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What species are the tortoises in your blog?

Hi Anon, 

I share pictures, info about ALLLLLLLLL kinds of turtle and tortoises so you’ll have to be specific. The tortoise in charge here (Zoya pants ) is a Testudo Horsfieldi aka Russian Tortoise (sometimes called central Asian tortoise). 

If you’re asking about a specific post feel free to send me a link to it  :) 

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so theres this lesbian named vree on my dash this pride month???? i always see her there bein a cutie pie and its obvious to anyone that wtf??? this girl deserves a TON of love and cuddles from cute girls this year?????? just my 2 cents 👀

tf……… this slander

Okay, so while I was scrolling through my dash with my 4 year old sister on my lap, she sees a gif of Lewis emotionally exploding after his heart is broken and she asks, “Why is he so mad?” and I tell her, “because his heart was broken.” My little sister pauses with an, “Oh,” and then looks up at me and says, “Then I’ll make him a new heart and he’ll be happy! Can we make him a new heart?”

I couldn’t help but smile at how genuine she is in wanting to make Lewis happy.;u;

Follow up –>

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Let me support you. It's their FIRST fusion after all, and FIRST gem fusion for Steven. Of course I guess it won't be very perfect at first. But personally I still find them very cute and charming. Just my 2 cents here.)

ye, after fusing a few times Smoky will probably get a more refined look. Not much different in colors or anatomy, but anything the crew feels isn’t quite right will be smoothed over.

But for now, they are fat and beautiful and I will protect them.