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Nathan Chen - “Stole the Show” (Kygo)

2017 Stars on Ice @ Honda Center in Anaheim, CA

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We missed you too!!!! How did you like Kimmy Schmidt??

omg, 30 Rock was one of my favorite shows and Kimmy Schmidt is like a more cartoonish sequel show. i love it, i cry. it has some issues tho, but not all media you consume is perfect i guess ^_^;; 

i love kimmy’s bright outfits, they make me happy. and i love titus obvi, bc he is like a catchphrase machine. but my favorite is this line right here because it is so very relevant to my life:

i too have big eyes and hair like spaghetti

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Is there anyone that you wish guest starred as a character on the show?

Oh, this is a great question, and I’ve been sitting on it for so long because I’m terrible at thinking of who would be good guest stars for shows. All I was able to come up with was either Beck, since he had an influence on the music, or Kelsey Grammer, because who doesn’t like it when he cameos on a show (30 Rock being some of my favorites of his appearances)?

Since I’m so terrible at this, let’s ask all the fans: who do youall wish guest starred as a character on the show? Leave a comment or a reblog and let’s see what we come up with!

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hey! when u get this tell us 5 things that make u happy, then send to the 10 most recent people in ur notifications :^)

hello! thanks for sending!! ❤️
1. getting in bed after a nice shower and relaxing
2. saving money
3. my favorite fun TV shows (scrubs, friends, and 30 rock)
4. going to church (yes I’m a religious gay and I love getting to know my community better)
5. travelling
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Question meme: 20, 27, 29, 30, 42?

20. what is your favourite song at the moment? Euphoria by Loreen has been my favorite since it won Eurovision (the one with the tiny singer with the powerful voices jumping around the stage in loose fitting clothing, if you remember)

27. things i hate. There are so many things! 

29. favourite film(s): My favorite movie is With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i Mieczem). It feels like LotR except with more politics. My favorite character from it is probably Bohun. 

30. favourite tv show(s): Prison Break. 

42. favourite book(s): Two books are my favorites: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (I like the Wilbour translation best) and The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. 

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29, 30, and 43. Please, and thank you. 😊

ofc, babe!! thx for asking :-)

  • 29. favourite film(s) oh boi,, i love kill your darlings, moulin rouge, reality bites, tfa, kyss mig, bitwc (when i want to cry),, lots tbh lmao
  • 30. favourite tv show(s) hannibal is my all-time favorite, but,, i love the office, parks and rec, house, twd,, but i don’t watch much current tv honestly.
  • 43. favourite song ever c a n n o t a n s w e r. it depends on my mood and when it is like,, there isn’t one that i just love most all the time,, so right now at this very moment in time, “now or never” by halsey and “knuckles” by moose blood maybe???? also “somebody else” by the 1975 always gets me feelin some kind of way


I am so psyched for tonight’s Golden Globes. They KILLED it the last time they hosted! Their jokes on George Clooney, Leo diCaprio and others critiqued gender stereotypes and behaviors while being literally LOL funny.

30 Rock is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I really like Parks and Recreation. But I LOVE Fey/Poehler, both outspoken pro-women, feminist firebrands. I read Bossypants and loved it, and Yes, Please is up next.

I’ve posted feminist quotes and gifs by both women, here is a quick way to catch up the “greatest hits.”

Tina Fey quotes and gifs on Profeminist 

Amy Poehler quotes and gifs on Profeminist

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What tv shows do you watch that isn't animated?

Currently no live action tv shows are on the air that I’m really interested in, but the only ones I’ve watched and really enjoyed were 30 Rock (my favorite show), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Rec (on occasion), and Seinfeld because it was always on when my family ate dinner :’D I think that’s it!