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Of course "queer" is a slur. That's why we reclaimed it in the first place.

We started to use “queer” to describe ourselves because to the people who hated us, any word that meant us meant “bad.” Didn’t matter if they said “queer” or “faggot” or “homosexual,” or “like THAT, you know,”– it was a bad thing to be. There was no room in the language for us to be us and proud of it.

So we said, “the hell with that,” and we took ground that did not belong to us, and we made it our own. They can’t insult you by calling you something if you call yourself that first. We said “queer” out loud and proud, and we stood up and marched under banners with “queer” written on them, and there were too many of us to stop when we came out in the daylight and shouted our names.

And there are still people who hate us, and whatever we call ourselves, they still think that word means “bad.” “Gay” can be an insult– “that shirt’s so gay.” And all you have to do is hear a conservative politician sneer the word “transgender” in talking about bathrooms to know that even our own words can turn to venom in the mouth of someone who hates what we mean by them.

But we worked our asses off to say that what we mean by them isn’t bad, and we could call ourselves those things, and be proud. And it worked. We took “queer.” We took it so well that it’s a technical term in academic institutions which sixty years ago would have fired someone just for the suspicion that they were one of us. We fought, and we won.

And when you tell me, “queer is a slur, don’t use it,” you’re telling me that that victory means nothing. That we did nothing to change what the word means. That we have to give back the ground we took, that our fight isn’t worth remembering.

I won’t call someone “queer” if they don’t like it, if they don’t claim the name for themself, if it makes them uncomfortable or brings back bad memories– that’s just rude. But I resent and bristle at someone telling me I can’t use the word for myself. It means what I mean, as “gay” or “lesbian” or “LGBT” doesn’t. And more than that– it means, we won this word. We fought, and a lot of us died, and we are still fighting, and some of us are still dying, though not nearly as many. We’re fighting for the meaning– that we can live the way that suits us, and love the people we love– much more than the word. But the word is a symbol, and I’m not willing to give it up.


I’ve read Crunchyroll translation and… know how much Isayama loves Norse mythology! Let’s see

In Norse mythologyVili and Vé are the brothers of the god Odin (from Old Norse Óðinn), sons of Bestla, daughter of Bölþorn; and Borr, son of Búri:

From Wikipedia

Old Norse Vili means “will”. Old Norse  refers to a type of Germanic shrine; a .

Vili and Vé, together with Óðinn, are the three brothers who slew Ymir — ending the primeval rule of the race of giants — and are the first of the Æsir. They are comparable to the three brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, of Greek mythology, who defeat the Titans. Of the three, Óðin is the eldest, Vili the middle, and Ve the youngest. To the first human couple, Ask and Embla, Óðinn gave soul and life; Vili gave wit (intelligence) and sense of touch; and Vé gave countenance (appearance, facial expression), speech, hearing, and sight. 

Justification of murder and why there are only 13 victims

Ok, guys. So I didnt know it would get to it, but I notice it more and more and I want to address this problem. What problem, you might ask (or not, if you can read headlines).

Justifying murder.

Yep, here we are folks. This is the issue that needs to be addressed, which is so ridiculous in itself that its kinda sad. But thats what it is. This is a dangerously spreading trend especially in the mass shooter community. And dont get me wrong, if youre interested in Columbine and perhaps youre attracted to Eric or Dylan, or any other case/killer for that matter, thats fine. I have no ill will against you. Where my problem with you starts is when you get lost in a fantasy or try to tell me that there is any justification (besides self defence) to murdering someone. And it happens more than you could think at first glance!

15 victims and why teenagers have it better

So if youve been on tumblr’s true crime community for more than a day youve probably noticed that most of the “Columbiners” preach how there are 15 victims of the massacre, while maintaining that they have utmost respect for the inmocent people shot by Dylan and Klebold. From my point of view this statements contradict themselves. How can you claim to have any respect for people who walked to their school to learn and got shot dead, when youre ready to equal their brutal, unprovoked murders to a suicide of the perpetrators?

Now Im not saying they deserved to die, but their deaths arent caused by the Columbine Massacre. They got to choose to die and by chosing death they managed to go out without facing any consequences of their actions. Just imagine how much criticism would someone get if they said Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer was a victim of their own crimes. It would be brutal. While many people just accepted Dylan and Eric as some poster boys for bullying. Which wouldnt be a case if they were just a little bit older. Because teenagers can get away with murder, just as they get away with a lot of things, just because people make them into kids, unable to control themselves, nothing is ever their fault. And when someone opens fire on school kids, you shouldnt to get away with calling them victims of the same massacre. Because everyone is a victim, in one way on another. But you dont see all of the bullied, or mentally ill people taking their problems out on innocent teenagers.

Lets compare them to the Orlando Nightclub shooter. Wasnt he just a sad repressed man who decided to commit suicide by cop? Why isnt he a victim? Cause he took 50 people with him. Sorry, but that makes you lose your victim card when it comes to that massacre.

The blame game

What I also stumbled upon in my adventures in the dark side of Tumblr were people who will blame: the parents, the school, antidepressants and everything they can think of rather then putting a blame on the only people that should be blamed. The perpetrators. They talk about how sad Eric would be if he heard his father thought he was involved in the shooting. Even though its a rare example of parents actually knowing their kid enough to see something was wrong with them.

As for bullying, they didnt even kill any. They aimed for anyone. Because they didnt care. It wasnt as much a quest for revange, but an ultimate act of teenage rebellion- chaotic, reckless and short lived.

And in the end it doesnt matter how much they were victimized before the shooting. It was their decision take up a gun. Bullying didnt pull the trigger.

Hybristophilia blues

Now, you can treat it as a separate rant, or not. But these things Im about to point out are inherently linked.

There are a lot of people out there that are attracted to serial killers and mass shooters. And there’s nothing wrong with this. You can control who you find visually pleasing and hybristophilia is a real thing. But the problem starts when you actually have fallen in love with them. Or rather your romanticized version of them. The anti-hero, the misunderstood martyr. A dream partner for many people. They will say how they love them and would “change” them if they were just given a chance. Which is encouraged by the “15 victims” mentality.

Some of the TCC folk, as a call for attention or genuine (misplaced) feelings will claim they are “friends” with killers, or even that they communicate with them.

Lastly, I wanted to say how disturbed I am by adults in the Columbine community, being sometimes just as much deluded as the young people, when they should be the voice of reason. I saw many young people who were way more mature about their hobbies. So why are adult people encouraging these bahaviours? Columbine can be interesting but with a community full of people like this constantly linked to it, people are turned away from being associated with it.

Just understand that you can be interested with a person, you can be attracted to them and you can feel sympathy for anyone you wish, without having to justify their evil deeds.

I actually hate the abortion debate because both sides refuse to see the other sides point of view. Like pro life people are pro life because they see a fetus as a living human being at the point of conception while pro choice people are pro choice because they think the fetus isn’t human until later. But instead, Pro-lifers seem to see pro-choicers as evil people who want to kill children while pro-choicers see pro-lifers as wanting to control a womans body. It’s a complete mess 

GOT- S07 E07 Tyrion

I’ve saw this question a few times on the tag about why he was lurking looking so concerned, here’s my 2 cents.

-Tyrion was onto the connection from the start he expected this union, Its highly unlikely to me he is interested in her.

-He saw how Jon’s commitment to Dany affected the negotiations at dragonpit, he’s not even willing to lie about his devotion to Her, even for strategic advantage!

- He saw Dany run head first into danger to save Jon. He pleaded with her not too.

Tyrion in my opinion is concerned that their devotion will be used to destroy them. Love kills and heroes die. That’s why he’s concerned outside of Their cabin

They could die for eachother, and he knows they’re willing too

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can u plz elaborate on your post about instant gratification and self care? drop some wisdom on us ❤️❤️❤️

akdfkldlfgj ok

basically i think that we have cultivated a vicious circle that treats overindulgence as self care. instead of treating the very source of your issues, we fall into the perpetual trap of thinking that treating yourself will make u feel better when it won’t. self care is not easy, self care is not obvious, self care is not what’s going to make u feel comfortable, self care is about taking active steps to improve ur state of mind. i’m not encouraging asceticism and indulging in ur small pleasures is obviously not inherently wrong as long as you keep it mind that you can only do that from time to time and at a reasonable quantity. self care is not going on a shopping spree that will make you feel less hollow for 2 hours, it’s about taking a shower when you haven’t in three days. it’s about facing your issues and finding ways to tackle them in order to be kinder to yourself. instant gratification is a short term fix that maintains you in a vicious circle while actual self care is a long term solution that treats the source of your condition to perpetuate a virtuous cycle. and it’s not easy but if it was easy we wouldn’t fall into the trap of instant gratification so often and mix it up with actual solutions to live a better life

Okay, here’s my problem

Let’s look at this as if Felix was working in an office space.

If Felix said the n-word at any time in an office space, and his co-workers overheard it, he would be in deep trouble. Sincere and serious trouble to the point that his job might be on the line. But it was something he chose to say, and even if he says, “I forgot that I’m not alone at times,” his boss would not care. He still used a very racist slur.

What Felix does is still his job. His streams are still a job. Everything he does, every video he posts, is part of his job. It does not matter if he forgot he was streaming, if he apologized for it, it does not excuse the fact he used a slur like that in his workspace.

If you believe that there is an exception, because “he swears on a normal basis, that would never happen in a workspace,” this is different. There is a massive difference between the words, “shit, fuck” and the words “faggot and nigger.” I’m sorry if anyone is upset by my use of those words, but it’s true. Those slurs are directed at people, they are used to describe people someone thinks is lesser than. It does not matter if you slipped up in your workplace.

I’m not saying people don’t make mistakes, but it’s very difficult to see this as a simple mistake after the whole Nazi issue. He should know so much better.

What Felix did would be frowned upon in a workspace. Why is this any different? Because he’s the most subscribed Youtuber? Because he’s popular? Either way, he better make a sincere video, explaining himself, why what he did was unacceptable, and what he’s going to do to make sure that what he did is never going to happen again

TL;DR- I’m fed up with pewdiepie, he was in his workspace when he used that word. Very unprofessional

i feel like there’s more to what andrew said when he asked akko about “doing things herself rather than waiting for chariot to do it,” in a sense that, the reason akko’s growth is so stunted in magic is because of her intensely strong DREAM to be like/be shiny chariot

but remember, chariot’s spell at the magic show was based on “stealing dreams" or “stealing magic fueled by dreams.”

i feel like this is why diana can still use magic so proficiently as she can, because while she may have had an aspiration to be like chariot at one point, her dream must’ve changed somewhere down the line that allowed her to excel as much as she did. she learned, at some point in her life, to BE HERSELF and not shiny chariot, while still believing in her words about the “believing heart.” it may explain why she still treasures the shiny chariot card.

i feel like this is one thing that’s holding akko back from excelling in magic as much as she could. she desperately wants to be like shiny chariot or rather BE shiny chariot than be herself, and because of what andrew told her, “why wait for someone else when you can do it yourself,” i feel like that’ll be the foundation or the basis of her growth or excelling factor when it comes to her proficiency in magic. there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by someone, but when you try so hard to emulate them/be them, you lose yourself in the process. akko is already a creative, charismatic young lady on her own, invoking change and sparking inspiration in those around like sucy, lotte, andrew, diana, and even hannah and barbara (to a degree), but she is unable to recognize the power she has, which stems from her belief in chariot’s words (which were true, despite the harm she’d done), because of her misguided attempt at trying to be shiny chariot. she can never and will never be shiny chariot, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t invoke the same feelings of happiness within others, and i feel like being true to herself and accepting herself for who she is and not what she think she can be, will be what reveals the final word.

and the finale will most DEFINITELY involve her flying a broom, no doubt about it, and the person involved will most DEFINITELY be diana.

I don’t get what’s the purpose of bringing out “heteronormativity” as an argument against Jonerys. Maybe to receive some kudos from the LGBT+ community members?
As a member of the LGBT+ community myself, I’m sick that our battles have to being brought out just because you don’t have solid arguments against a ship on Tumblr.
Let’s fight against heteronormativity when and where there’s the need, please. Not in this case.
You’re free to ship whatever you want, but please respect other people.
I won’t let anyone say that I’m promoting heteronormativity by shipping an (actually) healthy pairing, for once.

So…RE131 is out and I have read so many comments here and on forums about how Kaneki is using their wedding as an excuse for cannibalism.

I’m quite curious about how this idea came to be.

Yes, earlier in the chapter, Nishiki told Ken that cannibalism could help his aging problem.

However, when Kaneki asked Touka about ghoul weddings, as far as we know, he had no idea that it involved biting.

This implied that Ken already wanted the whole wedding stuff for other reasons than an easy bite. Most likely, my boy is going to dissapear either by leaving Touka to save Yoriko or simply by dying of this form of progenia so he wants to make something “concrete” out of their relationship. Hence the official union.

Ken didn’t have to ask and Touka didn’t have to say yes to his proposal. So how would he “plan to use Touka for cannibalism”? What if the ghoul wedding only involved exchange of rings or a kiss, then what? Come on, there were far less complicated ways to cannibalise. Why would Ken go out if his way to manipulate the girl he is in love with into marrying him just to take a bite out of her? The gains are too low compared to the risks and variables (wedding not involving biting to begin with, Touka turning him down for x reasons, his bride discovering later on that he used her for food, etc). Nah, the boy is not stupid nor that cold. Heck, it could be easier to ask her instead of bending backward and getting married in the process.

Furthermore, how could one bite be enough to safeguard Kaneki from dying or even be enough for his most likely trip to the surface? He is not affected by food poisoning like Touka was in Part 1 (church fight against Shuu). His illness is much deeper and has been weakening him for who knows how long (Kanou would know though). It would take more than one corpse, let alone one bite, to really make a difference for his health, especially if his plans involve getting hurt or using his kagune.

If Ken’s plan was to use Touka, he would have to find lots of excuses to consume her flesh frequently. A bit weird to renew your vows every two days, don’t you think? Plus, Ken is now fully aware that Touka is pregnant with his child. He has no reasons to deliberately hurt Touka or the baby. If he indeed is going to save Yoriko, it won’t only be because Kaneki feels guilty an innocent human will die “because of him”: he knows that her death would hurt Touka. He had a whole convo inside his mind regarding Touka’s choice and the reminiscence of his days at Yamori’s playroom when Ken failed to choose, which caused Jason to kill both the mother and her son. (Choose! Choose! Choose wisely)

All in all, I strongly disagree that Ken used their wedding to deceive Touka into letting him consume ghoul flesh. This action lacks logic and motive imo.

However, I also believe that it was a convenient plot point that might be useful in the future. While a bite is nothing, it could be used as the magically convenient boost of strength in an upcoming fight.

TG is a seinen yes but even in these a reader can find some elements from others genres (like shonen). I mean, Kaneki rkt Yamori after 10 days sitting on a chair being tortured, not 2 months into being a OEG, and even less in learning how to fight. You’re going to tell me this Kaneki Ken was able to destroyed Aogiri executive, half Kakuja, natural born ghoul, at the top of his form, Jason?! If this is not some shonen writing, I don’t know what is.

Cheer up, fam! Kaneki and Touka married because they wanted to. You’ve already got to worry about Touka, her unborn hybrid and her still wearing the clothes of doom. You already have to worry about Kaneki, the suicidal progenia patient…let’s not add any nefarious motive to their wedding.

What I’m about to say is probably not new news to some people, but sometimes I need my own reminder about these things so I thought I’d say it anyways for those who need it:

Being an artist is always a learning experience. 

Some things will come to you easier than others and some will take a lot of hard work to be able to do it. No one is ever perfect on the first try. It will always take time and practice.

I feel like many artists have this perception of what level they should be at and if they don’t meet that High Standard they become disappointed in themselves. 

Your hand is always behind compared to your brain. You can learn the concept about things like composition, design, colors, etc. and you can recognize how well other people can apply it, but YOU can only catch up with that knowledge you’re learning by applying it yourself. Trying and failing and then trying again and learning from each piece of art you work on.

There will be times you need to analyze and learn from others more, but there’s also times where you need to focus on applying what you’ve learned. Balancing that is really hard but it’s one of those things that needs to be done.

Even professional artists keep trying to learn new things and are always growing and developing with each project they work on. And professional artists also need to go back and practice their foundational skills at times. It’s all just… constant practice and trying and trying again. 

I know some people who ask, “How do I get better at drawing?” don’t like the answer of “Just keep practicing” but that really IS what needs to be done. 

I think the hard part can be just breaking down what you need to practice and how and that entirely depends on what you want to do. Everyone has different goals and different learning speeds! As you progress with your art and the more that you practice your skills, learning new things can come easier to you, but improvement still takes time. Figuring out what your goals as an artist are takes time too.

So be kind and be patient to yourselves and keep drawing and growing!

TG:re 122 - Reacting to the spoilers

On one hand, my Touken trash self is all over the place. I’m elated because the chapter seems to be blessed with Touka and Kanetou (even Tousaki?). I’m obviously a bit disappointed but not surprised by Ken. I look forward to seeing how sensei goes with it.

On the other hand, I’m lapping up the potential character development for these two characters, especially Kaneki. The TGverse is at war so I hope to see more of GOAT and CCG battling it out on the field and behind the scene, more gory stuff with Kanou, more possible twists and “guess-who-s-back”, some turncoats. I also expect more suffering, angst and tragedy because this is sensei’s work, the only on screen “kiss” was Shirokae eating no-lips’nose. kek

People, I’m here for Tokyo Ghoul ! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the meantime, I’ll go down with my ship. Even if it was to turn into a submarine, I have fate in Touken !