my 5 husbands

the actual track list for HS1

1) hi, I’m bad at communicating my feelings

2) gotta blast

3) town. TOWN.

4) I love my husband

5) I love my husband (continued)

6) this isn’t a slow song and I’m gonna scream in your ear to make my point

7) ITS NOT REAL! *throws baby doll*

8) same old sh- but a different day

9) girlfriend by avril lavigne
(alt. title - hands off my man)

10) angst fic

anonymous asked:

The fact that you flirt and receive nudes and ass pics from your follows while you have a boyfriend is pathetic. A very poor representation of the gay community.

1. I don’t have a boyfriend; I have a husband.
2. I’m not gay; I’m bisexual.
3. You’re gonna give me shit because of what people take it upon themselves to put in my inbox?
4. If you scroll you’ll see that I never even asked for any nudes. Someone asked me if they could, and I said why not, since people regularly send them to be already and don’t bother asking.
5. My husband is secure enough not to be threatened by a bunch of random ass pics.
6. Our marriage is secure enough not to be threatened by a bunch of ass pics.
7. Who says human bodies can only be viewed in a sexual way?
8. “Pathetic” coming from some chicken shit who doesn’t even have the stones to attach a name to their own message.
9. I don’t answer to you or anyone else (other than maybe my husband, and even then, we arrive at our decisions mutually).
10. It’s no ones job to lead their life the way you think it should be led.
11. Relationships come in all forms and it’s only up to the participants to decide what works, provided that everyone is a legal, consenting adult.
12. Get fucked.
13. Don’t be salty just because I have way more game than you without even trying.
14. Get fucked a second time.
15. No one’s forcing you to look through my blog.
16. Perhaps the reason why no one wants you is because of that piss poor attitude.
17. Get fucked again, preferably by a saguaro cactus.

I love all the posts about the sensates but I feel like Sun deserves more praise. All the other sensates have a friend, a partner or a family member but so far she has been utterly alone facing all the bullshit with her brother and yet she is so kind and fierce and I love her so much