Thought I’d work on some color palette things with some characters! I might do more, who knows! 

Harlyn, Toon Michaela, Dezeria© and Artwork© belongs to me, ToxicSoul77.

If you have a suggestion, I might do it! But for the most part I think I’ll do them myself.

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Knock Knock - BillDip - Gravity Falls
Dipper is an astronaut sent out on a suicide mission to record planets and stars outside our system. A few years into it he comes upon something he doesn't quite expect, a barrier erected by an unknown species that blocks off the rest of space.
By Organization for Transformative Works

@amaranthephemera look mom ;w;

ooc; side note, Prez don’t like the spookies, huh?

“Now what’s the deal with that little geometric friend? The spooky side of life is fun and dandy. Now why don’t you just speak to the ol’ kingy here and let me know what’s wrong.”

it a gift for @the-cream-machine900 cuz ive wanted to draw one a ur ocs and im proud i drew XD