my 30 favorite shows


Nathan Chen - “Stole the Show” (Kygo)

2017 Stars on Ice @ Honda Center in Anaheim, CA


hi! my name is nikita, and i’m 20 years old. i’m from Kansas (USA). I love art (both creating and admiring), fashion, doing social justice work, going on car trips with no real destination, and popular culture. i love thrifting, horror, and going to cemeteries. i have been learning french for six years, and i am trying to learn italian.

my favorite shows include the x-files, 30 rock, and black mirror, among many others. my favorite movies include almost famous, clueless, silence of the lambs, misery, and girl, interrupted.

i’m looking for a pen pal (from anywhere is great, but it would be cool to talk to someone outside of the country or someone who speaks french or italian) who would want to be either online pals or snail mail/art exchange buds. 

contact me! 
tumblr: sluttyghostgirl
email: nikita.imafidon @ yahoo . com



I am so psyched for tonight’s Golden Globes. They KILLED it the last time they hosted! Their jokes on George Clooney, Leo diCaprio and others critiqued gender stereotypes and behaviors while being literally LOL funny.

30 Rock is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I really like Parks and Recreation. But I LOVE Fey/Poehler, both outspoken pro-women, feminist firebrands. I read Bossypants and loved it, and Yes, Please is up next.

I’ve posted feminist quotes and gifs by both women, here is a quick way to catch up the “greatest hits.”

Tina Fey quotes and gifs on Profeminist 

Amy Poehler quotes and gifs on Profeminist

rikersgirl22  asked:

23, 29, 30, and 31

23) Fear(s): I have a major fear of bees that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. Other than that, I have to be honest, I’m pretty fearless. I mean like I try to be careful I’m pretty brave. 

29) Favorite film(s): Some of my top favorites are The Sound of Music, (!! Julie Andrews !!) Beauty and the Beast (both the animated and the 2017 live action), a movie called Begin Again which has Adam Levine and Kiera Knightley, and The Polar Express, which I watch every Christmas

30) Favorite TV show(s): My first favorite was Castle, so there’s that and also Firefly. Current favorites are Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds obviously, This Is Us (please come find me if you watch this because I need people to talk about it with) and The Voice

31) 3 random facts

  • I have a birthmark on my shoulder shaped like the bud of a tulip
  • I plan to study to be a social worker
  • I have signed cast from several members of the Castle cast

Day 14: Favorite TV Show/Movie

My favorite movie of Christoph Waltz is The Legend Of Tarzan. I love this movie so much. Thanks to The Legend Of Tarzan I start falling in love with my favorite character Leon Rom and love, love, love more Christoph Waltz. The quality, sounds, effects is perfect. The cast Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favorite actor all time. Alexander Skarsgard he is hot sorry but I just prefer Leon Rom he is so georgous and his mustache omg. Margot Robbie I love her. I don’t have more words how much I love this movie.


Fairy Tail 30 day challenge

Day #3 Least favorite character: No one is my least favorite. I love everyone in fairy tail as if they were my own family, i cant wait to be reunited with them in April when the show returns, this will forever be one of my favorite shows :)