my 5 year olds

I heard it’s SNS Week and it’s AU day…

Wonderland AU with Sasuke as the Queen of Hearts and Naruto as the Mad Hatter.


You’re a s m a r t man Jack, but I don’t entirely t r u s t you

                                 Peas in a pod, darling.

Asalaamalaykum, please can everyone make a dua for my 5 year old niece, she was throwing up and was told it was "food poisoning" but after being admitted to hospital they found out that she could have a tumour or a cyst that is putting pressure on her bladder. Please please please keep my niece in your du'as, please. We are all so desperate for du'as. They're also saying that they will be operating on her so please pray that it goes successfully

capt-syvennia  asked:

Soo i know you are are more animal behavior and that sort of knowledge. (Pretty much my idol) but any idea on cat litters? Some not very ideal for cats/kittens. Any good brands you or your followers swear by? Aldi (a cheap grocery store as far as im aware only in midwest) sells a cat litter, and I want to know if its okay for my 2 year old cat and 5 month of old kitten :) thank you!

My general feeling is ‘use what works’. Cats have different preferences for texture and depth. 

However, I do suggest you stay away from scented litter. If it’s pleasant to us, it’s really strong to them - and I noticed that my mom’s cats had irritation on their paws that ended when we switched to unscented. 

OH MY GOSH during newsies i was sitting next to this little 5-year-old year girl and she was singing along to EVERY SONG and her mom kept having to shush her and during intermission her mom told me that her daughter was so happy that I knew all the lyrics too and so I highfived the little kid and she goes “I’m the king of New York!!!!” to prove her Superior Fansie Status and honestly? my heart has been warmed. who'da thunk? she’s the king of New York!!!