My Departure

to all those followers who actually read what i write:

it was nice getting to know you and it was nice for you to listen and i am glad we were able to get through this chaotic journey together. but i have sad news.

i am leaving the teacher crush community with tear stained cheeks and a broken heart.

my tc has abruptly decided to leave. with a small “whoosh” and a big “boom”, he has walked off of campus with the intention to not turn back. because he is on his way to start a new life in another school in the same city.

and then this is where i get even more sad.

he texted me a couple nights ago, with fast fingers and a heavy heart, and he told me good luck on my future, but he was sad to not be in it.

i told him it was meant to end this way, we couldn’t have prevented it.

it was good while it lasted and it will be good to see him again, but i won’t put myself through that torture just yet. so we will hold off on physical contact, stick to texting.

that means this is where my journey ends in the tc community and i want you to know, i am always here for you. i will always be here for you. and i pray someone gets a happier ending.

i will continue to write but may i warn you:

none of it will no longer be personal experience. just from my heart and imagination.

love always,
the girl who let him get away