my LATEST obsession

Being told that my latest  OBSESSION / SHIP / FANDOM  is just another ‘PHASE’ is one of the most inconsiderate and insulting things you could say to me

I’m therefore determined to prove it’s not just a 'PHASE’ by being endlessly intoxicated with said OBSESSION / SHIP / FANDOM

Ps “Is you being a dick-faced bastard also a 'PHASE’ or should I just break your jaw now?"  


Eva Green, pencil Staedtler pencils (various hardnesses) on Strathmore smooth surface 100lbs Bristol paper. 

I also got use my wonderful Sakura electric erasor, wich is great. I glad i won’t have to live without it anymore <3

I wanted to so something a bit more challenging, and I’m happy with the result. What do you think?

Thank you for looking!

my art tag

Meet Molang! He’s the newest thing in Kawaii! (Well at least to my attention he is, I only found out about him a couple of months ago when I bought an iPad case with him on it and I’ve been obsessed with him ever since! And with good reason, he’s just too cute!

Well, wish I can stay on more but I’ve got classes in the morning so until tomorrow, stay cute my cuties! Night!