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“No thanks. You guys go on without me.”

A phrase Lewis and Vivi were getting all too familiar with. “Are you sure, Artie? We’d miss you.”

No you wouldn’t. “It’s fine, Vivi. I’m not all that hungry anyway.”

The bluenette and her boo shared a look. “Well…okay then.” Lewis sounded disappointed. As much as they wanted to, they couldn’t force him to go. “Do you want us to pick you up anything?”

“I’m good. You two have fun.”

He couldn’t even turn around to look at them as they silently left. It was too hard.

They needed time to rekindle things. Bring their relationship to where it used to be. And if he was there, he would only get in the way. That was all he ever did.

They didn’t need the third wheel.

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Sometimes, I think “England and Poland? what? just, why, why would you even … like their one big scene together in canon is about the most hopeless start you could imagine … " 

but then.

Oh my darlings, we’ll always have Hetaween 2013, and the knowledge that in the chibi-animal-AU, they are totally thick as thieves.