my 7000th post

MY 7000TH POST time for some random super quickly drawn puzzleshipping

lol this looks awful and i will probably regret posting this :’D but if it makes even one person happy, it’s worth posting ♪

btw: i didnt mean to make yuugi look taller than atem, i headcanon them as being exactly the same height, i just messed up the drawing as usual XD

i cant believe hot gray ross was my 7000th post on this blog i’d like to thank my fam my friends kayleigh for makin the blessed gifs, ross for bein so hot but bonus hot as a silver fox i would like to join hands in prayer that mike parr grays rapidly bc we deserve more gray ross and most of all i would like to thank the one above for causing hair discoloration with old age

Ferrari Friday … n°7000

celebrating my 7000th post … & what better way than to do it with a picture of the greatest all round racer* of all time going through the greatest corner of all time** on the greatest track of all time in one of the greatest cars of all time***

Jacky Ickx (& Clay Regazzoni), Ferrari 312PB, 1972 Grand Prix de Spa, Francorchamps

* being Belgian doesn’t make me biased
** break even with Blanchimont & Masta
*** the 312PB was the last car to win Ferrari the ‘World Championship for Makes' 

aesthetic rates

i’ve been lowkey inactive for a while and also i reached 3k a while ago, so i thought i’d do some blogrates to celebrate & as an apology for being inactive


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