my 2 fav parts (music)

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the ending song was just, to good to be true. had me crying out here

YOOOOO ME TOO! The first time I played (cuz you know my obsessed ass has already replayed 3 times), the song just fit the entire season (as well as Clem’s character) SO WELL. I love ending credits songs and have missed them - one of my fav parts of season 2. I love how the music, no matter where you start the Clem post credits scene, just matches perfectly with what Clem is doing on screen - the fact that she’s got darkness in her, the darkness in all those around her, the fear of what is unknown but what she must go through in order to achieve her goal of getting AJ back. AUGHHH, Telltale always makes perfect song choices

Lovers Playlist

1. Dru Hill~ Beauty

2. Sevyn Streeter~ Sex on the ceiling

3. Timothy Bloom~ til the end of time

4. Tony Toni Tone~ that all i ask of you

5. Silk~ Lose Control

6. Pretty Willie~ 4 walls

7. Ginuwine~ Remember

8. Usher~ can you handle it

9.Usher~ that’s what its made for

10. Raab~ 4 play

11. Twista~ get it wet

12. The O’Jays~ Cry together

13. Isley Brothers~ Summer breeze

14. Timothy Bloom~ Rivers Run Deep

15. Silk~ More

16. Tyrese~ On top of me

17. 3 piece~ Ooh Aah

18.Monica~ Love all over me

19. Shai~ if i ever fall

20. Intro~ come in side

21. Shai~ comforter

22. Subway~ this little game

23. Dead Prez~ mind sex

24. Tyrese~ signs of love making

25. Chris Brown~ beg for it

26.R. Kelly~ strip for you

27. Janet Jackson~ discipline

28. Janet Jackson~ would you mine

29. The Transitions~ straight fucking

30. Jamier Foxx~ Slow

31. Tank~ slowly

32.Rome~ I belong to you

33. Blackstreet~ Deep

34.Dave Holister~ Take care of home

35.Keri Hilson ft. Chris Brown ~ One Night stand

36. Lil jon Ft. oobie~one night stand

37. Lil jon ft. oobie ~ ooh nana

38. Latif~ dont wanna hurt you

39. Under Presha~ Splackavellie

40. Avant~ Happy

41. Floetry ~ its getting late

42. Playa~  Cheers 2 u

43. Silk ~ lets make love

44. Silk~More

45. 112~ you already know

46. En Vouge~ don’t let go

47. R. Kelly seems like you ready

48. T- pain~ Studio

49. Marvin Sease~ Candy Licker

50. Miguel~ Pussy is mine

I missed so many but these are  a few of my favs… may do a part 2 @mobettafreak