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 Man and the Sea

Free man, you will always cherish the sea!
The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul
In the infinite unrolling of its billows;
Your mind is an abyss that is no less bitter.

You like to plunge into the bosom of your image;
You embrace it with eyes and arms, and your heart
Is distracted at times from its own clamoring
By the sound of this plaint, wild and untamable.

Both of you are gloomy and reticent:
Man, no one has sounded the depths of your being;
O Sea, no person knows your most hidden riches,
So zealously do you keep your secrets!

Yet for countless ages you have fought each other
Without pity, without remorse,
So fiercely do you love carnage and death,
O eternal fighters, implacable brothers! 

Charles Baudelaire

One thing (among many) I love about One Piece is how different and interesting most antagonists are. They have deep and rich personalities, sometimes a cool backstory too, great strength, funny laughters (!), great character designs, etc. But there’s one antagonist we scarcely talk about, and in my (humble) opinion it counts as one of the most - if not THE most - important of them all : the Sea.

If you think about it, One Piece is all about crossing the most unpredictable and dangerous oceans in the world to find a treasure. No Sea, no pirates. No pirates, no One Piece. No One Piece, no fun. Isn’t sailing the perilous Grand Line the first real (and expected) challenge to take up in order to become the Pirate King?

The Sea is the first antagonist Luffy ever met. Shanks used to make fun of him as a child for not being able to swim! Then Luffy became a rubberman, thus making the Sea a mortal enemy. Poor boy doesn’t even know how to navigate on his own! With Nami’s help, he could make it so far to the New World with everyone safe, but how many times have they thought they were gonna die in a storm, swallowed by the Sea’s watery mouth, how often have they feared she would steal them all, take them in her furious arms, bring them against her abyssal womb and cradle them goodbye? How many sea creatures have they faced? How many terribly dangerous phenomenons have they witnessed when the Sea got so angry and violent?

“Wild and untamable" The Sea’s unpredictable, destructive, hazardous. The Sea doesn’t care which side you’re in, won’t consider your position, age, rank, sex, family or friends. Not matter how strong you are, if you ate a Devil’s Fruit or can use haki, the Sea does what she wants. The Sea is brutal yet fascinating and mysterious, moody, bitter and cold as death but also full of life; she’s a restless graveyard (Merry *sobs*), infinitely beautiful, forever untamed, eternally FREE.
Luffy once stated: ”I don’t want to conquer anything. I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean is the Pirate King!“. I also see it that way: you only get freedom if you can, somehow, understand the Sea. Make it your friend, your ally, your family. Sail with it, not against it. Learn to respect it.

O eternal fighters, implacable brothers!“ Because the Sea isn’t just one antagonist. It’s also the path to everyone’s dreams, the salty string that brought the Strawhats together, their everyday home. It’s the nest of the world! Just like our Blue Planet… just look at the maps to see how vast the Sea is in the OP universe. Even the Wold Government’s flag depicts it: the four dots don’t symbolize different countries or organizations, but the four Oceans: North Blue, South Blue, East Blue and West Blue. And we’re not even talking about All Blue! We’re all children of the Sea… as stated by Whitebeard. The Sea carries everyone’s hopes and dreams, but she can also crush them all in a heartbeat.

"The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul" And eventually… the Sea’ll be there at the end of the Strawhats’s journey. She’ll be the last obstacle to the One Piece, I’m sure of it. And once Luffy finds it, once he reaches his dream and gets the Great Treasure, he’ll finally be… as free as the Sea itself. Her equal, her brother.

Free man, you will always cherish the Sea.


Thorki ~ Mafia Rivals AU (Inspired by this post)

“I believe, you expected it to be always like it is when the doors of the bedroom closed. Me on my knees, waiting for your command, ever so willing, ever so obedient, existing merely to please you and you alone. If so, you are in for far many unpleasant surprises, brother.”

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I was tagged by @dat-trash . And thank you for tagging me <3


Drink: Water

Phone Call: my uncle

Text message: i sent it to my best friend and it says: “see ya’”

Song you listened to: got7: Just Right

Last time you cried: yesterday

Have you ever…

Dated sometime twice: i have never dated 

Been cheated on: …

Kissed someone & regretted it: i’ve never kissed 

Lost someone special: yes

Been depressed: yep

Gotten drunk & thrown up: nop

List 3 favorite colors:

black / white / blue

In the last year have you…

Made new friends: nop

Fallen out of love: nop

Laughed until you cried: yesss

Found out someone was talking about you: i don’t know really

Met someone who changed you: YES

Found out who your true friends are: yes!!

Kissed someone on your facebook list: Actually, i don’t have a facebook.


How many facebook friends do you know irl? i don’t have a facebook.

Do you have any pets? omg yes, 3 cats MY CUCHICUCHIS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ok calm down gurl, and 5 dogs (yes)

Do you want to change your name? i think my name is ok, i’ts really spring-like

What did you do for your last birthday? it was yesterday!! but it was really sad i just stayed in bed all day listening to music, i didn’t have cake and i didn’t blow any candle but it’s ok

What time did you wake up? well… . when i have school at 6:30, but in holidays i am a disaster 

What were you doing at midnight last night? listening to music

Name something you cannot wait for? finish school

When was that last time you saw your mother? like 20 minutes ago

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? my anxiety

What are you listening to right now? exo - promise

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? nop, i live in Argentina so anyone is called tom (?

Something that gets on your nerves?  double-faced people

Most visited websites? tumblr and twitter

Primary School? yes

Secondary school? this is my last year yesss

University? next year

Hair colour? at the moment i tinted it black

Long or short haired long-ish? short

Do you have a crush on somebody? only famous people

What do you like about yourself? anything

Piercings? i have 3 on my ears and i had on my nose too

Blood type? all i know its that is a negative type (?

Nickname? Flor

Relationship status? single

Zodiac sign? capricorn

Favourite TV Show? i don’t have one

Tattoos? i don’t have any

Pronouns? she/her

Right or Left handed? right handed


Surgery: nop

Piercing: ears

Best Friend: Melanie and Lucia

Sports: voleyball

Holiday: christmas

Pair of trainers: converse

Right now…

Eating: nothing

Drinking: terere (water)

I’m about to: keep searching for yoongi photos

Listening to: Whalien 52 - bts

Waiting for: happiness

Want: every band i stan to be happy and healthy because they deserve it

Get married: i’m planning to stay single all my life so…

Career: ok, i get stressed and depressed everytime i think of this so pLEASE NOT NOW 

Which is better?

Hugs or Kisses: hugs

Lips or Eyes: eyes

Shorter of Taller: taller

Younger or Older: older

Nice arms or Nice Stomach: arms

Romantic or Spontaneous: both

Sensitive or Loud: both

Hook up or Relationship: relationships

Troublemaker or Hesitant: wot

Have you ever…

Kissed a stranger? neVER EVER

Drank hard liquor? nop

Lost contact lenses/glasses? yes and i ripped one too

Turned someone down: never

Sex on first date? omg wot, no

Broken someone’s heart? i don’t know

Had your own heart broken? nop

Been arrested? HAHAHAHAHAHAHH no

Cried when someone died? yes

Fallen for a friend? nop

Do you believe in…

Yourself: nope

Miracles? i used to

Love at first sight? no

Santa Claus? nop :(

Kiss on first date? i have never dated 

Angels? yes 


Current best friends: Melanie and Lucia

Eye colour: brown

Favourite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas <3<3<3

i tag:

everyone who wants to do it ♥

anonymous asked:

How do you tag/link people their Instagram and Twitter?

Hey, dear. I do it on my notebook.
Select the part of the text you’re going to link it and press ctrl+K, then you type or paste the URL in the bar. Or just select the text and put the URL on the fourth icon of the “list” that will open. You can directly do this in photos too or put the content source, on the right top of post options. 

when-comets-collide-deactivated asked:

Hi so I'm a photographer but I really struggle with editing. How did you learn and do you have any tips?

Oh sorry honey, I’m not the best person to give you this kind of advice. I edit my posts with photo apps, but when I was younger I used photoshop a lot. It wasn’t hard to learn tho, but my editions wasn’t professional, it was something more simple. Find a good photo editor and search on html websites how to work with it.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering... why we don't have pics of the "mommy and baby" leaving the hospital? If even photos of the royal heir of England leaving maternity in his parents' arms we had? Why no pictures came out so far about this baby? Not even covered in his mother's arms. Anything? Why is none questioning how much it's weird? (sorry about my terrible english. xx)

you’re english is fine, my love! We don’t have pics of Briana with the baby because there is no baby lmao

anonymous asked:

hmu with all your tsukkinoya hcs!!!!

*sweat nervously* Are you sure anon? because I’m not good with hcs. I will try though since you surprised me with this one and I can’t say no! (Also sorry it took so long >_<)

Tsukinoya headcanons:

- They got closer because Nishinoya insisted on training Tsukishima’s receives together.

- Nishinoya likes to buy things that remind him of Tsukishima and giving it to him.

- If they have troubles making decisions (such as “where are we going for our next date” and “what movie should we watch today”) they decide the outcome through rock-paper-scissors.

- Since they have different opinions they get into arguments once in a long while. When they clash, Tsukishima hurts Nishinoya with words while Nishinoya hurts Tsukishima through actions. Once they realize that they are fighting over something stupid, they immediately stop and check if the other isn’t hurt. They make up by eating something sweet together.

- When watching TV, Nishinoya sits in front of Tsukishima, because he knows that the other likes to comb his fingers through his hair.

- Tsukishima learned it the hard way that Nishinoya has a lot of pride and that he won’t let his height stop him from getting what he want. This is also the reason why Nishinoya isn’t allowed to go grocery shopping anymore.

- “I want that!” “Please get down from there before you break something.” “I won’t until I get it!

- Out of the two, Nishinoya is more likely to call Tsukishima by a nickname/pet name. Tsukishima has also tried to, but not with much success. He prefers to call Noya by his given name instead.

- Cuddle time. That’s it just imagine those two and cuddle time, one of their favorite things to do when they’re together.

Extra (just because):

- Don’t imagine Noya in a bomber jacket with goggles and being an aerial advertiser/pilot who shows messages such as “I love you”
- Now don’t imagine that those messages are for Tsukki (haha lol too late, now suffer with me)

anonymous asked:

Hi, i really like your studyblr! I want some advice. Im in the last year of my med school and going to be a doctor by january, but I want to specialize in anesthesia. For that I have to take a test that has all the medical topics of the general clinic. I already started to study and make notes but I am afraid that by the test in December I'll already forgotten the first subjects that I read. Any advice for revisions and such? Thank you very much

thank you!!

omg this is such an honour, i’m only a first year med student!!

but what i did for finals was make flashcards and whenever i had a moment where i didn’t know what to do i would revise some of the first chapters that i read.

but basically what you need to do is to be constantly reactivating your memory that’s how you won’t forget anything

some resources about memory:

study method: voice recording

i have a terrible memory: how do i study?

how to use flashcards

infografic about memory

concentration and study masterpost

study tips and study skills

study tips

blank sheet method

video about how to memorise 

study tips pt2

memory tips

studying late

i wish you all the luck!! you’ll be an amazing anesthetist 


Hi ^^/ as you can see I bring bad news :-: ok this morning I started to feel a pain in my elbow but I just ignored it. When I came back from school I carried a lot of things including my guitar and portfolio , I open the door of the car, I was ready to go outside of the car when the door just close on my elbow! I cried of the pain; - ; and more because I have a little problem with my elbows. They took me to the doctor and the doctor asked my If when I draw I lay down, I told him yes…. Q.Q He told me that I couldn’t draw until my elbow feels better… I’m so, so sorry! I will have to pause the comic and request for a while. I hope you can understand ^^
;–; please…don’t hate me.

mrs-chappy asked:

Hello dear Mormoc! ♥ I would like to say that your works perfectly! Your works on Percy Jackson permeated with emotion and soul, which is why I constantly review them! :) When going to write a fanfic of Art, where Percy, Annabeth learns to skate on a skateboard - this a favorite job! Thank you for your efforts!♥ P.S. I'm sorry, my English is very terrible.

Hi❤️ Thank you so much! Do you look at my arts many times? That means a lot to me!
And thank you for telling your favorite in my arts. It makes me happy. My English is also bad. I know your feeling. It is very kind of you to write in English, even though you use other language in real life!

anonymous asked:

i liked your eyes 😍 where are you from? i live in turkey and my english is terrible but i just want to talk to you sorry for my mistakes xx

Your English is near perfect don’t worry my dear, thank you very much xx

anonymous asked:

I was wondering... why we don't have pics of the "mommy and baby" leaving the hospital? If even photos of the royal heir of England leaving maternity in his parents' arms we had? Why no pictures came out so far about this baby? Not even covered in his mother's arms. Anything? Why is none questioning how much it's weird? (sorry about my terrible english. xx)

your english is great.

look, i’d say because who cares about this nobody ass woman, but people have been papping her so you’ve got a point.

anonymous asked:

I will play the devil in a short film and my director told me that I should only listen to Gorgoroth in order to "understand" the devil, should I take it as joke or should I only listen to 1 band for maybe 3 months? Sorry for my terrible English

Take it as a joke By the way your English is great

anonymous asked:

I want to ask you a stupid question about this Beatles song! Sometimes it`s very diffucult for me to tell the difference between Miles and Alex voices. Who of them did sing in the end of the song? Sorry for my terrible English.

Don’t worry for your English, anon :)
You mean the last part that goes “Anna, get down from that tree, girl” That’s Alex! (It isn’t even the right lyric, this dork lmfao) If you mean any other part than they’re always singing together.