my a league project

@bekkodraws I finished it! I know you tagged my personal blog but I popped it here to be organized. Thank you so much, this was a fun project even though I only did really simple portraits for each C: 

Sorry I had to change the fonts in the template, when I converted it it wouldn’t let me overlay properly sadly!

I put my reasons below the cut as well for anyone interested in reading.

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I need that Star Guardian Anime

Can we, like, make this a community project?

Gather a few animators and artists for do it for the hell of it, I’d do the script with a few other pople, and then start a GoFundMe so we can get the Voice Actors for Jinx, Lux, Janna, Poppy and Lulu. 

Like just imagine

Jinx being that rebel that is rude, angsty, dark and insane, but eventually opening up to Lux and they grow closer. Learning more about Jinx’s dark back ground. Janna being the mom of the group, always trying to help everyone out but being completely rejected by Jinx. Poppy being the tough one that always yells “Fight me” despite her size but secretly shee feels left out because all she got was a magical hammer. Lulu always being there to confuse everyone. Lulu and Poppy becoming best friends. Epic fights agains monsters and bad guys. Jinx being laughed at by the bad guys because she used to be one herself. And then ending it with Jinx and Lux walking into the sun set hand in hand. 

J U S T   I M A G I N E



The thing about heroes… is that they must necessity have a villain to strive against. Some powerful force to strive against in order to push towards a glorious destiny… 

I’ve been working on a side project for my local game shop’s slow growth league for a while, and the Iron Warriors seemed to be a fairly solid choice for a counter-part army against my Imperial Fists. After all, who better to oppose Stone than Iron?