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hello!! you probably know my blog if you’re tagged and you probably also have no idea what my name is or what i’m about so here: i’m bee, i’m a brown muslim girl who grew up in dubai but my parents are indian, also i’m pretty gay

so i’ve been on for about four or five years, and left, but i came back in early summer 2016 after i read throam. i didn’t really do anything with it besides make shitposts and ramble about my life which is why i was so surprised when i found out im getting closer to 1k, and i decided to do this thing (that literally no one asked for now that im at one thousand followers wtf??)

anyway here’s a little thank you to every single mutual that has tried and failed to be proper friends with me and still stuck around even though i couldn’t really be friends with any of them bc my offline social handicap decided to follow me here as well, and to every mutual who’s been so incredibly nice to me, and every mutual who i see in my notifs and every other blog that doesn’t follow me back but has inspired me to keep this up (keep what up lmao) alright im gonna stop rambling

fav blogs are bolded <3 (i’m sorry for annoying your notifs lmao this is probably a one time thing don’t worry)(also think of this like a blog rec since i maybe only really talk to four or five of these but all of these blogs are 10/10)(also there’s A LOT of blogs because i follow like 4000 people wtf how did that happen lmao this is gonna look messy idk how to tunmgler)

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WOW. In honour of reaching 1000 followers on this blog yesterday, I wanted to honour some of the people I follow. All of them have been an inspiration and a huge part of why I joined this community. And a special shout out to my mutuals, you guys are cool beans! 

listed alphabetically, mutuals are bolded!


@acadmia @academicsnotes @academiix @aescademic @aestudier @akademisk @allydsgn  @amateur-studyblr  @amsterdamstudies @annistudio @aoademic @apricot-studies @architstudy @areistotle @artemistudying @arystudies @atheatrestudyblr @athenus @bibi-loves-books @bionctes @birdkostudies @bookmrk @breezystudies @cmpsbls @einstetic @eintsein @elkstudies @em-spacestudy @emmastudies @estudianding @equaticns  @focusign @foxiestudy  @fuckstudy @genspen @getshitdonetbh @green-tea-notes @halseystudy  @hardworkign @hittingthebooks @hufflepuffwannabe @hunny-studies


@intellectus @inteqrals @jhonstudies @journalsanctuary @journalxbound @juliasacads @julstudies @justgetthroughtheyear @kikkistudies @khloestudies  @kleiopatria  @lawandcoffee @lawofcoffee  @lentilstudies @littlestudyblrblog @lycheestudy @milkteastudies  @mindpalacestudy @mlstudies @moonshinestudies @murmurstudies @mystudyingtips @narglestudies @nehrdist @notesworthtea @obsidianstudy @officiallystudying @organized-studies @palmtree-studies @pennyfynotes @procrastilate @procrastudiin @productiviteas @psychstvdies 


@quipsterlotte-studies  @rad-study @rafstudyblr @reviserepeat @ristudies  @rhubarbstudies @sadgirlstudying @sagittariustudies @sapphirestudy @scholasticus-medicinae  @shairenestudies  @smallhandwriting @smartiesstudies @sootudying @soymilkstudies @sprouht-studies  @sstudys@studeebean@studioblrcollective @studyarts @studyblr  @studybroadway @study-cave @studyfeather @studyguideverified @studyh @stuhde@study-ign @studying-ana @studiees @studie-s @studiouswoc @studylustre @studypetals @studyplants @studypunked @studyquill @studysection @studyspo @studytherin @stvdyblogs @stvdybuddies @succulentstudy @tbhstudying @thearialligraphyproject @thecoffeestudyblr @the-girlygeek @thepinkstudyblr @the-prudent-student @to-work-or-not-to-work @ttstudys @universi-tea @vestiblr @wrenstudy @yume-studies @zetudiant

Thank you so much to everyone! IF WE ARE MUTUALS AND I DONT HAVE YOU HIGHLIGHTED PLS CALL ME ON IT my computer was being evil and so i may have missed some people! side note: this is a sideblog, I follow from @heavy-heart-heavy-head


Wanna see some cool art? Wanna buy some cool art and support a cool artist? 


My original insta promo still stands and I really appreciate it! 

i’m over the moon because i just hit 1k followers, and i wanna spread the love a little by doing my first follow forever! i’ve met so many wonderful people on here and i’m so grateful for the friendships i’ve made and i’m truly, truly so appreciative to everyone who follows me. everyone i follow should know that they bring me so much joy when i see them on my dash. you all make this space an escape for me with your humor, beautiful edits, and your wonderful selves. i rly love you guys ♥

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I reached 1K followers just about a week ago so I decided to make my first follow forever!! Thank you so much for following this blog that’s run by klutzy lil me :’> I never expected to have this many followers omf. It’s only been around 3 months since I’ve made this blog and I’ve already reached 1K followers so thank you really!!!

((And for those of you who still don’t know, I was @nakamottoyuta :>))

Bold - Mutuals
❤ - Fav

@1995- || @1aeil ❤ || @1aeyong ❤ || @813jm ❤

@acesymmetrical-ish || @angelhrenjun || @angelicjeno || @antiwhitewash ❤ || @b00mingsystem || @badlydrawn-nct || @chantenyongs ❤ || @cherryjaehyun || @cherrymargarie || @chittaporno ❤ || @chokemewinwin || @cursed-kpop-images ❤ || @cutiephon-texts || @debuthansol || @dovounq ❤ || @doyomi || @doyoung-popped-this-cherry || @forenjun ❤ || @fyforeignswaggers || @glitterykoreanboyband || @h-nsol || @haecha ❤ || @haechico || @haedreamers ❤ || @hansolsdeliciousanus ❤ || @hey-uta ❤ || @hqleetaeyong ❤ || @hyuckwon ❤

@iamncttrash ❤ || @iloveyu-ta ❤ || @incorrect-nct-quotes ❤ || @jaeminnana|| @johntenismyotp || @koreankollection || @kyuhuyn || @lordyoungho || @markleesa || @markleescherrybomb || @markleetrashh ❤ || @melonnpie ❤ || @minirookies || @mmargarie || @mybbychenle || @nakamotens ❤ || @nakamuto || @nct127 ❤ || @nctinc ❤ || @nctinfo ❤ || @nctreacting ❤ || @nctreactions || @ncttheories ❤ || @nctunbleached || @nctwork || @nctwriters || @neocity || @neotechs ❤ || @nyannai ❤


@planettaeil ❤ || @princeyoungho || @renhyucks ❤ || @renjun-ee || @renjunopsd || @sammymunchiecheerios ❤ || @small-nctthings || @stannctchinaline || @starrynct ❤ || @suhsexual || @textingnct ❤ || @the07thsense || @ueo ❤ || @x-rhapsody || @yutas-puta

Thank you once again for 1k!!!


Oh. My. Thor.

When I first join Tumblr in 2015 (I think it’s 2015), I’d never imagine that my blog will gain so much success! I mean, this is incredible! Thank you so much guys! You all are amazing people and I’m so glad I get the chance to meet you! As a french girl, it was a bit difficult to enter in your world at the beginnig! But thanks to this beautiful fadom I improved my english so much! I’m even able to post some of my writings in english and do long post in Shakespeare’s language!

So, thank you, really.

That’s why, with @JoyOfBerK, I made this video. For you guys. Because I think that you’re like my own gang. You mean so much to me guys… So enjoy this video!

Also, I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank more specifically some of you…

@moonlight-madness-miracles You were my first truly friend on this fandom and my first translator! Thank you so much for starting my fanfiction translation! You’re the kindest person I know in the world! Please never change! <3

@leffie-draws-fanart I’m so glad I was able to meet you! I’m in love with your art and I hope we’ll see more of it soon ;) I know we don’t speak very often but each time I speak with you I feel really good cause you always seem so energetic and positive! I hope we’ll able to collab again on some comics :3

@angies-team Thanks to your Fanzine’s project, I get the chance to know you! And I can say that you’re really a careful person! Thank you for beeing who you are! I hope we’ll see more projects from you!

@hello-em75 You are the more attentive person in this fandom! I love your IHFAP project! I think it really helps people in becoming confident. Also, thank you for helping me with my videos! I hope we’ll able to talk again :)

@jennis41digsdragons I know we didn’t talk very much but I just wanted to say that you’re one of the reason I joined Tumblr! I really love your art and I appreciate your HTTYD positivity project after the fandom drama ^^ So please, be confident cause you’ve overcomed so much things. Now, you’re strong! I hope you’ll post Hiccstrid fanarts soon! :D

@chiefhiccstrid I just love your writings! And I would like to thank your for supporting me with my writings! It means a lot to me! See you!

@fanwriter02 You’re so dynamic and always enthusiasm for everything on this fandom! I’m really glad you took your place in our fandom cause you deserve it! I have to thank for heping me with the syntax sometimes! x) Hope we’ll able to talk soon! :D

@kingofthewilderwest Aha! Our fandom wise! You’re truly a beautiful person. I’m so happy I could met you! Thank you for doing such amazing analysis. Your work is incredible! I hope I’ll be able to talk to you again ;)

@tarched What can I say? Your animation is incredible and I hope we’ll see more of you soon! Also, you’re really a good person and I’m happy I could speak to you! ^^

@cassadrachan When I saw your post I always think about our talk about Hiccup’s voice xD I hope you’ll have other debates like that in the future!

@wishing-you-knew I love your curiosity x) You’re one of my best encounter here! When you send me a mail for complimenting my first video, you totally made my day! So thank you and I hope you’ll like this one! 

@iamthespaceprincess I start with my first translator and I will end with my new one! Friend, you’re also one of the kindest person in the world! Thank you for translating my fic! I hope you’ll finish chapter 6 soonish! :D 

And as for the others I didn’t mention because we don’t really talk, I’m really glad to be on this beautiful fandom with you! 

@graphrofberk @justgotawesome @wave-artworks-fanarts @emmalennyeddie @httydofdreamworks @avannak @meaguieamamiya @zaphire-delclarence @odair-hofferson

the last time i did a ff was back in december when i hit 1k and here i am in april making my follow forever for 6.5k?! this is so so crazy and to celebrate that, i’d like to thank my mutuals who are listed down below! Give them a follow because i love all of them :)

(i was gonna do a ff for 5k but i put it off and then ka blam i have 6.5k)
(this took me three hours) (again)

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Hey there! It’s me Jonah; Ksoo’s fave girl! ;) I just hit 1k followers so I’m doing my first follow forever!!! I don’t know why you’re following me but thank you so much! I wanna thank all the people below for making my dash a lively and interesting one!! I really appreciate each and every one of you!! ♥

bold - mutuals, i wanna put hearts on my fave blogs but i love all my mutuals ♥ (even tho i haven’t talked to more than half of you lol) (you can talk to me anytime about anything i swear i don’t bite :D)

# - C

@305heaux @actualprincepcy @adoringdo @angel-in-slow-motion @asleepykid @baekchensoo @baekhyuh @baekhyunlipchain @baekhyunsama @baekhyunsthickthighs @baekhyuntella @baekshitbyun @berrisu @besternatexo @bigspoonkyungsoo @brbcrawlingtokorea @bunmyun @byunlucid @byunvoyage @chanhyun @chanshine @chansoo4life @chansoosluv @chanssoo @chanyeolandkyungsoo @chanyeolsoo @curlyheaux @cytaoplasm

D - H

@daenso @darklordkyungsoo @dayafterdae @deararchimedes @dohkyungcutie @dohlicious @doitlikethis123 @dokyungsoonet @dorkyksoo @duckhymne @dulcetyeoll @dyo-alone @dyodorant @dyodyo-kyungsoo @dyoful @dyokyuu @dyorable @elluts @exoshpcy @exotic-by-night @exoturnback @exoyeol @firstlovemp3 @flowerprincesoo @galaxychen @glorious-soobooty @grinding-on-baek @hunniedae

I - L

@ibyun @ilsanshulk @iluvpcy @imgonnasooyou @in-exo-stable @irpsychotic @jonginssoo @kahaengchu @kaislover @kaizzzi @ksooup @kyungbooo @kyungception @kyungiebunny @kyungkong @kyungrier @kyungso @kyungsohs @kyungsoo-in-love @kyungsoo-thirst @kyungsooseyelashfreckle @kyungsooyah @kyungsuhos @kyungsuoo @kyunseu @kyvngsoo @kyvnqzoo @lawlliets @littlebyuns @littlechefsoo @loafsoo @lovedo-3

M - R

@mochibaeks @mongdo @monkeecamsie @my-bobohu @myeoneandonly @myungsooismydestiny @myungsussi @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin @notweirdbutunique @ohparkyeol @ohsehunpai @onlysuhos @parkkchanyeoll @pcyapple @penguinsoo0112 @petitbaek @porkdo-bi @prince-chanyeol @prkchaeyoung @raindyops

S - Z

@saintksoo @savesuho @sefuns @sehunkais @sehunoh @sehunsi @sehuntiful @sekaisoosgirl @sftdks @shypcy @slayeol @smileysoo @softbaeksoo @squishy-do @squishymyungsoo @squishyssoo @squynhty @stardustksoo @suhocean @suhocheeks @suhosheaven @sungyeolsrap @sungyours @sunshineyeols @sunshiningdae @sweater-soo @sweetmoonlightdreams @tadaeshi @takeachansoo @tokyo-inn @topfied @untouchabyeolman @v-dyo @veriloquentmind @vogueksoo @walkonmemoriesmp3 @winnaeri @woohyns @woohyunbiased @xiuminel @xoxo-parkbyun @yeolhighness @yupkyungsoo @zayn-jmalik @zcinab

1k thing

thank everyone for 1k! it’s been like 4 years since i’ve made this blog and it look a long long time to get even 50 followers, but i finally have 1k and i am so so happy! here is a few of my favourite blogs for everyone to check out and i recommend following bc i don’t wanna do a follow forever, but these peeps are cool and even though i don’t know them personally/talk to them, they have fabulous blogs. some of them proberini don’t even know i exist, but some of them are also mutuals 💓

@acurlyphil @artistphil @blushinlester @cherrysodalester @cookiephil @cyxical @demondannie @flowersphil @fringelust  @fuckinlester @hazyphil @heavenphannie @masochistphil @philtea @phillychillysilly @prettyboydjh @prettydan @prettyphil  @softboydaniel @writerdan

i might have forgotten you if you’re not on here and if i see you anywhere i will be v sure to tag you as well :^) hope everyone will check these pals out though ✨  have a lovely day

Hello everyone!!! I recently hit 1k followers, so here is my very first ever follow forever in celebration!!! Thank you all so much for the amazing memories and fun times!! 

Family: @teiuv @s-h-ik @rittie @n-o-homo @iniquis @gayeclipse @bessychun @pyronium @very-distressed-dolphin @kisano @c–atte

Friends (faves are bolded): @cityruins @5iren @juupiterliights @chiakiida @novoselik @sktfaker @2003jpg @touhou3 @m-attsun @sonotari@nonexistentmountains @alicetelia @7ry @scabripper @summeridol @chocorade @la-guilty @jjohnnyjoestar @curseyouikemen @bubble-head-nurse @ffxvost @trainerethan @lostagain @theghostchronicles @marrill @agaporae @rottin-milk @shadowdancing @finalfntasy @niintendo @bruisedcutie @sekaiichis @bitchmutual @pdawikii @winterboobears @chaberlyy @angelpoints @moofriend @lovefoolz @kaqepro @rapunzelmutual @lawoftalos @okboy @linksexual@creamhearts @n1nten @kidacarlisle @misogynistic @sodapopa @oshisans @somthingay @aldobrandino @puzzleboard @offhooks @rarishy @angelmeido @honeysuckle-s @ange1ictouch @needleplay @coffeetouka @cuwuj @ni-shi @lovingmist @taesflower @boyflirty @seadoot @crowmage @angilaziegler @luliiiluuu @devchanx @remyos @r8n @koroseru @alldogzgotoevan @setomari @rozukh @nyu @shinjij @jellyhime @sadiemillers @beszel @suwuicidalmeme @ruinenlust @enfantchat @uniccrn @burninghammer-5 @rinsknife @earregardless @oik-awas @sublimesucker @blame-komaeda @ruttama @har-maguedon @missargent @felincianovargas @bionikreindeerproz @haikyuumutual @ghostyy @cassblvd @valleyliily @minachano3o @toasty-is-roasty @acidmatze @dataterminals @serenuh @fruitsnake @zooofgod @hinatashouyou-fromtheconcrete @kishibekun @forgottenmutual @originofevil @trainerlyra @nyawaki @0bsess3d-otaku @wewereborntomakevictuuri @lessmalpli @imsquirrelflight @lemonhearts @lazymentpark @unearthlysoap @yunolovelavi @neltu @kenmatired @bakugoukatsukis @medicalmasks @doomingthegalaxy @gobusters @animeiniac @borrachitos @ktenos9 @kageyama-drama @adhd-morty @techvape @jinta @matthew111222 @mirukanis @sugaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @pruroma @peachits-eyeliner @jr-sih-trash @hehsikeisabella @cherryblossomsih @spiralplanetary @piggycutegirl @koujos @conankudoyeah @adhdyosuke @doginabandana @lovingboyfriend @oik-awas @bmcmutual @kookichi @meme-maw @lncubus @gotchipoints @crys-at-acorns @takahasheesh @teamtobio @scared-emo-kid @babykillua @alsosekaiichis @guztastic @keehl @707-mystic-messenger @notkamalayx @mirailuna @nintencakes @saerans @tzaya @neah-walker @a-darker-shade-of-pynch @sithgaylord @yunolovelavi @kaazana @flyxiee @its-moonrevenge @devilishcoward @rvshomon @catshavefeelings @the-omnivore-dinosaur @what-is-anything-even @lawsoniainermis @feelinggoodmerlin @prussiancheshirecat @hitachiin-sama @justabunchofrandomfandoms @delilyn @loosecupcakes @neverenoughfreetime @hylianchamp @someplace-in-between @ofsilenceandshadows @blazing-gigs @rockmomsassemble @todoroklshouto @d-eathvalley

almost two years after my 1k follow forever (took me forever i guess), i have finally reached the second milestone of validation on the internet, just enough to motivate me in the upcoming week of exams lmao. all in all, this hellsite is still the only place where i can channel my creativity and where i can chat with the loveliest people about my favourite things, and as much as i like to talk shit about it, you’ll probably pry this blog out of my cold dead hands, because i’ve spent too much time out of my life taking care of it. (also notice how i chose that gif specifically so people confused about my url know what it means aka ‘sagitta’ = latin for ‘arrow’)

i’m gonna start with a shoutout to the @posibane Squad™ for spreading a good message and being amazing to talk to, i love y’all:

@maghnvsbane (my telepathic pal <3), @achileanragnor, @bane–lightwood, @bisexualbane-s@chairman-meeow, @daddariossmile, @fluffyjimon, @isabellebiwoods, @lightwoodlesbians, @magnuslights, @magnusragnor, @softmagnusbane, @softshumjr, @warlockprince

➵ the loves of my life without whom idk how i would survive this website:

@alecsplushpillow, @catharinaloss, @deamaia, @doddario, @hoteldumorts (my partner in crime <3), @hufflebee, @izzybabewoods, @lightwoody, @magnusbaene, @mcgnus-bane, @patronusmagnus, @simonlevvis, @softjimon, @thedownworld, @thesoulmadonna, @waverlyearps, @whenshecallsmebabygirl

➵ my other lovely mutuals who are actual angels and i love a lot:


@alecpenhallows, @alecshappiness, @alishawainnwright@alishawanwright, @alxanderlightwood, @anyyokesmoth, @archerwarlock, @babsroe, @bane-magnus, @biperaltiago, @bisexuallewisnixon, @canislytherinthings, @captainholt, @caspersbastardchild, @claryfairechild, @claryfightwood, @clarygaywood, @clizzyiscanon


@daddarioswife, @eizaagonzalez, @elenatrini, @evenbeching, @frayings, @g-luztrash, @gayisabellelightwood, @generoes, @gin-lane, @gingerwerk, @ginjoints, @glitternsass@halsaev, @harry-daddario, @helenblackthorns, @heterophobique


@immortalexander, @intangibel, @ithilien-writes, @jacehvrondale, @jaceslewis, @jakesperralta, @jimonau, @joemazzellols@lesbianfreyja, @lesbianyorkie, @lightwoodsiblingsx, @lookslikeaquentinblakedrawing@magnusclarys, @magnuslightswood, @magnusohbane, @magunsbane, @malec, @mgnusalec, @mylenesgf


@nancywake, @noksindra, @ofwarlocksandgayness, @peeves, @peterparvker, @petschmads, @plantslesbian, @shadowhunterswomenarewlw, @shaolingaytastic, @shirmir, @snowsjon, @softbanes, @softmoonbane, @sunlesbianmaia, @sunlesbianvilde


@thebrotherhoodelites, @thedailygiggy (my lovely wife <3), @trentonsdarlene, @ultimatescream, @vat-69, @victaj, @willjtudor, @yolandasgf

➵ not mutuals, but i love these people and their blogs too much not to mention:

@abloodneed, @alecplaywrightwood, @alexandargideonlightwood, @alexanderbanes, @amorverus, @bbastille, @carstairsbane, @daddyoreo, @dimshums, @f-f-f-fight, @faeriemeliorn, @fraywoodbane, @harry-shum, @highwarlockkareena, @highwarlockofbrooklyn, @his-bow-and-quiver, @isabellelightboob, @lesdemonium, @magnusizzy, @maiaroberts, @malecshappiness, @malecwings, @matthcwfairchild, @matthewbane, @meliorn, @phildrawsfanart, @puffalec, @pure-magnus, @raphaelsantiaghoe, @roumanian, @scottsunmers, @simonlewis, @sunlightwood, @takemystrengthtoo, @timelessmalec, @whyweloveshadowhunters

thank you all for putting up with me on a more or less daily basis and i promise that, after i’m done with exams and i have more time, i will do something more #special for y’all!! ily <3


omg guys why ???? are ???? you ???? still ???? here ???? but thank you so much ! this is Wild …. i made this blog just for fun and i remeber having 40 followers and bein like “wow this is nice i like this” and i know that sounds fake but its true ……… so my longest thank you ever .,., but anyways lets get on with it 

also thanks @philsona for the url <3

{ i follow from @lightninginthenightsky

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I recently asked my lovely followers what they’d like to see for my 1k celebration, and a follow forever was the evident winner! This has been a busy week for me, but I finally came around to do it! These are just some of my favorite blogs, but I love you all! (I apologize if I missed anyone, and I may very likely have made a mistake of some sort. So please call me out on that!) So without further ado… *drum roll please* (mutuals are bolded ♥)

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halla!! wow, to think that yesterday was my blogs one MONTH anniversary and now im here already making my 1k follow forever. i know skam is coming to an end soon, and that this might be my last follow forever during the skam run, but you know? its been fun, its been wild, and i’ve mad a ton of friends who im sure to never let go of. thank you all so much for following me and my blog. it’s been great! now, lets get started :’)

first, the honkgruppe group chat: @coffeeshoptarjei @tarjeisgiggle @tarjayandhonk @betchnaesheim @evenns @kissmysas @diablou @project-look-after-even @princevaltersen @henrikholmz @kardemohn - you guys make my days so much better <33 we have so many good memories in this chat and i wouldnt trade it for anything. i consider all of you my friends and a bit like a family. we bond over the weirdest things like hsm and camp rock and so many other things. i love you all so much <33

a separate paragraph for the kvinnen i mitt liv <3 (sorry to the rest of the group chat shes needy i apologize) @skamly baby!!!! i love you!! and appreciate you so much!! you have no idea how happy you make me and i love when u talk about random science facts and when u tell me stories bc i could listen to those for hours - i love u and i hope u know that <33

mutuals and all that good stuff is listed under the cut bc this is gonna get pretty long!!

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studying and coffee 1k follow forever

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

So my studyblr just reached a THOUSAND of followers, I can’t even believe this is happening since my blog is barely a baby, but I’m so happy and grateful, thanks to every single one of you, you guys honestly don’t know how much each one of you mean to me

@ericasbujo, @studyblr, @elkstudies, @studyablr, @emmastudies, @foreverlostinliterature, @oh-thebookfeels, @sleepybookowl, @sherlockian-studies, @studyandtea, @annistudio, @plannerperfect, @studyuk, @mednotes, @little-studies, @stvdybuddies, @studyoncaffiene, @lemon-tea-studies, @bookmrk, @studyrose, @ittybittystudyblr, @simplistic-studies, @spacenib, @procrastinaiting, @uk-studying, @palawis, @problematicprocrastinator, @psychstvdies, @procrastilate, @moonshinestudies, @lilacxstudies, @elsastudies, @rad-study, @studylustre, @college-cafe, @architstudy, @kikkistudies, @studyfeather, @bionctes, @stvdyblr, @rhubarbstudies, @readando, @thecoffeestudyblr, @studblur, @cajustudies, @danielestudiesaf, @kankenstudies, @rivkahstudies, @meg-is-studying@polcry, @books-and-flutes, @bookstudience, @hufflepuffwannabe, @studyingwithalba, @noodledesk, @romstudies, @damastudies, @miastudiies 

ello! nerdybun hit 1k last week teehee.

thank you all so much! I wasn’t planning to celebrate it bc I don’t have a lot of friends here lol. I go mia for months after every few weeks of studyblr-ing, so hitting 1k is a surprise. I’ve been here for 10 months, and I have found many studyblrs that have motivated and inspired me to work a lil harder and dream a lil bigger. I thought I should at least appreciate the ones I’ve been following and celebrate my 1k [better late than never heheh] with a follow forever!

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So I finally hit 1K so I thought I would make my first follow forever for all the people that helped me reach this thank you so much I love you all !!! 


@aftgomes21 @atletiti @aubatman @antogriezmann @aussenrist15 @aubas @aurorgravcs @aubameyang @bavaern @believeinbayern @bichito-madridista  @borjitamayoral @babellerin  @bergkampp @bigmoneysuho @cintyaoliv @christinpulisic  @cutescamander @dortmunderjungs @dortmund-yellow-wall @debuchies @debushit @dybullet @durmxx @delesdier @durmerella @durmtrash @erikdurmfc @emilianomartinez @edenshazards @enrichsergi @encyclopedia-brown @foodball @football-is-everything @gaviotaaaaaaa @guti @griezmanny @gunnersatheart @gayern-munchen @gomezybvb


@hector-baellerins @hummxlz @henrycumvill @ikercasilla-s @idreamoffootball @iwobifc @jeffreineadelaiide @james-rodriquez @kingcarrasco @kloppite @koscielnythot @krooos @koenigreus @loriskariius21 @loriskarius @loserpool @marcgasol @mikeconley @mgoetzinho @mesutozii @mesutglozil @mykerrsivelife @mterbaegen@mertes4cker @mesutthegoat @meslut @mrhugolloris  @nevmar @neuersnutella @neymar @nur-reus


@obiwan-iwobi @oxladechamberlains @oxochamberlain @oficialmuller @officialborussiadortmund @oblaks @oezily @per-4 @papirafinha @pogbala @ramsey-ruined-me @robinholding @romfordpele @rbuerki1 @reuscaptain @thiagomaia @trashsenal @tricolordecorazon @twasoffside @spookyurie @vrsaljko@zachparisethirstblog

♥♥♥♥ Follow Forever ♥♥♥♥

I’m super happy about reaching 1k cause it’s been my goal since forever. Thank you for following me and keeping up with my crap. I love all you lovelies ~ !!

Bold means you guys have a special place in my heart ♥

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And here’s another shout out to the ones I don’t follow but also have a special place in my heart ~ !! ♥

@doolas-backup-blog @lucytrancy @misatashtylee

hey hey hey!! so i’ve almost reached 1k and I’m so impatient I decided to post my follow forever early or I’d forget about it forever. I really appriciate every single one of my mutuals, and if I leave anybody out I am so sorry!! just know I am grateful every single day for all of you. the help i’ve gotten, the kind messages and the friends i’ve made mean so much to me, so thank you all. 

some of my absolute faves who I adore

@magnusisbisexual // @bisexualightwood // @adelaides // @jalec // @meliorn // @thirstyalec // @theboyklng // @brownkhaleesi // @maiasunshineroberts // @meliourn // @maiaandizzy // @warlocksarcher // @propunks 

other great people!! (bolded are faves i wish i talked to more)

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@alecismyfuture // @albertorosedne // @aleclighdwood // @alecthecommander // @aleclightwode // @burtmackln // @bidereknurse // @biisabelle // @bane-sexual // @clareyfray // @clarysabelles // @claryfrae // @cclizzy // @clarystea // @dantelesbian // @dominicsherwoof // @eposette // @flowersparrish // @frayings // 

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@mayahartist // @magnificentbane // @malec // @mattdaddaryo // @magulec // @metthewdaddario // @mtdaddario​ // @nightfallgoddess // @poedameros//  @perseusjacks // @parabuttai // @protectraphaelsantiago // @queerlightwood // @raphaelsdumort

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hello!! i recently hit one thousand followers and i’m very excited even tho i really do not deserve it but i figured i’d do a follow forever in celebration to mention all the lovely people here! thank u all so much for being so wonderful!!!

mutuals are italicised and favourites bolded!


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@0u0b  «  @aceasahis  «  @actual-kuroo-tetsurou  «  @actuallyoikawa  «  @addictedtohaikyuu  «  @adorkable-uke  «  @agenderhinatashouyou  «  @akaaashikeijii  «  @akaaishii  «  @akaashii-keiijii  «  @akiterx  «  @akutakawa  «  @alienizaya  «  @aliisas  «  @animeismylifestyle  «  @aobajohs4i  «  @aobajohsei  «  @aominamii  «  @aone  «  @asanoya  «  @asanoya-af  «  @assassina-titan-on  «  @azahi-asumane  «  @backpacksnacks  «  @bemoar  «  @bisexual-bokuto  «  @blurrredskies  «  @bokeiji  «  @bokkuroo  «  @boknto  «  @bokuakakuroo  «  @bokuto  «  @bokutoaf  «  @bokutooh  «  @bokutos-owl  «  @bokutos-sowlmate  «  @bokutosakaashi  «  @bokutowll  «  @buritooru  «  @burnt-quesadilla  «  @call-me-fearless  «  @cassinthecloset  «  @caycchi  «  @championcrows  «  @classykawa  «  @coloraindow  «  @cotorisu  «  @craziiwolf  «  @cutiekeiji  «  @daiizume  «  @dailyhaikyuu  «  @dns07  «  @dontmindthecat  «  @dorkysetters  «  @drifting-blind  «  

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