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sooo. this came out while listening to Wild World - thank you darling @ivegotfirefouraheart for recommending it to me !! 💖💛

when you fuck up his lovely face..

I’m in love with the shape of you

Narry Fanfiction.
Words: 3463
Summary: Niall has been getting off with strangers via webcam for a while now. No one intrigued him like the guy with the pretty tattoos though. SMUT.

Dedicated to @leprechauncupcakes​ and @littlemissmeggie​ because I love their narry stories ✌💛🌞 and @harry-nofookingway-styles because she’s amazing

Niall hits the spacebar again and again, one boring bloke replacing the next one. He’s not sure why he’s so into that webcam thing, why it thrills him to get off with strangers. Maybe it’s because he feels a little less vulnerable, a little more confident about his body than he usually does. When he’s at a bar with his mates and a boy or a girl start to hit on him he turns into a tongue tied idiot, already putting himself down. He points out his flaws to them and himself, making it obvious how scared he is of being close to someone. 

In the end he’s too much trouble, especially when all they’re looking for is a shag. Louis and Liam keep shaking their heads at him but he can’t help it, he can’t get out of his own skin. Only when he’s in front of the webcam his flaws turn into strengths and he never once wastes a thought on what the other person might think about him.

But tonight he feels jittery, restless, and no face or body showing up on the screen interests him for longer than a second. It’s all very shallow of course but that’s what you get yourself into when you’re doing stuff like this. So he keeps skipping to the next connection with his chin resting in his hand and a bored expression on his face. No one can see it anyway because he only ever shows himself from the neck down. He’s too paranoid for more and his face, his crooked teeth, it’s one of the things he feels most self-conscious about.

But suddenly he stops thinking, stops his hands and just hovers over the spacebar with his eyes glued to the screen. The first thing he notices is the ink on the boy’s body. Birds above his chest, a butterfly right underneath and the hint of leaves cut off right above the edge of the desk he’s sitting at. There’s more on his arm, a heart, two hearts, a ship and Niall can’t stop staring. He’s so toned and probably works out on a regular basis.

Stranger: Are you from Ireland?

The message pops up right next to their webcam screens and Niall blinks in confusion for a moment, until he remembers that there’s a huge Irish flag on the front of his low cut tank top. It’s what he feels most comfortable in while still showing some skin.

You: You’re a right Sherlock aren’t you?

It’s ridiculous how focused Niall is on the way the muscles in the stranger’s arms work while he types out his next words.

Stranger: Don’t be mean :( Some people wear shirts with flags just for fun.

You: Sry, just fucking with you.

Stranger: Fucking sounds good :))))

Niall shouldn’t be choking on his own spit because that’s exactly what they’re here for but he does anyway, feeling his cheeks and his throat flare up with heat. He bites at his bottom lip and tries to ignore how nervous he is. He has done this a thousand times before, it’s just getting off with a stranger. Granted, this is the hottest one he’s been with so far and he doesn’t even know what the bloke’s face looks like but it doesn’t matter. Niall is hooked.

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A dream that you wish will come true ?

idk, i think it wasn’t obvious what i wanted to convey with the first one… so i made a .. ?? thing.