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riverofviscera  asked:

I'm a fairly new fannibal and I don't know a lot of other fannibals, is there a masterlist for y'all or is there only a very small portion of us on here? I've been fixin to get connected to more of you but I'm not get at finding them it seems. Help?

Hello dear - welcome to the fandom!!

There is no masterlist afaik but people often write some recs with favourite blogs ( you can find my last rec list here )

Blogs come and go so I recommend you take a look at the tags like #hannibaledit or #hannibalart to find active blogs to follow! 

There are a lot of us here : ) 

my favorite fic comments :

* you’re inspiring me to write more/more often 

* this was the bright spot on a bad day

* this makes me wish i had a relationship like this 


*quoting their favorite part


whats up yall i was tagged by @shrimpdinner (thank u i LOVE being tagged in shit tag me in everything) to do a moodboard strictly from pictures on my camera roll on my phone and… 

this is how mine turned out lmao i am That Person™ who thinks they’re a photographer but also i couldve done a memeboard instead but went for the aesthetic except for the loml jin & the taemin one in the middle i couldnt help myself its just so funny to me

ill go ahead n tag the usual & a few of my new mutuals to get to know yall and ofc like usual u dont need to feel pressured to do it!

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