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Show must go on! Nearly 20 years after… Somewhere in the wild west.

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I sort of combined two Hanzo looks into one, because I just can’t leave out this great look they gave him in the Christmas comic!


Critical Role | Sam and Travis’s football feud fizzer [x][x][x][x]

“If it’s all about sacrifice, or something that means a lot, what’s one thing that Grog aka me, would never do?” 

“You spent so many times inspiring me, I’d like to take a page from your book.”

Inktober #28: Burn

She should have been at the Temple. She should have been with Anakin. She should have helped. […] The younglings, had they known what to do? Surely, there had been some mercy for…

E.K. Johnston, Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano and the burning of the Jedi Temple, Star Wars


… or the short Mchanzo story behind my comic (link to it below). I wrote this before starting to work on the comic, using it as a base script for the upcoming events. However, while drawing I decided to change some details/events, but mainly I tried to keep it alike the original writing! 

I hope you will enjoy it! I linked below the comic for new readers also :3 Thank you!

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Story starts here:

The blow sent him in the middle of the road, fully exposed to the enemy, and he knew that his bow wouldn’t be too much help in a close gunfire encounter. He looked around for a cover, but his eyes caught a silhouette standing right against the sun.

“Hanzo! Move!” He heard a voice yelling through the bullets that kept firing around him, but it was something that held him in place, making him feel hypnotized by the newly encountered enemy. There was something familiar about him, but couldn’t tell what yet. He shielded his eyes with his hand, trying to distinguish it better and he actually noticed that the other wasn’t standing anymore, but walking forward, towards him, however still too far to be recognizable by any chance.

Hanzo tensed his bow and started to step backwards, his eyes still on the walking silhouette. He focused, aiming for the head while trying to lure the other one closer into the cover of a rock arcade that shadowed the road beneath. His back soon stopped against a pillar of an old barrack, so he decided to wait there and see if his opponent will take the bait.

“Closer…” He murmured to self, his grip tightening on the bow, stretching its chord even more as the other nearly stepped into the desired spot. However, right before the last steps he should’ve made, something crashed into the building Hanzo was using as cover, forcing him out and causing him to fire the arrow he prepared for his enemy, shooting down a drone that kept firing from above. He glanced at the thing that crashed against the barracks, but noticing only a robot of the enemy, he focused back on finding a safe spot to aim from, trying to peek at the mysterious silhouette as he did so. 

“Close one there, partner, but this one ain’t too far either.” A voice came from behind him, accompanied by the metallic clack of a gun.

Hanzo turned on his heels with a quick move, already tensing his bow again, facing, as he figured, the one he aimed at earlier. Not only that the sudden presence startled him, but the voice sent him a shiver down the spine, like he didn’t feel in years.

The arrow pointed at the other’s head, while his opponent had his gun pointed at his chest. The other raised a robotic arm, draped until then by his red serape, to take the cigar out of his mouth, enveloping both in smoke with a silent laughter, pushing his hat back a bit with a short gesture of his finger, finally revealing his face to Hanzo, who for some reason didn’t dare to shoot his arrow yet, but stood there staring and examining each and every move the man made. But when their eyes met, the smile faded off the cowboy’s face, while Hanzo’s tense from the eyes turned into shock, both still aiming at each other.

“Well, I’ll be damned..” The cowboy nearly whispered, lowering his hand that still held the cigar.

“Jesse..?” Hanzo replied as silently, even if the surroundings were incredibly loud, filled with bullets, explosions and order screaming. His eyes were searching the cowboy’s face for familiar features that could resemble his old friend, but as half of it was still shaded by the hat and other part was nearly all covered in his beard, he didn’t had much left other than the spark of his brown eyes and the smirk which was now forming on his lips. 

“Haven’t heard that name going off someone’s lips in a long while.. Especially yours, Hanzo.” His smirk turned into a full grin, lowering his gun, measuring from head to feet his long lost partner. He stuck back the cigar into his mouth and grabbed the other’s shoulder in a tight, yet compasionate grip, shaking it a bit, since Hanzo didn’t even flinch at his remark, moreover, now his astonishment from seconds ago, turning into a frown.

“You don’t even realize how many high noons I counted, waiting to see you again.. Back at Hanamura. And yet you decide to show up years later, in the middle of this.. NOWHERE! During a fight!” He slapped Jesse’s hand off his shoulder as he spoke.

“But I kept my promise, ain’t I?” He raised his eyebrows, still wearing a teasing grin. “It was a damn blinding high noon out there!”

Hanzo let out a loud groan, then suddenly tensed the bow and let the arrow fly right by Jesse’s ear, putting down a drone heading towards them, but at the same time startling his friend, making him throw himself against the rock wall nearby, glancing behind right after.

“I thought for a moment you aimed at me, partner!”

“I would, but you’re not worth wasting an arrow on." 

The man added, then turned around, walking away, back into the battlefield, taking out another arrow, preparing to shoot, leaving McCree stare after him a bit, before deciding to get himself back together and follow him, wearing a satisfied smile.

The end


Inuvember: Week 1: Relationships/Friendships
Nov 3 → SessRin (◡‿◡✿) 


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My favorite Camren moments ll Part 66