite part is seeing these guys stick their necks out for each other, when Mordecai and Rigby look out for each other, when Mordecai looks out for Skips, when Pop looks out for Mordecai and Rigby, they all show they care for each other in ways that are just… 

It’s rough and tumble, it’s competitive, it’s rude and full of pranks and deceit, it’s yelling, it’s punching, it’s relenting for the sake of each other’s self esteem, it’s being happy for someone who’s usually a jerk to you because you know that their jerkiness is actually them being themselves in healthy and unharmful ways. 

And when it does become harmful? When Mordecai’s angry, empty threats accidentally have severe consequences for Rigby? When Rigby’s competitiveness gets him in trouble? When Skips’ pride gets in the way, when Benson’s yelling gets too personal, when Muscle Man’s pranks go too far, when Pops is forced to be someone other than himself? They always prove that those instances can be harmful just as much, if not more than just regular masculinity. 

It’s really great to me, because it’s a glimpse at the world through the lens of a male that doesn’t pretend it’s the default. It doesn’t have a “unisex and therefor automatically male” tone, it has a masculine tone. It knows it’s for boys, and about boys, and it refuses to just let that be the default. The show explores masculinity, or at least demonstrates it, in a way that people who might be confused about it or might not understand what it really means to “be a man” can grasp. 

It certainly helped me figure out the difference between regular masculinity and its toxic, exaggerated counterpart, back when I first discovered it several years ago.

So last month I was able to see @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil on their tour!  Unless you watch Dan and Phil this drawing is probably really confusing, because it’s full of inside jokes from their videos.  I decided to draw their Sim Dil and his girlfriend Tabitha being abducted by aliens, and it got chosen as part of their show!  I was absolutely stoked, they are my favorite Youtubers, so the fact that my art made it into the show felt super surreal.  Their reactions were priceless, and it was definitely one of the best nights ever.  They did a fantastic job, and were hilarious.  I’m glad I got to be apart of the experience.

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What would be the final straw that would make you quit this show?

in all honesty, nothing would make me quit the show.

even though the writers have killed off a lot of my favorite characters – some purely for shock value – and taken the narrative in directions i don’t particularly agree with, this show has been a part of my life for seven years now and i’m way too attached to all most of the characters. 

do i get frustrated with it sometimes? absolutely. does it suck sometimes? yes. but when it’s good, it’s pretty damn good. -rita


congratulations to the seirin high school basketball club: the miraculous new star

full view please!

this has been such a fantastic week, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it!!! seirin is my absolute favorite team, I love them so much, and I’ve never been more attached to any show before knb. the anime’s over now, sure, but I’ve made so many friends because of this fandom that I’m sure it’ll always have a special place in my heart! keep that basketball spirit alive, everyone!

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Loved Oasis. Richard is perfectly cast and showed solid acting chops. And can we talk about naked Richard? My god.

Me, too!! Oasis is one of my absolute favorite Richard projects so far, and I think it might just be his best acting yet (I say that with hesitation because both Medici and Klondike impress me greatly). It’s a perfect pilot for a perfect show, and I truly hope it gets made into the full series it deserves to be. And yes, indeed, naked Richard. Peter is naked quite a bit (in non-sexual circumstances) in the book, so I was expecting it, but oh, was it a wonderful sight. I also love the added touch of the tattoos, because they really are a big part of Peter’s character and past. 

A semicolon is placed in a sentence that could have ended, but didnt. This will be my personal reminder to keep going, that my life has only just begun. The end of high school may seen like a huge milestone, but to me, this is only my beginning. There is still so much more to do and discover. The heart part will be a remimder to myself that my heart belongs to me and me only, and to not let the negative people who try and tear me down break it ❤️ Additionally, it fits with the expression “I wear my heart on my sleeve”, meaning that a person is very upfront about their emotions, that they show their feelings instead of hiding them away. Out of all the tattoos I’ve seen, this was one of my absolute favorites. Simple, yet meaningful!! 💕💉

Other than the emotional rollercoaster though, another thing I absolutely loved about this episode was the clear demonstration of why Ezekiel Jones is a Librarian. Earlier in the episode, Jake mentioned stuff that Ezekiel didn’t know, and then said “Someone remind me why this guy is here again?!”

This whole episode was that reminder. And yeah, of course there’s being good at technology and being very logical. And the being heroic part.

But I’d like to point out my favorite thing about this: they showed us Ezekiel learning from all of them.

Ezekiel is the youngest, and really the one who’s representative of our generation. It’s kinda obvious in how his character is shown, from the dependence on technology to his love for TV shows to his various social media escapades.

And in this episode, they showed us one of his best traits: rapid skill acquisition. Show him something, and he’ll learn it, he’ll understand it. He’s got the fluid thinking for it. So yeah, he might not know all those art history stuff or those scientific jargon yet, but Ezekiel, when it comes down to it, will freaking learn all of it if he has to.

My favorite part of Elrond and Celebrian’s whole story is that one line: “and it was then that Elrond first saw Celebrían, and loved her, though he said nothing of it.

probably because I can absolutely picture Elrond being the perfect host, welcoming Galadriel and Celebrian to Imladris, impeccably polite, guiding charming conversation at dinner and showing them to their rooms personally, ensuring they have everything they will need, only call—

and then making his way back to his own rooms where he collapses facedown on the bed, and whispers very quietly to himself


This is an alphabetized tribute to some of my favorite anime shows that made me into the nerdy anime fan today.  The world of anime definitely takes my mind away from reality.  People who find this art to be “lame”, “shitty”, or “weird” don’t understand the creative minds behind these stories and vibrant animated styles.  I enjoy laughing, crying, and fangirling my ass off to these brilliant shows as well as many others.  I am fucking proud to be a part of the anime world and I am absolutely happy that I am able to meet others who feel the same way :)


My absolute favorite part of the @panicatthedisco show last night❤❤❤ (at Allstate Arena)

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So I bought this new book today. I got it for less than half the original price because it’s ten years out of date and it’s really cool.

It talks about the production of the show, but it also talks about fan culture surrounding Star Trek and it goes into a lot of detail about some of the merch they sold way back in the day.

The best part though is that it has reproductions of some of the merch that you can take out of the book and look at! Some of my favorites are these cute TOS era trading cards that have absolutely hilarious text written on the back.

But the best part is this. A reproduction of some pages from an actual coloring book they sold way back when.

Most of the pictures are really nice and look like a lot of fun to color (read: I will be making photo copies and coloring them myself).

But then I found this and I almost fell down laughing because like???? PINUP SPOCK???? WHY???????


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who's your favorite vld character?

hoooooooo boY OKAY so um it’s a little complicated because I really do love them all so much? 

It’s Shiro. 

Which is complicated because I know this particular area of the fandom isn’t feeling too charitable towards him right now, for very legitimate reasons, but at the same time, like… It’d be easier if I could say it was Lance or Hunk, and I do love them, but honestly, from just watching the show, Shiro’s my favorite. He’s also the most similar to one of my absolute all time Best Friends, which is part of why seeing all the sheer dismissal of him really really sucks

(It’s also frustrating because it’s really, really hard to find Shiro content that isn’t shippy, because like I like Shallura and I don’t mind Shatt per se, but in general I prefer gen stuff, and like 90% of the Shiro content is either ships that I have moral issues with, ships I don’t mind but don’t necessarily want to see right now, or it’s about all his flaws as a character.)

But yeah! I love Shiro! He’s an adult who isn’t really ready to be an adult and when he should be trying to face ordinary 25-year old issues like living on your own and feeding yourself he’s, instead, being traumatized as a prisoner and then fighting in a war he never wanted to be in, and suddenly has to be in charge of four teenagers who are all out of their depth and prone to lashing out because they’re sixteen-seventeen and that’s what they do I went to high school I remember this all too well. 

And, all right, yeah, he doesn’t handle things well. He’s biased and he lets that get in the way of his judgments. But at the heart of it all he’s trying and he’s a good person and yes he doesn’t know how to handle Lance or Hunk in beneficial ways I know I watched the same show you did–but I have younger siblings. It’s easy to treat a younger sibling with more care than with someone their age (I went to high school with my younger brother for one year. I expected the other freshman to be a lot more mature than I expected him to be, and was that unfair of me? Probably. Did it stop me? No.) and like Pidge is so much younger than the others that it’s easy to baby her and let Hunk and Lance fall by the wayside and as someone who really really identifies with Lance on the angstier side (just read my last langst fic that was,,,totally not projection,,,idk what you mean) I get that it’s not fair but he’s still only 25.

It’s so easy to demonize Shiro instead of acknowledging that he’s a human and he has flaws (and yes, it also was almost certainly Bad Writing and racism, but in terms of character alone) and I know. But I just love Shiro a lot, and I wish there was more positive Shiro content on my dash in terms of headcanons and stuff because I love seeing them and I’m just too tired to make them.

This got kind of…in depth? Oops? But um yeah in a nutshell Shiro’s my favorite bc he reminds me of one of my best friends and I love her so by extension I love him.