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hello !!! it’s amira back at it again w a follow forever nd this time it’s for a milestone that actually had me screaming at my laptop !!! i’ve had this blog for about 9 months nd became a monbebe in january 2017 nd it really was the Greatest decision of my life,,,, i’ve met so many amazing people who i can happily call my friends nd it’s just ???? i cant even describe how happy i am that we can support mx together,,,, nd to everyone following me like ??? thank u ???? all i do is talk abt rarepairs monsta x shownu nd make gifs but ur here nd im here nd like woW okay im !!! emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyWAYS before i start like :/ tearing up all over my laptop or smth Equally as Uglie, under the cut you can find messages to my close friends nd a list of mutuals who i love nd adore w all my heart !!!!

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Hey guys! It’s been like??? ages since I’ve done a follow forever (and it was really sad too lol oops) ANyways, I really appreciate everyone I follow and everyone who follows me and obvi not everyone is one this list because that would be like?? 1000 more people???. I’ve met some really amazing people along the way here and sOMEHOw this blog I started 5 years ago turned from a nerdy Marvel/BBC fangirl blog (still feel that lol) into a kpop blog officially like eight months ago and it wasn’t until joining the kpop fandom that I really made friends here on tumblr. This is just a giant shout-out/thank you/I love you to my favorite blogs and mutuals :)

🙏= whatever you want this to mean is what it means wink wonk

🐰= you a bunny lol idk what to tell you

🦋= i couldn’t survive without you


@1aeil🙏 @1aeyong🙏 @95kimtea @achoonice🙏@adachisyuto 🙏 @ah-sugakookie 🙏 @alexishmae @aliennayeon @ambitiousandhappy @artaehyung🐰 🙏 @babyhanse 🙏 @bae-gopayoo🙏 @baehkhun @baekhyeun @baldravi 🙏 @banghim-baby @bapsunshine 🙏 @battlebabejade @bby-hansol 🙏 @bbykino @bjookass @bless-nuest @booptae 🙏 @bowtietardis42 🙏 @broken-btterfly @btssunshinenet @bubblegeon @bwipsul @byeoltan @bystanding-bisexual @catina-kitska🦋 🐰 @chahchani @chanssoo @chendaelicious 🙏 @cheolshu @cheycheyelyse @chicagoboijohnny 🙏 @chimchams 🙏 @chimjis @chttapohn @cici-baby 🙏@cupidtae @cyquerslut 🙏 @dad-shownu @daehdream🙏 @daehyunprotectionsquad 🙏 @dancinghobi @dancingmachineleetaemin 🦋 🐰🙏 @dawonforme🙏@dayafterdae @dearhyunggu 🙏 @defwang @disneyprincejinho 🙏 @doingthisandmakingithappen @dongbinion @dontbelieveingrowingup🐰 @dontstealjiminsjams @dreamerxfimprobabledreams 🙏 @dreamyoongi @dropdeadesu @emeraldfire @etherealchen 🙏@etherealchim 🙏@eumsikiee @eunwonwoo @eureureong @exang 🐰🙏 @exotic-bangtan🐰🙏


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Edit** So I went in to fix some of the tags and then somehow ruined the format?? and now mutuals are unbolded. I’m really sorry about that but it took me 40 minutes to fix the formatting so I really don’t want to go back through and bold everyone :’( (the tags still aren’t working, at least not for me so I’m really sorry everyone)

The Trajectory of Love

He could only admire him from afar.

That hair, red as fire.

Those eyes, green as emeralds.

The enthusiasm and joy of a puppy.

A heart big enough for the whole world.

He was perfection, and Jasper was in love with him.

His name was David.

They had been best friends since they were children. David had relentlessly searched for and rescued him from an accident with bears.

Jasper likes to think that he started falling for him then.

David, back then, had been cynical and troublesome, while Jasper was the one full of spirit and energy. It seemed that the red-head had sucked all of that energy right out of the blond over the years, and now it was almost like their roles had reversed.

Jasper enjoyed every moment they had together, from lounging around to hiking, to camping together or watching trash TV, David’s smile was contagious, and Jasper’s cheeks hurt each time they hung out.

He wanted David to know how special he was to him, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to risk their precious friendship.

So he made paper airplanes.

Little notes, telling David how beautiful he was or how lovely Jasper found his smile.

They showed up everywhere for David; in his car, in his room, and even beside his bed.

The man was easy to fluster, and every pink face Jasper saw was a victory.

He was almost caught one day.

He was scrawling a note about those lovely forest-colored eyes when David walked by. The red-head wasn’t one to pry, but when Jasper whisked it off the table, he was certain that David had gotten a glimpse of what he was writing. If he suspected anything, he never brought it up.

Some days, Jasper thought of confessing, and how he would do it. He would sing and play a song on his guitar and lead David to a room full of paper airplanes, David would get it instantly, he flush, maybe even tear up a little.

It would turn out to be much simpler than that.

Jasper was just sitting in his room, when an airplane flew in.

“Your blue eyes are more beautiful than sapphires.”

It turns out David had known from the beginning.

“No one else knows me like that Jasp,” David had explained. “Or have had that kind of access to my room.

Jasper blushed. When he put it that way it was kinda obvious….

It was David’s turn to pink. “I found the notes too adorable. I didn’t want them to end.”

Jasper had kissed him then, and the smile on David’s face was worth all the paper airplanes in the world.

((400. There’s 400 of you wonderful people.

Now I know that some of those are bots, but for serious–thank you all so much for the support. I’m not the most active mun, but I appreciate everyone that takes the time to RP with me, send me asks… Hell, that just reads what I write. The whole reason I enjoy Tumblr as a platform is the interaction, and I am humbled daily by the talented and amazing writers that I work with. So to show my appreciation, once again…


I’m gonna do a promo image–an animated one since I hate myself–for the lucky winner. The rules are simple; you must  be following me (I’ll check!) and there’s one entry per mun for fairness’ sake. All you need to do to enter is reblog this post. I’ll do the drawing on October 31st, so someone’s gonna get a treat!




IN THE MIDST OF SHOWING MY FACE XDD ♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve finally hit 500 followers. I just want to personally say how much you guys mean to me. I never thought in a million years that I could say I have 500 followers, although there would be more if I unblocked the porn blogs eue, I just am so blessed to have you all as followers. I really hope you guys continue to enjoy my content even when it’s nerdy shit or I’m streaming or you’re just enjoying my smol beautiful son. I honestly don’t know how you guys enjoy his cracky sinful kingly ass but you do! XD

My Bitches:

@mysouldivided, @goldenpuzzle, @beautyofillusixn, @shadowspiritthief, @blue-eyes-white-kaiba, @rycubakura, @shxdowmonarch, @bloodxinxthexshadows, @shewillbelcved, @lavendereyes, @xcry-of-kingx, @coldazure, @nefer-itja, @bloodyghosts-warmcuddles, @spirit-ofthering, @2etokaiba, @hiddenknxves, @tongueofmercury, @mxlanchxlic, @redeyespride, @alzzalam, @dethronedxking, @dimensionthosesexydice, @marik-dominant-prominent,

You guys are what makes my dash so awesome. You make my day no matter what. I could be watching you guys interact with each other and just ♥♥♥ XDD I die every day in the best way possible with you guys making me laugh. I seriously fucking love you guys okay? 

Now here’s a list of people that I haven’t rped with yet that I want to get to know. Who also I stalk eue because you guys are amazing:

@puzzllcd, @darkburning, @hybrius, @hypnoanalysis, @illintent, @duelhearted, @pxzzlepieces, @azuloculorum, @ofpuzzles, @dxncequeen, @necroccult, @shadowchosen, @braveduelist, @h-ost, @xltruistic, @dracgus, @amarenotus, @heitlus and just so many moreeeeee I love you guys so much. This fandom is beautiful and I’m so glad to be a part of the family. 

I hope you all know I’m here for you all if you ever need someone. ;w; Thank you for making my life easier and keeping a smile on my face with all the fun we have. Here’s to the future!

in honor of hitting 500 followers, here’s my first follow forever!

special mention to @mcavoy​ for putting up with my yelling and stupid memes every day

second special mention to @sutersparise bc i love liz sm


@acecaptaincold | @aleclwb | @aliciavspinnet | @andorcassian | @arargon | @arojug | @arrowfams | @auliiscravalhos | @barryallhan | @barryalen | @bartonromanoffs | @bhucewayne | @blackstephaniebrown | @brownvalerie | @blckcanaries | @buckybames | @buckycap | @buffyscmmers | @bukcybarnes | @capswilson | @cassbodhi | @castielles | @cassandracaine | @cassandarscain | @cassiananhor | @chickentenders | @chewbacca | @clintbartou | @condorlana | @cyborgrhodey | @clairetemplc | @chekovspavel


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My 500 Follower Post

As promised, here is my 500 follower post.  I actually hit 500+ during the last workweek, but work is stressful and I did not have the time to do this as soon as I hit 500.  So I just blocked a few porn-bots and BAM, back to 500.  Take it as a Thank you, a Shameless promo, whatever you would like.  Regardless of how you take it or interpret it, I would like to say thank you to everyone who thought that my shitposts were worth looking at.  You guys make my life better, and I mean that.  My discord and steam info is always available to my mutuals if you guys want it.

I would like to give a special shout out thank you to those of you who I recognize by name that have been following me since I pretty much made this blog:

@dylanhack > for being my first internet friend who has stayed in contact with me for well over 5 years now.  I met you on tumblr so its only fair that I give you a personal shout out since you have been there since I made this blog.

@darkchunni > for being a faithful follower who I have gotten to know fairly well over the last year or so, even if we don’t talk that much, I know your blog by name so you deserve a shout out for sure as well.

@curvybars > you are a super nice person with a great blog and you have been following me for a LONG ASS TIME.  I appreciate it friend.  Thank you!

@crazymysterychase > I love your blog and like everyone else you have been a mutual FOREVER, I appreciate it and very much enjoy your posts!

@lihaliemikuutio > what can I say man, you’ve been here since the beginning and my activity feed is always blown up with your likes and reblogs from me.  Love ya dude!

@desucorp > I recognize your name, and I think you belong up here in the special shoutout section, but I cant quite put my finger on why… So your going to be here.  Thank you!

To the rest of my faithful mutuals, I love you guys too!  You can always leave me a message if you want to get to know me better! Thank you for your love and support!

@pu-chan @not-your-safe-space @ripplingeffected @just-communist-things @kabanru-suruga @soupdeloup @knarlybruh @transgirlpeach @hakujiin @here-comes-the-moonlight @kazanaritsubasa @yurifreak15 @queenoflol @velleitiie @thegreatwhiteotaku @my-scarlet-princess @thenightofwalpurgis @jynxiana @akiyamalove @yoursenpainoticesyou-blog-blog @cclearlovee @narumeias @rip-my-sanity @lainderp @kanamie-is-da-best @simplykasumi @slippyslam-blog-blog @strangeplaceofmoshi @shocking-truth @shinobukaka @photoboom97 @no-more-spooky-momos-and-cream @vintrial @quinquestor @miradanii @alinkbetweenme @kousakaear @onee-samaaa @na-na-ka @mikasa-kick-asserman @sakuradroplets @lightningsabre @aorailgun @moveslikejagger2 @kavula @conclusosive

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Thank you guys again! Love you all! just cant say it enough.

In celebration of reaching 500 followers i’ve decided to make my first follow forever! I’d like to thank all of my mutuals for being extremely lovely, nice, and kind towards me since i’ve had this blog!! I haven’t had this blog for a while but i honestly love coming on here because all of you make this such a positive place to come to, and it makes me honestly so happy, so yeah, thanks for being so nice and lovely towards me.

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hi guys! to celebrate 500 followers, i promised to do a special ‘500 followers follow forever!’. so here they are: all the blogs i love and would definitely recommend others to check out/follow! 

bold = mutuals


first i have a couple of very special people, who i consider all to be my friends! some of them i know in real life, others i met through this website. i’m gratefull for all of you!

eve - timon - jen - lisa - sharonpat - maaikekatie - eva - maddie - suuz - lys


dayrldixon - deancaneatmypie - deanwinchusterdemondetoxmanual - dopedaenerys - emberphantom


fans-for-danneel - fluffalos - fyeahchicagofire - fychicagopdfuck-deaniamsupernaturalsbitch - itsjustjensen - jayhalstaeds - jessiescove


lucasbryants - minorgoddessofsherlock - misshaleysunshinemostly-jensen - mydearbrotherholmes - naudreyteampancakes  - nikascott - oneetreehiill


parrishsadam - prettybutt - queendanneelackles - rosalindlovesrobertsammysnipples - sassyhunters - simplysophiabush - sunshine-sweetnesstheodorahatzisfannibal time-lord-from-gallifrey  - t-starkjr


whenwinterlife - xxipixx


HOLY MOLY its been like ten days since my last milestone and I’m already hitting another one??? That’s wacko.

I can’t express to you guys how happy I am, to share my weird gameplay with you guys everyday and have you guys kinda like it - is just amazing! Thank you so much to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) ily

So without further ado, here’s my 500 follower forever. I follow such amazing simmers / creators, you should check them all out!!

  • A - F

@aidanconine / @alwaysimming / @aquarius4sun / @bonehlda / @budgie2budgie / @bookishsimmer / @berrysweetboutique / @calisimgirl / @cellblocksimmer / @citrontart / @citrussims / @comfysim / @crybxbysims / @cupcakesimblr / @dangerous-stain-builds / @drewdsims / @diesel-sims / @dreambot / @eslanes / @evermoresimss / @freezer-bunnyy

  • G - R

@ghostbouquet / @glazedsims /  @grilledsims / @grimcookies / @harrybuts  / @hcbsims / @hypsteria-posts / @isjao / @itsgohliad  / @jennisloud / @kateplayssims / @kiwi-mint-simblr / @lea-fey / @lilsimsie / @loudphase / @lunarcreek /  @lunarr-sims / @messysimblr / @mintiphresh / @municipalmuses / @mysticllamasim / @nolan-sims / @notsoberry / @paleplumbob / @peonypyxels / @plasmarose / @positivelysimblr / @ridgeport / @rusty-sims

  • S

@sandy-sims / @savage-songs / @saucysims / @shflee / @simmamonwaffles / @simmingnoobmag / @simmingval / @simstellation / @simsluname / @simsulfurtrash / @slythersim / @smol-sims / @smubuh / @spellburst / @springtimesims / @sssvitlans / @summerssims / @sunlitsims / @surreysimmer / @sweetersims

  • T - W

@taylortheferret / @traproot / @vensim / @wacko-lover / @waekey / @wildlyminiaturesandwich / @wlndenburg

why do you all follow me i’m a trash blog smh

thanks to the loml olli (@this-is-not-a-forever-home) for the cutest banner ever created bc im an untalented rat and am incapable of basic human functions

i have 500 followers !! thank you all sm !!

((italics are my pals and bold are blogs i love w my whole heart))


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also shout out to the group chats im in:

soft math papis (or pig papis idk anymore lmao)

ilu all sm i honestly don't know what i would do without any of you because you have all been there for me <33 i wish i could meet you all irl bc i would deadass sob 

drarry gc and (idk what to call this gc//what was it’s original name) was it pre-split panic phannies or demon phannies (i sure as hell don’t know lmao)

you all r sm fun and i’m so glad i was put in these gc’s bc ilu all

In honour of hitting 500 followers, I have decided to do my first follow forever!

I seriously can’t thank you guys enough for 500 and I love each and every one of you <3

Here is just a list of the people who bring entertainment to my dash every single day and wouldn’t change it for the world!!


ILY ALL!!!!!

Hello everyone!!! Excuse the header (gRapHic DesigN iS MY pAssIon). I recently hit just over 500 followers so I’m doing my first follower forever!!! Thank you all so much :’)  I’ve made so many friends on here (and i’m surprised because im cRAP at keeping conversations) and I love every single one of you 💖💖💖💖. This is going to be a mess so I’m sorry for your eyes.

Bold - Mutuals
* - i love you so much jkdhflkasdjfhksdajf

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Hello! Since I reached my 500 Follower milestone I decided to do a Follow Forever! Even if you are not mentioned I would just like to let you now that I love every single one of you very much and I am so grateful that you follow me. Thank you! 

  • Bolded are Mutuals that I absolutely adore.
  • Italics are Writers 
  •  🖤 are people that I talk to often/are my friends/people i tag alloottttt

A- J

@biaswreckers-inc 🖤, @doombox82 , @elkey, @bbeblossom, @aesthetivy, @artsy-yoongi, @fkingkpoptrash, @hydranoel 🖤, @iminterstellar 🖤


@noona-la-la-la @minsugasnerd, @ole-dole-peaches, @lumosey, @leejihxxn, @queencorgiiv, @mylifeiskpoptrash 🖤, @mfdhme 🖤, @honeyheonie​, @kpop-state-of-mind​ 🖤, @mellifluous-yoongi

R- #

@22wooji , @yoongis–bf, @sarajyeoyo 🖤, @roseyscoups, @-happytbh- 🖤, @xoloveleonie-ss, @1mpress0, @the-porcelain-doll-xo


@trytowriteitout 🖤 AND @snorlaxsaysno 🖤

Recommended Writers

@jhopesjawline , @colourfulnoodles@kpop-reads , @kbopz , @taehyung-the-baehyung , @imsarabum , @jungk0oksthighs, @jiminniemouse, @trulybts, @jinyoungsbum, @yourinnerbts, @spicyramyeonmonbebe, @monsta-texts, @awkwardturtle486, @thelillzmonster @jooheonster @kpopfanfictrash, @hyungjooki, @mx-scenario, @oppafeels, @fortheloveofbangtan @weareonereacts, @swaglordyoongi, @textmybias, @btssmutgalore

Other Blogs I Love

@w-ooshine , @softptg , @wonhoiisms, @antisocial-burrito, @chinalinelove, @sonesource, @seventeentrash17, @jihope-less, @stan-the-best-stan-monsta-x, @debrenner, @jacksonwangtastic, @texting-them-kpop-bois, @taehyunglog, @jinkir, @minhos, @cosyjeon, @syubbed, @xiumin-on-this-shit


Honestly, I am sorry that we had to meet in the way we did, but I adore all three of your blogs and I thank your for all the kind words you have said, and If any of my followers don’t follow them YOU SHOULD!!! @ellieljade , @jeonjagiya and @avveh are amazing writers and they deserve for everyone to read their work! 🖤  

I realize I don’t follow near enough people haha, but also I realized I follow a lot of writers/creators. So This list is shorter then I thought it would be, so I am sorry!!! >.< I will do better next time I promise. Hope you all Have a great evening and thank you again for following my hot mess of a blog. <3 

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yay! my first follow forever bc i’ve passed 500 followers! 

i’m cami and i wanted to say thank you to my followers for being kind, reblogging my stuff and all that<3 it’s really appreciated. also to thank my mutuals even though i don’t talk with all of you bc i’m kinda shy??? i love you all 💖💖💖 you make my dashboard prettier and cooler!

and look at that header, yeah i love overwatch and bts so i had to do it

my beautiful mutuals✨✨ i’m sorry if this post messes your notifications:(

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Hello my lovelies! I currently hit 500 followers and I’m so shook. I never thought that I would even reach such a large number. I figured since I hit 500 followers, I should do my first official Follow Forever!(♥→o←♥)

I can’t believe i even hit such a large number. I remember getting 20 followers and cried because that was so much for me?? And now with 500 of you lovelies, I’m just so happy. I made this blog back on the 15th of March, 2015 with my shit posts and gifs. My first ever reblog was a VIXX meme (I’m saying this bc I’m literally staring at my archives). Words can’t explain how happy I am to hit 500+ followers! ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

I’m just going to be tagging the blogs I follow, my mutuals, and my fav blogs overall in this post (in alphabetical order of course~) under the “keep reading” because I don’t want to make this post as long as it is already, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make my heart so happy!

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Hi! I recently hit 1k followers!!! I seriously can’t believe it and I’m so thankful! I thought I’d do another follow forever, i did one for my first 500 followers. I apologize in advance I probably forgot a LOT of people, but I tried my best! I also wanted to thank to all of you!

# @500-yen
A-E @acebayashi @allen-walkers @ariwtflol @ayylmaokeith @alittlepaladin @alleunwalk @amisbro @angrymuffin16 @batgirlpew @bananaxfabulous @boneset @criimsiin @deathbyquill @dreamrlu
F-J @fairofairo @frances048 @freakinnerds @fayevalntine @ghostries @gay-dragon-prince @holyuke @honervaas @hataboo @itsyaboylance @ironicallysarcasticjoke @jean-the-horseaskblog
K-O @kizuyuria @kagetsuoka @karasunos-baby-crow @kkumri @komaedas @klance-ing @kenmathetwink @kimono–dragon @lesbian-ezor @me0wkins @miscellaneousdementia @mhikyaa @lurulii @ninja-shinigami @niki-fforov @my-head-is-underwater
P-T @palepinkimpulses @pom-pom-pomodoro @puzzlelord @pinkucunt @perfect-gerard @paradigmed @riviia @swageki-ken @sj-trish @space-nerd-artist @superlena07 @semezukas @story-kat @tetsuuros @toomanysinks @titanslayingmochi @tetetsu @schwing-alicious @quality-trash
U-Z @wildcat-kuroo @yochida @ughharu @violist-yamaguchi @viria @xingkari @vkings @winterstormathena

Hi I’m thebestthingisphil this is my Follow forever! I just reached 500 followers and im happy for each one of them (unless your a pornblog than I feel eh about you)!! So anyway I made this blog about a year ago only to shitpost really but I started getting followers and people started talking to me, it was a really bad time in my life too, so just having one person to talk to made all the difference. I really do love each and everyone of you even if I didn’t tag you. Also special thanks to Ryan @killerchaos15 for helping me with the header(You should follow them they’re like my best friend). I don’t have time to put it alphabetical because I’m doing all of this on my phone so don’t stress out ^~^ My Favorite blogs: @onlycatsshouldexist @onlycatsshouldexist @ourgossipyghoul @alpacalapsegirl @imjustarticulate @top-koalaty @cringe-attacks @immaghast @kissyphan @lurkinghowell @purplestreak8 @cesari0 (why do I always think your name is cereal?) @soulsivan @lawsofbiology @jorzuela @intensefandoms @stormydaylester @firstgay @amazinglyphanisnotonfire @amazingphanxx @phantastic-times @prplepixie @phan-demigod @timidhowell @grey-blogs @greenteagraceffa @serenehowell @castiel-fuckin-winchester @planethowell @raffit123 @toomanyshipsxx @herpaflurpderp @navintaoe @cyxical @just-a-random-fandom-24 @theghostoftumbrl @letthemusictakeyouaway @irrevocablys @beyondyouandme @i-craft-ladders @i-meant-it-ironically @poisonkilljoy96 @mattismatter @amaliemago @notaflowerr @papercranesinflames @nightskydaniel @nikkiecola @slimyorange @gayllamasonrainbows @gazingatstarlights (my first follower) @cinnamon-roll-phan @myweepingqueen (you helped me through a lot) @pocketcow (both RWBY fans) @iamnotgoingoutside @iam-poedameron @read-between-the-covers @my-lungs-will-phil @twenty-one-broken-people @fetus-twink-howell @starryhowell @your-imaginary-soulmate @bigenderfrank @twogaysinapod @skyyisprobablylying @koshie-kosen @classydanosaur @whiskersandcraftsmakemeokay @whatiftardis @superyoutubetrash @awkwardchemicals @phantrash771 @little-awkward-heart @blurrytown @limited-edition-trash @treetrex-socks @wonderlandcanvas @tbpphan @an-amazing-piece-of-cake (you might not know it but that one time we talked you kept me alive) @universallycycleangel @tob-iio @youarelovedrememberthat @5secondsofcalpal @unicornsbedabomb1927 @pandachibi13 @phansfrivan @youtubelanguage @pencilanime (I think you deleted all your posts but I really liked talking to you) @phan-tastic-youtube-addict @phandom-dreams @phaan @phan–tastique @sleepinglester @sleepybarakat @trashcanniballecter @brerediddy @superultramegagay @imhalfasleeprn @heya789 @cats-books-netflix @goddess-of-neptune @shes-healing @yesyoutubeisruiningmylife @ultra-phantrash @classicalphilip and last but not least @lili-nightshade (I love talking with you)