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sooo. this came out while listening to Wild World - thank you darling @ivegotfirefouraheart for recommending it to me !! 💖💛

Not So Friendly Feelings - N.H

Confessing your feelings to someone you love is a very daunting thing and you were never good at it. Coming to terms with your feelings opens a big door of possibilities to what could be the scariest of words: What if.

 What if he doesn’t feel the same? What if I mess up our friendship forever? What if he likes someone else? What if he stops talking to me? What if it becomes awkward between us after this? These were some of the questions running through your head when you realized you were in love with your best friend.

 It was the type of love that made your head all fuzzy, got your heart beating faster than what could possibly ever be considered normal, your thoughts become incoherent, zeroed your capability of forming proper, meaningful sentence as if there’s a sand storm in your mouth. It was the kind of love where all your thoughts revolved around that one person and you couldn’t focus on anything else. Just the thought of that person could brighten your day, make you feel happier. 

 It was also the type of love that made you doubtful, question everything he did, ask yourself a billion question before you did something, got you thinking of bottling it all up, contemplate everything that happened between the two of you and wondering if he felt the same.

 The overwhelming need to tell Niall bout your feelings was honestly never as prominent as it was at that particular moment and so you did what any other girl would do, ask your best friend for advice. No, not Niall.


 “What am I gonna do? I dunno! ” You told your best friend, Brielle, who just sat there looking at you with a blank expression on her face. She’s been at your house for a few hours, most of which was spent with you talking and her listenin’ to you rant and answer your own question.

 Besides Niall, she was the one person who knew you better than you knew yourself. She understood what you were going through and has been there for you since you both were kids in kindergarten when you shared your cookie with her on that very first day.It’s always been her who you go to in times of a crisis and she knew exactly what to say, always.

 “Are you quite finished now? Can say something or you gonna ramble like a drunk idiot?“ 

 "No I’m done. Promise.” You said ploppin’ down on the couch beside her and curling yourself into her side.

 “Well I think you should go for it, you know? There’s no point sitting here and whining all day bout’ it unless you think it’s not gonna be worth it, which I can assure you it will.”

 “But what if he doesn’t feel the same and stops talkin’ to me because I am a bleedin’ idiot and ruined it all?” 

 “Think of it this way, the glass is half full and half empty, yeah? He can either feel the same way or he can’t. You’re thinking that he doesn’t love you. Don’t look at it as half empty, look at it as half full. What if he does feel the same way and you guys have a nice time and end up giving me a bunch of adorable nieces and nephews? I mean look at the gene pool you’ll be working with!” 

 You snorted at her last sentence, eyes crinkling and head thrown back with a hearty laugh leaving you lips. Brielle smile at you, happy to have gotten you in a better mood. A comfortable silence passed between the two of you, her rubbing circles on your back and your head nestled in the crook of her neck. 

“And babe?” She said after a moment.


 “You’ll never know until you try, yeah? So just give it a go. For your happiness. You owe it to yourself.”



 Hey Niall, you gonna be home for a bit?

 Hi lovely. Yeah, I’m gonna be home til’ later tonight. The lads and I gonna go out for drinks later on!

 Is it alright if I come over then?

 Yeah sure. Why not? But only if you bring me food! 

 So we’re doing that now? Yeah alright. I’m gonna hold this on you, Horan!

 Hey now, I’ve bought you food plenty of times, missy. Be nice to me!

 Alright alright. Chinese good?

 Perfect babe!

 See you in a bit, Ni.

 See you, love! 


 You drive over to Niall’s house with two bags filled with take away Chinese food just as promised. Sitting in your car, you take a deep breath trying to calm your nerves which are causing a turmoil in your stomach. You contemplate for the billionth time whether you should go ahead with telling Niall how you feel about him. With Brielle’s words running through your head, you decide to follow her advice and tell him. Not because you want to or have to but because you owe it to yourself and to your happiness. And also because you probably will regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t.

 Sighing, you carry the bags up to his front door, using your spare key to get inside. Trying to make things sounds as normal as possible, you shout out for him like you always do. 

 Niall comes bounding down the stairs with a smile on his face so bright that it causes your heart to flutter. Actually the sight of him causes the fluttering, his dazzling smile being an add-on doesn’t help much in your case. Boy, if you weren’t whipped before, you sure were now. You’d do anything for this boy you realize.

 “Hey babe, you alright?” he says breaking you out of daze, snapping his fingers in front of your eyes.

 “Yeah, all good! Perfect, actually. Oh and I come bearing gifts!” you say lifting the bags in front of you.

 “Good, I’m starving. Let’s eat yeah? Can we pop the match highlights or something to watch? It was great!”

 “Yeah alright. I’m good with it.” You make your way around his kitchen grabbing plates and stuff necessary, knowing your way around as you were at his house a lot.

 You sit on the couch with Niall sitting on the floor in the space between your legs, eyes completely focused on the match playing on the telly. Soon the food vanishes, you both having finished most of it with a bit of the left overs finding way in his fridge.

 Niall has been going on about something that happened when he and the boys went out for a drink and all you can do is is stare at the way his lips move, wrapping around the words and making them their own, words sounding a hundred times more interesting as they come from him.

 “– and then he spilled the drink all over this girl sitting behind him for the second time! Can you believe it? He spilled a drink on the same girl twice! Who does that besides Harry? It was on accident, of course like he didn’t mean to and all that. He was just forgetful of the glasses of drinks on the bar before gesturing his around while talking and that girl was so mad! You should have been there love! I mean—”

 You interrupt him, “I love you Niall.”

“I love you too babe.” he says with a confused expression. 

 “No Niall. I love you. I tried to forget about it and not tell you and it doesn’t matter because you probably don’t feel the same way. I mean who am I kidding, I know you don’t feel the same way and oh god, I don’t know what to say. I just, I love you. So much! And I can’t help it and can’t keep t to myself anymore. I’m sorry if this ruins our friendship and you never speak to me again but I had to say it. The need to tell you was overwhelming me a lot. If you don’t feel the same way and never want to speak to me ever again. I understand. But if you do, please say something.”

 You take a deep breath having not bothered to pause to breath during your speech. You’re scared to look up and see his face not wanting to see for yourself that he doesn’t feel the same way. You realize that the silence is too loud and has been present for far too long. You look up to see Niall standing there, rubbing his palms against the denim of his jeans, face as blank as can be possible, eyes cast firm on the ground, his body seemingly frozen.

 “Please Niall say something” you beg of him, not knowing what else to do.

 “Um- I– Um, I-I should go. The boys are waiting for me” he finally says breaking your heart into a million pieces, not bothering to try and make eye contact even once, looking at the floor all along. He suddenly gets up and gathers his car keys and wallet and puts on his shoes, all while you watch him in a horror filled trance, helplessly sitting on the couch.

 “You should-um- you should lock the door on your way out” he say bolting through the door. It is only when you hear the sound of his car engine that realization dawns on you: he does not feel the same way.


 I hope you guys like that! It’s a piece of my old writing and I’ll be posting new ones soon. Feedback is always appreciated and requests are open as well! All the love,xx.

when you fuck up his lovely face..

A dream that you wish will come true ?

idk, i think it wasn’t obvious what i wanted to convey with the first one… so i made a .. ?? thing.

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I'm always pressed because of babygate and I find myself channeling that anger towards various things that wouldn't normally piss me off. This is my One Direction experience.

Hdjdjkdkdk me af - my life would be 100% lighter if I knew Louis is free from that nasty stunt and family forever (and his life would be 200% more lighter which is literally all I’m ask for) 

Title: If Only in My Dreams by hazeyxskies
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Word Count: 13k
Rating: Teen and up
Written for: butliamwhy 
as a part of HL Christmas and New Year Fic Exchange

Summary: Harry considered the situation silently for a moment. “Listen, I’m only going home through New Year’s Day. If you wanted to, you could come home with me for the week?” The sentence morphed into a question as he watched Louis’s face drop open with surprise.

“I couldn’t do that, Harry,” Louis dismissed, eyes widen with incredulity. “We barely know one another, and I could never intrude on your family time like that!”

“What better way to get to know me than to spend time with the people who shaped me into who I am today?”

OR the one where Harry’s new flatmate, Louis, needs a place to spend Christmas, so he invites him to spend it with his family. When they arrive, everyone thinks they’re dating.

Read here on ao3