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“Those who can’t do, teach”

That is the biggest load of bullshit and the root of so many systematic flaws in our (Canada’s) education system. Why?

Kids are always told, always taught “Hey even if you fail at this, you can always be a teacher” because of the myth that “anyone can teach!” Well you know what that leads to?

People who failed at their passion, failed at their achieving their dream, becoming teachers. True, some people really find their passion in teaching even if they never originally considered it, but I’m not talking about those people.

I’m talking about those asshole teachers man, the ones you can just TELL don’t give a fuck. You know the ones, we’ve all had them at least in our school if not personally for a class.

(For me, my love of science was destroyed and left rotting in the sun because of the same shitty teacher for grade 9 and 10. Utterly gone. Sometimes a spark of it comes back, but never the way it was before I had that teacher.)

Problem is, they are by far NOT the majority of teachers. 

Most teachers truly WANT to teach, want to work with kids and help them grow and share knowledge with them. Here is where those rotted teachers affect the good fruit.

We all know negativity overshadows everything with even a touch of it, so to a student who has a truly shitty teacher, well all teachers suddenly look as bad as that asshole. So a rowdy 15 year old whose mad about that one teacher, suddenly starts treating all their teachers like shit. Whatever, kids have hormones and emotions, and most teachers don’t take it personally (the assholes will) BUT!

Now take that one kid, add like say 6/ class and over 20 years. THAT is the origin of the other kind of asshole teacher: they achieved their dream and loved it until it rotted from beneath them, and they no longer love their job, and what was the point of it all anyways? 

(My school had a teacher like this. She was horrid and impatient and an academic death sentence to anyone who had her class. But she was very very intelligent and if you bothered to notice you could just TELL she was tired and just didn’t care anymore.)

So now there are teachers who just SHOULDN’T be teachers, and others who are SO WORN DOWN they become evil (Die a hero or become the villain kind of thing).

The Good Teachers are suddenly in a losing battle, because kids expect them to be awful, (also teenagers take everything personally man, I did, but damn), and even when a teacher is THE BEST who remembers them? We all have Shitty Teacher stories, but so few actually have like Good/Inspiring Teacher stories.

Thus the entire legitimacy of their profession is lost, because of a few bad apple and a society that believes “Those who can’t do, teach.”


  1. Psychological/ Personality analyses for prospective teachers. Some people just plain and simple should not be teachers. Get rid of them right off the bat. I’m sure they’ll be fucking great in another field, but not this one. 
  2. Respect your teachers. This sounds simple, but I’m not just talking about students I mean their parents, other members of society, basically everyone. No one would be where they are without teachers, your kids are going to be partially raised by their teachers, they are extraordinarily important and yet people don’t just take them for granted, they think they are ‘lazy’ and took the easy road for life. DESTROY THIS MENTALITY, KILL IT, BURN IT, AND SALT THE GROUND FROM WHICH IT WAS BORN.
  3. Tailor classes to fit students’ learning style/personality. This is not coddling, the fact of the matter is people have different learning styles and the current education system works only for one group while royally fucking over everyone else. Many learning disabilities people have are ways the system says “They are different so we’ll label and marginalize them because we don’t know/don’t care what to do about them” but the reality is a lot of these kids just learn in a different way (OK I KNOW THAT’S SUPER GENERAL IM SORRY, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY???). So many BRILLIANT kids struggle through school because they don’t fit the education system’s tiny box, and because they struggle they are labelled “stupid”. In a different environment, with a different teaching method, they could truly excel. Instead of diving schools with “The Smart/Elite Classes” “The Medium Difficulty” and “The Dumb Kids”, schools should be divided by the different learning styles. Help kids learn to learn, don’t smother them and try to cram them into a very specific box.
  4. Stop Mountains of Homework and Change Tests. Forcing someone to do anything will ultimately ruin their enjoyment of it, and homework is a great way to make kids hate learning. People LIKE learning, we really do, but the fastest way to kill a spark is to bury it. Even tests, if you just encourage kids to show off what they know instead of shame them for what they don’t, all they does is fuel the mentality of not being “smart enough” and seriously create a fear of failure. My adult siblings still have nightmares about standardized tests ok, YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN DECADES LATER PEOPLE ARE SO TRAUMATIZED THEY HAVE NIGHTMARES. 
  5. Start School Later. Teenagers need their god damned sleep. Adults do too, but the body is going through so many changes during your adolescence that you need more sleep. Even if you are well rested, everyone’s mind is basically soup in the morning (because you’re TIRED) but also you don’t absorb information as well when you are exhausted. Also fewer grumpy students and teachers, which leads to more enjoyable classroom environments. THERE ARE LITERALLY NO DOWNSIDES TO STARTING SCHOOL LATER. (This one is so easy and obvious it’s dumb that we still start school before sunrise.)
  6. Pay Teachers Better. BEING PAID MORE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE LAZY, FROM US POOR MINIMUM WAGE FOLKS TO MIDDLE CLASS STABLE PEOPLE. IT MAKES US APPRECIATE WORK AND BUY MORE THINGS AND FIX THE ECONOMY. That “appreciate work” is very key to this, because a well paid teacher is a happy teacher who is far less likely to grow sour and take it out on their students. If we put this with the whole “Kill homework” idea, we get well paid AND well rested teachers who now operate at maximum capacity. You wouldn’t want a surgeon who is underpaid and completely exhausted to do your surgery, so why are you OK with the people in charge of entire generations of kids, effectively the future, to be tired and poor?

These are off the top of my head, and I am positive there are more points that I just haven’t considered. My knowledge comes from an understanding of the education system in Ontario specifically, so please PLEASE add your own thoughts. ( edwardspoonhands can you lend your thoughts on this topic maybe?? I don’t know how different the American Education system is, and Canada takes may cues from The States. )

Guys if we want school to be better in the future, this shit has to change.

 Man and the Sea

Free man, you will always cherish the sea!
The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul
In the infinite unrolling of its billows;
Your mind is an abyss that is no less bitter.

You like to plunge into the bosom of your image;
You embrace it with eyes and arms, and your heart
Is distracted at times from its own clamoring
By the sound of this plaint, wild and untamable.

Both of you are gloomy and reticent:
Man, no one has sounded the depths of your being;
O Sea, no person knows your most hidden riches,
So zealously do you keep your secrets!

Yet for countless ages you have fought each other
Without pity, without remorse,
So fiercely do you love carnage and death,
O eternal fighters, implacable brothers! 

Charles Baudelaire

One thing (among many) I love about One Piece is how different and interesting most antagonists are. They have deep and rich personalities, sometimes a cool backstory too, great strength, funny laughters (!), great character designs, etc. But there’s one antagonist we scarcely talk about, and in my (humble) opinion it counts as one of the most - if not THE most - important of them all : the Sea.

If you think about it, One Piece is all about crossing the most unpredictable and dangerous oceans in the world to find a treasure. No Sea, no pirates. No pirates, no One Piece. No One Piece, no fun. Isn’t sailing the perilous Grand Line the first real (and expected) challenge to take up in order to become the Pirate King?

The Sea is the first antagonist Luffy ever met. Shanks used to make fun of him as a child for not being able to swim! Then Luffy became a rubberman, thus making the Sea a mortal enemy. Poor boy doesn’t even know how to navigate on his own! With Nami’s help, he could make it so far to the New World with everyone safe, but how many times have they thought they were gonna die in a storm, swallowed by the Sea’s watery mouth, how often have they feared she would steal them all, take them in her furious arms, bring them against her abyssal womb and cradle them goodbye? How many sea creatures have they faced? How many terribly dangerous phenomenons have they witnessed when the Sea got so angry and violent?

“Wild and untamable" The Sea’s unpredictable, destructive, hazardous. The Sea doesn’t care which side you’re in, won’t consider your position, age, rank, sex, family or friends. Not matter how strong you are, if you ate a Devil’s Fruit or can use haki, the Sea does what she wants. The Sea is brutal yet fascinating and mysterious, moody, bitter and cold as death but also full of life; she’s a restless graveyard (Merry *sobs*), infinitely beautiful, forever untamed, eternally FREE.
Luffy once stated: ”I don’t want to conquer anything. I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean is the Pirate King!“. I also see it that way: you only get freedom if you can, somehow, understand the Sea. Make it your friend, your ally, your family. Sail with it, not against it. Learn to respect it.

O eternal fighters, implacable brothers!“ Because the Sea isn’t just one antagonist. It’s also the path to everyone’s dreams, the salty string that brought the Strawhats together, their everyday home. It’s the nest of the world! Just like our Blue Planet… just look at the maps to see how vast the Sea is in the OP universe. Even the Wold Government’s flag depicts it: the four dots don’t symbolize different countries or organizations, but the four Oceans: North Blue, South Blue, East Blue and West Blue. And we’re not even talking about All Blue! We’re all children of the Sea… as stated by Whitebeard. The Sea carries everyone’s hopes and dreams, but she can also crush them all in a heartbeat.

"The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul" And eventually… the Sea’ll be there at the end of the Strawhats’s journey. She’ll be the last obstacle to the One Piece, I’m sure of it. And once Luffy finds it, once he reaches his dream and gets the Great Treasure, he’ll finally be… as free as the Sea itself. Her equal, her brother.

Free man, you will always cherish the Sea.


My brother asked me for trans Charles and Magnus from our AU.

when-comets-collide-deactivated asked:

Hi so I'm a photographer but I really struggle with editing. How did you learn and do you have any tips?

Oh sorry honey, I’m not the best person to give you this kind of advice. I edit my posts with photo apps, but when I was younger I used photoshop a lot. It wasn’t hard to learn tho, but my editions wasn’t professional, it was something more simple. Find a good photo editor and search on html websites how to work with it.

I’m in love with Lauren Jauregui’s pressence and essence, she looks so real and calm. Besides, I think she has a soft heart, the kindest soul and there is beauty even in her movements. I feel like I could hear her talk about her deepest thoughts my whole life and never get tired.

 I don’t even know her wtf

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Can i request something? Sorry for my terrible english :C. Could you do a gif reaction of you being close to the members (just a crush, not dating) and one day you fall asleep on their lap and you move your face close to their crotch, unintentionally of course rsrsrs, Sorry if it is too much T-T

Your English is great hon!




“Ohhhh god”

Han Geng











“um…. :)”

Zhou Mi





“uh.. huh?”




*in shock*


“oh dear god D:”

Henry (not a gif but..)


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i'm so scared of the following week bc on friday i have my exam in english lit but the previous days my last ever school days are happening. but the exam isn't the worst thing about school, it's seeing my "friend" again. she is kind of a slut and now in a relationship with my exboyfriend i have still feelings for (she knows about that). she dates every guy and fancys the one she cant have - thats probably why she is in love with my ex. idk i'm just feeling so terrible these days bc he is (1)

(message cont…) now kissing her and this is all so bad. i cant properly focus on school and everything and idk my life is just really … terrible. sorry for my bad english but i cant really make up sentences in my head. sorry for getting on your nerves but i’m so desperate and i dont know what to do.


You’re not getting on my nerves at all, dear! I understand we all go through hard times like this once in a while and it’s so nice to vent to someone sometimes. And this is terrible for you! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I really am!

I’m going to try my very best to give you some advice.

If this “friend” of yours was really your “friend” she wouldn’t be so inconsiderate of your feelings. True, your relationship with your ex-boyfriend has ended, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t totally gotten over him, right? It seems she has moved in too quickly and that hurts very badly!

( I know, because sadly I was in a similar situation back in high school. It wasn’t fun at all. )

Sometimes we want things we can’t have. That’s the selfishness of human nature talking.

I don’t think you necessarily have to confront this girl or your ex-boyfriend. But, if you do, talk to them alone and separately. Express your feelings calmly, but firmly. And if you choose not to confront them, do yourself a favor and just walk away. You need to spend as much time as possible away from them. Distance yourself from both of them. Try not to talk to them so much. Sit in a different chair in class if you have to! Just focus all your energy on studying for your exam and getting your mind relaxed and well-prepared. Push yourself to be dedicated, not distracted. Exercise. Scream in a pillow. Write down your feelings. Go talk to your TRUE FRIENDS. Get rid of that hurt.

You have every right to be angry and sad, but you don’t need to subject yourself to any more pain. Give yourself some peace of mind this week.


Be brave, dear. I believe in you! :)

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Hi! I'm sending you this for your last reblog about the cover of TWoIaF spanish edition. My english sucks, so first at all: sorry! I don't know if you know spanish? But here doriangraybd.blogspot(.)com(.)es/2015/04/el-mundo-de-hielo-y-fuego(.)html the artist explain his intention and vision about it! His words are very interesting! He comments the essence of ASoIaF, what the Iron Throne represents, the fear of the unknow danger that lurks beyond the Wall.

Personally I really like the parallel between the book jacket (the iron throne newly forged with Aegon I sitting on it) and the cover (the end of the iron throne). The beginning and the end. He says: “The throne was born in bloodshed and it ends in an bath of ice or fire.” Anyway, I really apologize again for my terrible english :(

Sorry for getting back to you late on this! Your English is fine, much better than my Spanish – I had to depend on Google Translate for that blog post, which I had read since I saw it linked on another post about the cover art. But still, thank you for sending me the link, it’s much appreciated!

And that is very interesting indeed. “That same symbol of power and order is the one on the cover, centuries later, having become a solitary ruin in a desolate landscape.” *shivers*

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I love your blog! ^_^ And I tried sending a imagine request a week or so ago, so are you still posting any more or are you done? (Sorry about my terrible english)

Thank you!! And I’m sorry about the wait, after this week is done and over with I’ll probably be more on track with getting requests done. If you’d like to send me a description of your ask, I can find it, and tell you where it is in place on my to-do list ^-^

~mod Tohko

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Hi, I am 16 years old, 164 cm and actually weight 50kg. I feel me fat and so I what to have 45-47kg is that okay or to thin? (Sorry for my terrible english, I am from Germany)

It’s okay. Please don’t worry too much like I do…please be happy :’)👌

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

I was tagged by the lovely sophbeifong, thank you sweetheart! *-*

name : Clara
nickname : Hmm, I don’t think I have one… O.o
birthday : May 2
gender : Female
sexual orientation : Straight
height : around 5’ 7"
country of origin : Brazil
time and date : April 13th 5:48 pm
average hours of sleep at night : 6-7 hours, I think :)
favorite color : red, blue, pink, purple, green… I just love colors ♥
favorite beverage : orange juice and soda
favorite food : Pasta
favorite movie : Wuthering Heights (2009)
last movie I watched in theaters : Oh, it was years ago, Resident Evil 5 I think…
favorite fictional characters : Oh I love Thomas Barrow, he’s my bby ♥ About the others, well they were not exactly fictional, they were real people like Marie Anoinette, Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, so I think they don’t fit here haha
favorite books : Wuthering Heights, pride and Prejudice and A Clockwork Orange
favorite animations : Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Frog
last book you read : Oedipus the King
last thing I googled : About psd’s I think…
most used phrase(s) : omg
what i last said to a family member : Close the door…
lucky number : 10
one place that makes me happy : Anywhere with trees and mountains make me extremely happy
how many blankets do I sleep under : 2
first word that comes to mind : Nature
dream vacation : Germany
dream wedding : No thanks
dream pet : Hm, a horse?
dream job : Archaeologist

Well, I tag… everyone! Consider yourself tagged lol

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I just saw this "/post/107346802236/so-people-either-ship-shinachiku-with-sasukarin-or" and I really fell in love! I also think that a daughter of Kiba and the son of Naruto would be extremely perfect. Her design is just perfect, I also design one, it's like a mixture of Kiba and Ino .. my otp. çç ~Sorry english mistakes, I'm just terrible

It’s ok! And thank you I wanted to think outside the box for his love interests haha. And yes kibaino is my guilt ship (≧∇≦)/