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hi! this is tuna from @gotsevenwallpaper! since this acc will be reaching 2000 followers, i’d like to give back to you guys! ill be giving away one prize to one lucky winner!!

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and *drumroll* ….
the prize is:
got7 flight log: departure album serenity version (unsealed) & with junior x yugyeom flight ticket!! and some non-official pcs too!! (im so sorry guys the pc is mark so i had to keep it for myself i had to)

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with love,
tuna @gotsevenwallpaper 💞

Listen up guys!!! I’m doing my first give away just cus I feel like it! Band themed cus music is my life!

Winners get:
1) P!ATD lights shirt sz. L
2) Two Twenty One Pilots general admission concert tickets for the 10/8/14 show in Hollywood, CA (I have the physical tickets so I will mail them out to the winner)
3) My Chemical Romance “I’m Not Okay” wristband
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6) Fall Out Boy 2007 bartskull necklace

1) This is only for my followers so must be following me
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3) Must be able to give me address to mail item to (duh!)
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***I will choose winners at random on Sept. 1st at midnight. If there is an item in particular that you are going for, you can message me. I don’t really expect a lot of people to enter this lol. Also I can post pics of any of the items if requested. Good luck friends :) ***

life update

sitting on my couch clicking back and forth between Tumblr and Facebook.  i don’t know what to do with this group, you guys.  i can’t keep up.  i don’t know anyone, i don’t really want to.  is that wrong?  meh.  Facebook is where i post pics of my kid and reblog memes that will make my extended family uncomfortable.  Tumblr’s supposed to be the place i feel my feels and get things off my chest and connect with likeminded people.  fucking Tumblr.

now that that’s off my chest, here’s a thing.

  • we finally got tickets to go to Indiana for Christmas.  finally.  it’s going to be a long trip (24th - 1st) and i have no idea where we’re going to stay since my sister and her husband and two kids moved in with my parents over the summer and my brother, sister in law, and their two kids are also going to be in town.  you counting?  right.
  • Chris has been sick for a week.  i miss him.  he started his new job about a month ago, that rolled right into visitors and Thanksgiving, and now he’s been hit with this cold he can’t shake.  he’s in bed immediately after Jude goes down, he’s not talkative, and i’m not feeling very connected.  sigh.
  • but.  for the first time (ever?) i’m so happy with where we live that i think i’m ready to buy a house.  (and i guess it’s worth mentioning that my brother and sister both bought their first homes in the past month.  nothing like a sibling rivalry to get things going, amirite?)  in the past, i never felt the need or really want to do so, even when Chris has.  every place we’ve lived has been “ok for now” and i liked that if it turned out to be not so ok we could pack it up and move.  but i like it here a lot and i don’t want to move.  i love it.  i love how close we are to the mountains, to good restaurants, to local businesses and an amazing bakery.  i love the yoga place in town that i’ve been to more times in the past 3 months than the sum of the times i’ve exercised in previous 5 years.  so maybe we’ll start looking this Spring.
  • i’m feel like i’m coming into myself as a developer.  there are ten million things i don’t know, tricks and tools and shortcuts and tips, but i feel like i have at least another million under my belt.  i feel more confident in what i’m doing, am proud of my work because it’s good, not just because i managed to eke it out.  this career change, now over a year old, has been so hard but also so rewarding.  i really love what i do and am thankful that i get to do it every day.
  • related, i’m feeling extra grateful this holiday season.  i’m thankful for our family.  for my job, Chris’ job, our exuberant son, our cozy little house.  especially now that we’re a two-paycheck household once again, we’ve made a point to give back a little more.  i’m also putting my money where my mouth is and contributing to efforts supporting causes in which i believe.  we’ve been on the receiving end of so many services and kindnesses that it almost feels like a responsibility to pay it forward, even if it’s just a little bit.

hm, this got deep.  this is what happens when Chris is not around for me to unload on.  happy weekend, friends!