my 71

Saw this and had to rotoscope



  • Travis: Oh! Maybe he's doing that, like, age-old 7th grade science experiment where you have to like, uh, build a bridge to like save an egg, y'know what I mean? And like, you have to walk across it and see-
  • Griffin cutting him off: Travis, there was so much goddamn dumb stuff in that sentence you just said it would take us a week to tear it apart.
  • Justin: It was. It was the seven-layer bar of dumb shit.
  • Griffin: 'You know, an egg bridge.'
  • Travis: You know, egg bridge! I saw it on, uh, Mr. Wizard.
  • Justin: You literally just confused like five different science projects.

My favorite Camren moments ll Part 71

I find it weird when people include fairly old celebrity deaths in reasons why 2016 sucked. I don’t think a 69 year old man dying a natural frath is quite up there with Aleppo or the advance of fascist right wing parties but who am I to judge?